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8/27/02 Kevin Murray gives us the slow air, Taimse im choladh. To copy and paste his remarks: "I see that no newby 'chiff'n' fipplistas' have taken up my challenge,so i'll just have to post again!..This slow air can be found in waltons' '110 slow airs'.A tremendous version is to be found on Noel Hill's 'The Irish Concertina' album, if you haven't already heard it.(I think my flute tone is slightly improved on last time)." I guess we didn't set any criteria for bumping someone up from New Player to Regular. Here's your stripes, corporal. (Saved in non-whistle) Niv returns quickly with Oot be East the Vong, a traditional Shetland reel.

8/23/02 Welcome to a new poster, Niv, who sends in a reel, Navvie.

8/11/02 Xavior Tan, (Eldarion) finally has some time to post again. Remember he was called into the police academy in his country? (I don't know if it's a security risk to say where, so I won't.) He's back with a reel, Mary O'Neil's, on flute. He writes, "Please tell the guys that I would like some honest feedback on my flute playing, as well as any pointers which might help me improve. They may reply to my email or to the thread which introduces this new posting on the Clips n Snips board. Thanks!" Saved in non-whistle. Welcome back, Xavior.

Celtophile sends in the reel, Merry Blacksmith. (Do to me misunderstanding his preference for not having his email address posted, I kept his name a secret as well-his alias, that is.)

And, Mick Woodruff sends in a jig, Willie Coleman's, and a slow air, Micky Finn's. Alba whistles have been discussed recently on the board. Here's a chance to hear samples of them (a soprano D and a tenor Eb).

I'll never get anything done. (Who cares?) I recorded a jig, Slieve Russell, recorded on a C whistle. If anyone wants the abc's for the key of G, email me. (Maybe one of those dorian/myxolidian things I know nothing about.) Tony Higgins

8/8/02 Guillaume Metayer (Azalin on the board) sends in a couple of sets: reels, Maids of Mount Kisco/Craig's Pipes, and jigs, Clare Jig/Banish Misfortune. Also, a new poster, David Donaldson, from Vancouver BC, Canada, sends in an original composition of his own, Friends Forever. He writes, "Attached is a little waltz that I wrote for my two sons, Jesse and Toby, to celebrate a kidney transplant from Jesse to Toby in 1999. It's performed on an O'Riordan D whistle (all metal) and the accompaniment is also by me on a synthesizer, using a celtic harp sample and a few other sounds."

8/7/02 Philip Plescia, a new poster of tunes, sends an original composition, Ark of Noah. If you listen carefully, you can hear waves and thunder. No, really. Philip, I goofed and deleted your email address. If you want me to add it, write me again.

8/5/02 Jason's not done yet. Here's Morrison's Jig.

8/4/02 I forgot to upload Out on the Ocean by Jason. Here it is. Sorry about that.

8/2/02Tunes From: Jason, "... two reels joined together, Oldbush/Laureltree, played them both without repeating each section so as to keep it short. Cheers." He also plays a slip jig called Hardimans. Next is Swallowtail Reel "played at breakneck speed. I was at a session at little while ago and this was how fast it went up to. A guy needs a pint after that one." Last is the jig, Out on the Ocean.

"Yet another offering for the 'New players' page/section.Another slow air, JimmymoMhileStor, this time played on an oldstyle brass redtop Generation D (not ever sure when i bought it-early 80's?- Dang my memory again!),recently resurrected from the back of a drawer,tweaked and played again. regards, Kevin Murray. Ps;where are all those other beginners hiding,I'm sure some of them can do better!"

8/1/02 New poster, Nate (goes by energy in the msg board) sends in this note: "Learned this half a tune at a session recently, but I didn't find out the name. I'm really dying to learn the second part, so if someone knows the name and/or discography for the tune, I'd appreciate it they would drop me a note.' So, here's half-a-polka.

7/28/02 Kevin Murray returns with a jig this time, The Geese in the Bog. Saved in New Players. While we're on the subject of Kevin, he confesses that his second version of Boolavogue is really the first one sent twice due to a lapse of memory. (Why, I oughta...)

7/27/02 Jack Murphy (MurphyStout) writes, "Well all night I waited for the evacuation call but it never came. So I put the waiting time to good use and recorded up a couple of songs for you. (The Highway 50 fire is about 5 miles away, and the smoke and the low flying planes and choppers don't make good sleeping partners). So pardon my insomnia. The first tune is the often played Si Beag Si Mor. And the second is the jig The Lilting Banshee." Kevin Murray is back with Boolavogue, another version on Dixon flute. He states, "I know that a number of would be fluters and beginners have enquired about the Dixon recently, so this post may be of interest to them, inspire them to greater things, or put them off entirely!"

Late Edition 7/26/02. Lee Marsh is back with two slow airs on low d whistles:
The Star of County Down and On the Stubble Fields of Autumn (Coinnleach Glas an Fhromhair) Saved in New Players.

7/26/02 Steve Miller, posting for the first time, sends in The Minstrel Boy, played on a Dixon lowD and accompanied by his friend, David Redmond on guitar. (Saved in slow airs.) Kevin Murray returns with Boolavogue, a slow air (song) on a Dixon flute. Kevin says he particulary enjoys Seamus Tansey's rendition of this tune. (It's saved in New Players.)

7/24/02 Kevin Murray, from N.E.England, posts for the first time. He writes, ". I've very recently availed myself of some basic recording gear,(still learning the ropes!)so here's my first humble effort.I chose the Shaw low D for my first outing, as no-one else seems to have posted a recording on one before." A touch of echo adds a bit of lonesomeness to the sound. The tune? Oh yeah...Eanach Chuin, a slow air, saved in New Players.

7/23/02 Hugh Marsh, who is really Lee Marsh to his friends, plays Ned of the Hills (Eamonn a Chnoic) on a Dixon 3 piece polymer flute. Saved in New Players.

7/20/02 Welcome to two more new people: Hugh Marsh and Chi Leng Tham. I don't know about Hugh, but Chi is from Malaysia. Hugh sends a slow air, The Fair Maid of Wicklow. Chi plays The Blarney Pilgrim, a jig. (dead link- it was on Chi's site.) (At the bottom of Chi's email was this curious comment: "All flute players have a latent predilection for danger, otherwise they wouldn't play that wayward instrument." -Merrily Harpur.) Tin whistles always seemed more dangerous to me. I don't know. Hugh's remark to me was, "Now when I talk about the musician I aspire to become, they will know how huge a mountain I'm planning to climb." Like I've been saying, when you reach the top, keep on climbing.

If a person tells me he or she is a new player, that's where I'll post their tune unless requested to do otherwise. I don't want anyone to think I'm making editorial decisions on placement. :)

7/15/02 Welcome to Lolly Cross. After seemingly insurmountable technical obstacles (try saying that 3 times really fast), she gets her clips in. These are recordings done by her band, Around the Hearth, with Lolly playing whistle (obviously). Other instruments include harp and hammered dulcimer. Two are by O'Carolan:
O'Carolan's Quarrel with the Landlady, Si bheg si mhor, and a jig, Banish Misfortune. You can visit Lolly's band's site to find out more.

7/14/02 From Brian Dobson, "Well, got my act together and forced myself to record another tune for ya...OK, well I didn't REALLY have to force myself, but it sounded good! :) Here's the Kerfunten Jig."

7/13/02 Trying to keep some promises (so Loren will stop hassling me). A couple of jigs on a whistle he sold me. Tobin's Favorite and Apples in Winter (speeded up from last time) The whistle is a cocus thin weasel in d..

7/12/02 Late edition. Per request, I've posted a slowed down version of Swallowtail Jig, trying to articulate the ornamentation so it's discernable. The abc's for the ornaments of part B are printed on the Clips message board under 'Hey Tony, what's that ornamentation?' dated 7/12/02.

7/12/02 Aaron Walden returns with a one-man-band presentation of Good King Wenceslas. Includes Appalachian dulcimer. Saved in slow airs.

7/7/02 These are updated versions of Hector the Hero and Planxty Dale Wisely sent by Gary Humphrey. Saved in slow airs. This link takes you to Gary's acidplanet.com site, where you can select his tunes.

7/6/02 Nicolas Baudesson wastes no time returning with two reels.
Of Heather Breeze, he comments, "The 2nd part is played in the 1st octave, I find it more beautiful in this way! Go raibh mile maith agat to the great Matt Molloy for teaching me this tune on his albums! " The second is Paddy Rafferty's Favourite, "a little reel that I learnt on Matt Molloy's album (a marvellous album) Shadows on Stone."

Later, the same day...Aaron Walden (welcome, Aaron) sends in a slow air, called Windham 'by Daniel Read, 1785." This is played on Asarkar (Mid East) Low D whistle (made in India). Further explanation may be forthcoming.

7/4/02 Happy Independence Day to the yanks. (I have 4 days off from work. I feel free!) If I may, I'd like to wish everyone in the world true freedom, peace, justice, and compassion. I guess we've got a long way to go. :( Now, back to music... "Nicolas Baudesson from France sends the first half of Kesh Jig on flute (I'll be waiting for the other shoe to drop, Nicholas.) Saved in non-whistle. Kevin Hing (DazedinLA) plays the reel, Silver Spear.This is the first submission by Kevin, and on a Clarke Meg, also a first for us.

The day's not over. Brian Dobson sends a The Boys of Ballysadare. Teri informs us it's a slip jig. (Why didn't I know that?)

6/23/02 Dave Auty plays a jig and a reel (on the same file; where to save it??)
"The White Petticoat" (jig) followed by "Major Harrisons Feadora"(reel) I'll save it in both.

6/16/02 Alan Mount returns and writes, "I did as I threatened and made a D flute out of PVC on Sunday and got the idea of recording a tune on it along with my Feadog D Mk II whistle and a guitar. Here is Saddle The Pony. Hang on, it may be a bumpy ride!" Saved in jigs.

6/9/02 I asked Brian Dobson to send me another pipe tune. He was more than happy to oblige. He writes, "Well Tony, since you asked for it, here's a pipin' tune for ya. And whats better than that? It's got real live DRUMS too!" He plays a slow air, Skye Boat Song. Saved in non-whistle.

6/8/02 A new poster and new player, Alan Mount (Alan on the C&F board), by way of introduction, writes "...though I have played various instruments over the years I have been playing the tinwhistle only since mid March but have had it in mind to make a PVC flute for quite some time. Having done so at last, here is a brief recording of Grandfather's Clock. I used information on building mostly from the Pete Kosel site and made the flute in G." (I'm saving in non-whistle, rather than New Player, for reasons which will become apparent- Tony)

Brian Dobson, a bit overdue, by my reckoning, plays The Blackthorn Stick, a jig. Make sure the cat's not on your lap. This is a high F whistle.

6/7/02 Middle of the night recording of The Coombe. Slow air. Tony Higgins

6/4/02 Mick Woodruff tells me he's been busy with other interests besides whistle playing, but, now he's back. Morning Dew, a reel.

6/2/02 First submission by a New Player! I've been waiting patiently for a new whistler to get busy with recording. Bob Corcoran (RCORC on the message board) sends in Inisheer, a slow air. Bob has been playing whistle for three months. Hopefully, Bob breaks the ice for all the other new whistlers out there. I know you're out there. Show yourselves.

Gary Humphrey sends in Planxty Dale Wisely, a composition by fellow Chiff & Fippler, David de la Barre. Gary strikes up a veritable symphony of midi accompaniment. To preserve the sound quality, the file size is big: over 2megabytes. Be aware when you chose to download. Saved in original.

6/1/02 Here's a melody that's been going through my head all day for over a week. Thought I might exorcise it by learning it and recording it. I can't wait until I can play it like I imagine it. A jig: Apples in Winter. Tony Higgins

5/28/02 Matt Diaz, C&F user Amanderthad, posts for the first time (about time) from Brooklyn, New York. He writes, "The first one is What Would You Do if You Married a Soldier followed by the Road to Ballinakill. I believe them both to be traditional and both are Jigs. I am playing an Oak D, A Dixon 3-piece polymer flute and guitar, and it was recorded using N-Track Studio Software.

5/25/02 I'm revisiting O'Keafe's Slide, this time on low whistle. It's followed by an unnamed reel I heard on a '70s era vinyl record by The Wild Geese. (saved in misc) And, from '110 Ireland's Best Slow Airs' book, I found Coinnleach Glas an Fhomhair (On the Stubble Fields of Autumn), an Ulster love song, and Cailin Deas Cruite na mBo (The Pretty Girl Milking the Cows). From the book, "The long-departed lover returns to find his true love still bemoaning his absence." Yeah, right. Tony Higgins
(I just realized It's O'Keafe's Slide, not Kerry Slides)

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5/20/02 New Guy Alert! Jim DiCarlo sends in a flute tune he learned in Doolin, Ireland, about 7yrs ago. He's wondering what the name is. If anyone recognizes the tunes, please leave a message on the Clips board. There's a slow air followed by a reel. Jim plays in a trad band in Maine. The band has recorded a cd. Saved in non-whistle.

5/16/02 Lisa Powers returns with two jigs: Canyon Jig and Swallow's Nest.

5/12/02 A well known name on the board is now a new poster to this site: Thom Larson of the Whistle Shop. He plays Planxty Irwin, an O'Carolan melody. Thom adds a counter melody of his own creation. I saved it in misc as it's not entirely slow.

5/9/02 Dave Auty writes, "The first one is an air The Enchanted Valley followed by a tune called The Smile of Nancy Barlow. I can’t say what it is (a jig I suppose) Although they are Irish tunes I can't help playing them in an unIrish manner, probably because I'm English!" Saved in non-whistle.

4/29/02 By popular demand (of a couple of people), there is a new page for <fanfare> New Players. Right now, it's totally empty. But, it's ready. So, if you are a new whistle player, you can bravely strut your stuff on your very own page. I'll post your submissions to this page by request. Okay, who wants to be first???

4/27/02 Brian Dobson writes, "Had some time to play with Cakewalk's multi-tracking features, and found an old drone recording to back a tune with. "I Am Sleeping, Do Not Wake Me" is the tune. David Daye delrin pipes."

4/26/02 "Here's Garrett Barry's Jig on my new Hoover aluminum Bb. This is the version my fiddler friend, Scott Brown, wanted us to play together."

4/16/02 Mick Woodruff, and I quote, "Maybe I'm just getting weirder (?!), but I've got something quite different for you this time. I have very recently acquired a Native American cedarwood flute. As you are probably aware, this flute is another form of fipple flute, but very different to our beloved pennywhistles. It feels connected to the earth, encourages freedom of expression, and is easy, yet very satisfying to play. I recorded this improvisation on the flute, and thought that perhaps it would be of interest to visitors to Clips and Snips. :-)"

4/13/02 Lord Mayo, march, played on O'Riordan d and Lord Inchiquin, on c. (Might be a waltz.) Tony Higgins

4/12/02 From Michael Eskin: "I've got a bunch of new recordings up on my site...I've posted comparison recordings of most of my whistle and flute collection. Played the same tune, "Kiss the Maid Behind the Barrel" on each instrument. Click on the Irish Music link, then on the Irish Flute and Whistle Comparison link." (Note, Michael's site is listed to the side, here.)

4/7/02 Claus vonWeiss write: "It's about time I send you another snip, so here it is. We had a Morris Open rehearsal today - I usually tape them - and, as we needed a slow and quite tune for a special occasion, we tried a sad one I had written last autumn after finding a poor little hedgehog dying on our veranda. So here is "Hedgehog's Lament", played on an Overton Low D (by Colin) with Matthias Hoehn on flute and my wife Ulrike on synthesizer." (saved in orig)

4/6/02 Brian Dobson writes, "Thought I'd have a go at another slow tune on the new pipes before the neighbors in the apartment complex threaten to lynch me, so here it is! 'The Lovely Sweet Banks of the Moy' "

4/4/02 David de la Barre writes,"The Laird o’ Drumblair is a strathspey so I guess it would go under Miscellaneous." (Saves me some typing. Thanks, Dave.)

3/31/02 John Palmer plays Morrison's Jig.

3/29/02 Welcome to Randy Thomas, new poster, who sends in his own composition, Love Beyond Compare.

3/28/02 Claudine, from the Heart of Europe, Luxembourg, sends Garrett Barry's Jig.

3/26/02 Late Edition: Our newest first-time poster, James Peeples, gives us his original composition, Shannon's Song. (It's an instrumental, but James composed it, so he can call it anything he wants.) He wrote it in honor of his wife, Shannon (who else?) I heard the tune while visiting his website and asked if I could post a link here. Thought it deserved wider audience. "The guitarist is Pat McReynolds, also of Fianna, playing a "Yamahammer" (Yamaha 12-string.)"

3/26/02 After a whole week of learning uilleann pipes, Brian Dobson comes back with a second pipe tune: The Rose is in Bloom. I've revisited Gallowglass Jig, which I was never delighted with last go around. I'm less undelighted this time. (Won't be the last.) The jig follows an unnamed tune of indeterminate category. Any information would be helpful. Tony Higgins

3/23/02 Mick Woodruff has come out of hiding. He returns with a real barn-burner. In his own words, "I decided to let rip on a favourite reel of mine - The First House in Connaught." By the way, anyone lucky enough to be in Mick's neighborhood- Mick has been invited by a well-known musician, Phil Brown, to host some whistle workshops, focusing on ornamentation. In the meantime, I had a quiet house, so I had an opportunity to record a few slow airs: I Am Asleep, Port Gordon, and Eanach Dhuin (all from 100 Ireland's Best Slow Airs). I did Eanach Dhuin before. I should go back and see if this rendition is any better.

3/22/02 Greg Mahan (Wandering Whistler) sends a jig, Dusty Windowsill.

3/19/02 Brian Dobson sends in: "...a brief passage from The Parting Glass, on a David Daye delrin practice set. Again, I've only had two days to work on this wacky instrument..." (We're talking uilleann pipes, here.) The file size is biggish so as not to lose tonal quality.

3/17/02 Late Edition. Before I run up to my mom's for corned beef and cabbage, where I will make them appreciate their heritage by playing a fine air on the whistle...(they'll be glad they're not Irish. Just Kidding; they are Irish. I'll be asked to play My Heart Will Go On, but I'll refuse.) John Palmer, completely ignoring his family, does another one: Tom Billy's, a polka on mandolin and his new toy.

3/17/02 Happy St. Patrick's Day. Xavier Tan, new Singapore police cadet and regular tune poster, sends the following note: "... my friend Mike Spicer playing the Blarney Pilgrim, first time on a Seery flute, second time on a M&E Rudall copy. I wonder if you could post these on C&S, as its a part of my M&E Rudall copy review.

3/16/02 John, stop neglecting your family! John Palmer sends in the slow air,
Morgan Magan on metal flute and keyboard.

3/13/02 John Palmer plays The River is Wide, a song, on whistle and keyboard. I put it in slow airs. John added a cryptic (O Wally Wally) next to the title. An alternate name?

3/12/02 Welcome to Sam Thompson, who by his own admission, has "been skulking around the board for a while and finally summoned up the courage to submit something!" Way to go. Sam used a computer at The Royal College of Music in London to record his tunes. Cool. He plays an unnamed "slowish" reel and a slip jig, My Mind Will Never be Easy. John Palmer returns with the reel, Drowsy Maggie on whistle and keyboard.

3/10/02 Lisa Powers wastes no time returning with Gravel Walk, a reel.

3/9/02 Michael Eskins is keeping busy. He writes, "This time its Banish Misfortune, played on a tiny 1900 vintage Joseph Wallis high-G whistle." (jig) Dave Auty send in Terry Teehan's, a slow reel. Dave learned it listening to Mike McGoldrick's 'Fused' cd. The tune resides on his site.

3/8/02 Three new ones today. First, welcome Lisa Powers (ysgwd), who plays Eanach Chuin, a slow air. Xavier Tan returns, and writes, "Attached is 'Pigeon on the Gate,' (a reel, saved in non-whistle) played on my Casey Burns Mopane flute. I learnt the tune from Josie McDermott's playing. This time, I would like to ask the guys if they could give feedback and advice on my playing, and to see if I'm on the right track. John Palmer, after a bit of absence, returns with Southwind, a somewhat slow air. His file name is Southwind-Haynes. What that means, I have no idea. (Just got told: Haynes is a flute, so let's move this to non-whistle.)

3/4/02 Michael Eskin sends a live performance recording of himself playing
Sean Reid's (reel) with George Rubsamen on bodhran. And Stephen Jones writes,
"One of those unborn babies I was talking about (see note 2/21/02) made his entry into the world about a week ago. The first of these tunes is for him, the second for his mother: La Gueussinette (or Gussie's tune), a simple lullaby, and Barbaresque, a slow(ish) reel. Both are supposed to have a French/Breton flavour, although I hear some definite neo-québécois echoes in there! " (I put it in reels)

3/2/02 Gary Humphrey plays the jig, Donnybrook Fair, giving a comparison of the regular bore Susato and the new "VSB" Susato sopranino D. Gary notes "I also employed a cheesy sounding text-to-speech program to narrate the presentation... " I think he doesn't want us to know he's really Charlton Heston (or D.S. playing a non-D.S. whistle. Hmmm.) Tony Higgins updates the polka set, Sean Ryans/42Pound Check/Dennis Murphy's. (I think I've improved on it from last time. I'll redo it again in another year. I took out the old version so you couldn't say, "Who do you think you're fooling?")

2/28/02 Michael Eskin posts links to his own site, where resides, among other tunes, a slow air, Taimse mo Codhladh, on pipes and Gravel Walk, a reel, on whistle. Visit Michael's site for more Irish music.

2/26/02 I hope it doesn't seem repetitive, but we really must welcome yet another new tune poster: Geoff Walker, from Marton-in-Cleveland, UK. He writes about his tunes:
"Newcastle: Traditional English, published in Playford's Dancing master in 1651, played on brass Generation D whistle The Black Nag: Also traditional and from Playford (1657 edition this time) played on a Yamaha sopranino recorder The Boatman: A traditional song from Scotland and a lovely tune. Two versions; one on a treble recorder and one on a bass recorder." They are on Geoff's site, so I thought I would provide a link to the site to see for yourself...

2/23/02 Welcome to another new tune poster: Bretton. He plays Far From Home as a reel.

2/21/02 Steve Jones writes: "I composed this tune back in 1984 and dedicated it to the (then unborn) son of some friends of mine. This year in Montreal there is something of a pregnancy epidemic among people of my acquaintance and so this is in honor of all those unborn babies out there." The Baby Reel. Saved in Original.

2/16/02 Time to trot out a new whistle! Goldie Overton low F. Tony Higgins plays a hornpipe, Far From Home (I'm pretty sure it's a hornpipe. If it sounds like one, does that mean it is one?) and March of the King of Laois. Teri Kessler got that one into my head. Then, Brigitte Goldie told me she was working on it. I'm supposed to figure out a banjo part. Slow going, there. I mixed the whistle in twice.

2/15/02 Dave Auty writes, "Here is a tune called 'Letter to Peter Pan' by Liz Carroll. She has given me permission to use it. Played on a Sindt C whistle. I play this in remembrance of my brother Richard, who passed away recently. A gentle tune for a gentle man."

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2/12/02 Gung hay fat choy. (I hope I didn't butcher the spelling.) Tuaz sent this email to me yesterday. It's too cool to not share..."tomorrow being the Chinese New Year, I thought I'd post a Chinese tune that's traditionally played during the season. I'm pretty sure it's public domain because a zillion versions pop up every CNY to be blasted over the PA system of every shopping area where CNY is important (well, at least in Singapore). Title? Not sure, but the chorus goes, "Gong xi [wishing you good fortune], Gong xi, Gong xi, Ni [you], yah [an exclamation], gongxi gongxi gongxi ni". Maybe Eldarion will know the title. "Xin nian kuai le [Have a happy new year]" to you and all C&Fers all over the world, tuaz"

2/10/02 Welcome another new poster! Blayne Chastain sends in his first submission: a jig, Donnybrook Fair. And who'd a guessed ? Phil is still at it. Two jigs, this time: Rolling Waves and Joy of Life.

2/9/02 Phil Osattin sent two more, MacPherson's Lament and The Pikeman, aka,
The Halting March. Saved in misc.

2/8/02 Ron Rowe sends in a low whistle version of Women of Ireland, a slow air.

Angelo Meola plays The Chanter's Song, also a slow air.

2/7/02 Phil Ossatin finally gets his digital recording act together and plays a reel, The Ash Plant. Xavier Tan plays his new flute and sends The Butterfly, a slip jig. Xavier adds,"I would like to dedicate my first flute effort to the River Anduin which this tune always reminds me of." Xavier invites a collaboration if anyone wants to contact him and add accompaniment.

2/6/02 Brian Dobson returns from parts unkown to play The Traveler, a reel, by the sound of it.

2/1/02 Tuaz sends something totally unexpected: a jazz version of Just a Closer Walk with Thee on a homemade low F. (saved in misc) Also plays the hornpipe,
Off to California, "a slightly swingified version ." Isn't that how hornpipes are supposed to be played?

1/30/02 To keep the Scottish thing going, The Mucking of Geordie's Bier, a Scottish jig, and Galway Hornpipe, not Scottish. Tony Higgins

1/22/02 Two new tunes. Welcome to first time poster, Angelo Meolo, who plays a slow air, Scottish by the sound of the name, Ye Banks and Braes. Eldarion (Xavier Tan) plays a reel, Darby's Farewell to London. Eld mentions, "I learnt this tune from the playing of Josie McDermott, one of my favourite old whistlers/fluters. Had to record this during drilling breaks - my neighbours are renovating their apartments and the drilling and hacking noise is terrible."

1/20/02 The International Ceili Band, this time, comprised of Gary Humphrey and Mick Woodruff, play Hector the Hero. Wait till you hear it. (Saved in misc.)

1/18/02 Happy Birthday to Colin Goldie. Claus von Weiss told me it is so, and Claus composed a new tune for the occasion: Colin's. (Saved in original.)

1/11/02 Three tunes this eve: two from Ron Rowe- Southwind (slow airs)and Tabhair Dom do Lamh (that's not how you pronounce it) in misc. Gary Humphrey plays Hector the Hero. Saved in misc.

1/6/02 Momentum building. Must keep up. From England, Mick Woodruff has a new flute he's trying out. He plays Hector the Hero, a Scottish waltz, and an unnamed reel. (Saved in non-whistle.) Steve Turner had best explain his tune: "...a jig/march type affair and is entitled 'Young Tom Ennis'. I first heard the tune being played by Declan Masterson and very much liked its distinctive sound. I also liked the leisurely pace that Declan played it at....a pace which I unashamedly copy here :)" Now, we travel really far to Australia, or rather Nick Bignell's jig travels to us from really far away: Jackson's Bottle of Brandy. Sounds delicious.

01/01/02 Great to start the New Year with a new contributor. Josh Murray, aka piedpiper, plays The Congress Reel on flute. We've been online now, for almost a full year. John McHaffie started the site in late Feb last year. We started out as a whistle tune site and quickly expanded to other instruments. We also expanded from Celtic music to other genres and at one point, Arto Vallivirta, in Finland, sent in a song (sung in Irish). Most recently, a group of distant on-line friends (most, or all, have never met in person) have collaborated via email to put together a virtual band submission. Hopefully, this will inspire more collaborations from around the world, and while we're at it, world peace. Happy New Year, Viva la whistle!

12/31/01 It's still not too late to get something in before the year ends! I'm on the West Coast of the US. Of course, for you, the new year may already have begun. (I think I've finally figured out the International Date Line thing.)

Well, The International Ceili Band, which, at this point, is represented by England and the US submits its first offering. This band is open to the membership of Chiff and Fipple the world over. For our debut, the tune is Pipe on the Hob, a jig, instigated by Steve Turner (uilleann pipes, England), joined by Dave Auty (soprano whistle) and Mick Woodruff (low whistle), both from England. In Washington State, US, Teri Kessler plays soprano whistle and Tony Higgins, in California, plays 5-string banjo. Teri did the mixing of emailed wave files. She is willing to add more instruments and update the sound file if anyone else wants to participate. Just download the current file and record a separate wave file of yourself, which Teri will mix in. In the meantime, we have to plan on a second tune...Happy New Year. (I'll get to work on the pipes page and I suppose, a band page.)

12/23/01 I hope everyone reading this is having (or had) a happy and peaceful holiday- whatever country, whatever faith. David de la Barre sends a traditional Christmas carol, Shepherds Arise. (I edited out the apostrophe in Shepherd's, assuming it was admonishing more than one shepherd to wake up, as opposed to the arising of a shepherd. Correct me if Im' wrong. I'm thinking there should be a comma after Shepherds and an exclamation point after Arise.) Scottish small pipes and whistle, by the way. Slow Airs, I suppose.

12/21/01 Another Morrison's Jig, this time by Eldarion (Xavier Tan). (Tune of the Week grows!) Thornton Rose sends in Tuesday Evening Before Dinner, also a jig.

12/19/01 Steve Turner, clearly in a regaling mood, returns with two more pipe tunes, a jig, Coppers and Brass, and a reel, Jenny Picking Cockles. Late arrival this evening- (I should be practicing right now...) Azalin (whose real name is Guillaume Métayer) sends links to tunes on his own web site (saves me work. Thank you Azalin)
Set of reels: Green Mountain/Skylark, Set of jigs: Killimer/Leitrim's Jigs, and
February Reel,
a slow reel. (Whistle info on the tune pages, as usual.)
But wait, there's more...Morrison's Jig (Tony Higgins) revives Tune of the Week (which will flat-line again if no one else sends in their Morrison's.)

12/16/01 Gary presses on with Southwind on high and low whistles. (Saved in slow airs.) And a new guy, (a warm welcome to) Steve Turner, who plays two jigs on uilleann pipes: Statia Donnelly and The Priest and His Boots. Saved in non-whistle. (If more uilleann pipe tunes come in, we'll want a page dedicated to them.)

12/12/01 Oh, Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...played by Gary Humphrey, aka raindog. (Saved in slow airs.) Echo added with Cool Edit Pro for the haunting quality. (Is that gilding the lily? I thought the Overton low d would take care of that.)

12/10/01 And back to Irish music...Horse and Jockey, a jig, Tony Higgins

12/9/01 Ron Rowe does Christmas tunes on a homemade whistle: Hark, the Herald Angels Sing and Oh, Come all ye Faithful. (Saved in misc.)

12/4/01Mick Woodruff plays The Sligo Reel.

12/1/01 Time to wake up again. Anyone know any slides? Here's 3 Kerry Slides to get you started. Tony Higgins (saved in misc.)

11/16/01 Says Greg Mahan, "Here's Blarney Pilgrim on the thin weasel, unsweetened in any way. The very tiny reverb my ear picks up was the sound of the whistle bouncing off the wall that my computer desk is pushed up against :)" Saved in jigs.

11/13/01 Mick Woodruff plays a hornpipe, Sean Ryan's. "The second part really took some work to drum into my head and fingers - it's not the easiest hornpipe I've come across."

11/10/01Nick Bignell sends Bonaparte's March (saved in misc)
I finally got some computer time (which wasn't devoted to uploading!) Beat the jig, The Bank of Turf, into the ground and then recorded it. Heard this version on Chieftains5. Tony Higgins

11/9/01 Another first: Christian Roch plays a set dance, Three Sea Captains, on uilleann pipes (saved in non-whistle). He also plays Jig of Clonmore on whistle. Also, Porridge (for want of another name) plays Morrison's Jig. Not to stop there, Nick Bignell sends O'Carolan's Mrs Maxwell (saved in misc) and Xavier Tan (Eldarion) plays two reels, Wind that Shakes the Barley/Drowsy Maggie. You people are spoiled. Maybe I should dole out the tunes through the week.

11/5/01 Ron Rowe inaugurates our new location with a slow air, The Foggy Dew.

10/26/01 Two for the beginning of the weekend: Brian Dobson plays
Exile, (a tune from Enya) in slow airs. Dave Parkhurst comes back from retirement to play his favorite tune, May Morning Dew. (He played me this tune on a cd by piper, Mick O'Brien, when I visited Dave 2 years ago.)

10/24/01Nick Bignell writes, "Here is a slip jig played on a very cheap no name brand Indian cane whistle I bought at a flea market. It seems to be roughly in the key of B." The tune is Will You Come Down to Limerick?

10/22/01 Dave Auty sends in an original tune composed by his 11yr old daughter, Lucy. It's called Lucy's Tune. Nick Bignell sends in a Scottish jig called "Gie's a drink." (Bothy Band called this tune, Give Us a Drink of Water. I was told it is also called The Swaggering Jig.)

10/18/01 Welcome to a newcomer to ClipsandSnips, Ciaran De Bhal. Finally a participant from Ireland (in Ireland). He plays an original composition, The Beechcomber, which I put in jigs for obvious reasons. Teri Kessler, after a mysterious silence, returns with the jig, Banish Misfortune.

10/16/01 Eldarion plays Cavan Potholes, which I believe is a hornpipe. He learned this version from a Sharon Shannon rendition. Eld invites critique/feedback either by email or on the message board.

10/15/01 By popular request: Brian Dobson's The Coolin in slow airs.

10/11/01 Erik Tullberg plays a jig, Merrily Kiss the Quaker (also known as "Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife" who is presumably a Quaker also, so the Quaker may, in fact, be the aforementioned wife.) What's my point? Let's just move on...Tony Higgins plays Trip to Durrow, reel.

10/5/01 Frieze Britches, jig, about the 30th take. Tony Higgins

10/1/01 Here's a first: a whistle quintet (one person, Mick Woodruff, five tracks) playing Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring, saved in Misc.

9/24/01 From Tuaz: Inisheer "played at a not-so-slow tempo" on a hybrid whistle (Gen Bb barrel with Sweetone C mouthpiece), saved in (not-so-)Slow Airs. Also, Tuaz plays a reel, Rip the Calico.

9/21/01Mick Woodruff plays Air, a composition by Kenneth Simpson, that Mick found "in an old book of duets and trios for recorders but, on this occasion, I haven't played it on recorders! ;-) " (Details on Misc pg.)
Jessie Kislin plays her own composition, February Air. The link takes you to her mp3.com page. Saved in Misc. (Hit your back arrow to get back here.) Jessie's recording was the deciding factor in going for an Abell for me awhile back.

9/15/01 Mick Woodruff and Erik Tullberg have sent their Amazing Grace versions in. I am putting everyone's in Tune of the Week, including Brian's, with a dedication. If anyone would like to add their personal dedication, email it to me and I'll add it. Dave Auty and Tony Higgins have included their versions.

9/14/01 Amazing Grace is played by Brian Dobson. You are invited to submit your rendition.

9/8/01 It's not too late to get your tune in for the weekend...
Eric Tullberg play Monaghan Jig as a duet on Olwell flute and Tully whistle.

9/7/01 Brian Dobson starts our weekend run with the introduction to a slow air, The Wild Geese.

9/6/01 Pied Piper (I await permission to reveal his/her real name) plays a reel, Ladies Pantalettes and Dave Auty plays a hornpipe, Casey’s followed by The Princess Royal (Carolan). Saved in hornpipes.

9/3/01 Finally got Monaghan's Jig recorded. This one makes my arm hurt. Tony

9/2/01Keep 'em coming. Arto Vallivirta sends the hornpipe, Harvest Home. Somebody was noticing that Sweeney's Holy Bonnet is a set of reels and emailed me about it. I checked, and what d'ya know? Did Teri or I goof up? (If Teri did, she dragged me right along.)

I'm certain these are polkas (played 'em meself): Dennis Murphy's/ The 42Pound Check/John Ryan's. (saved in misc.)

9/1/01 Mick Woodruff plays the reel, Mason's Apron. He told me, "Listening to Matt Molloy really intimidated me." Listening to Mick intimidated me.

8/31/01 Whew, I'm busy tonight. (Not a complaint.) Arto Vallivirta writes: "Here is a dance tune from Le Mené, Brittany. It is called Le Kérouézée.
Here's a song (or should I say tune?:-) called This beautiful song comes from co. Donegal. I had wonderful time in Miltown Malbay when I saw Cathal McConnell playing this in Willie Clancy Summer School's Whistle and Flute Recital."

Brian Dobson, never ceasing in musicality, sends Piper's Lullaby with
"artificial drones, created by layering and pitch shifting several notes on my practice chanter. " Talk about weird synchronicity, do An Maighdean Mhara. and Piper's Lullaby . sound similar to you? They're slow airs.

8/30/01 Brian Dobson is on a roll. This time, it's a polka set: Ballyfin Polkas (saved in misc).

8/29/01 Tony Higgins plays The Gallowglass Jig, a new and improved version of name unknown from 8/18/01. (I had to come through after Clive hassled me about the earlier version.)

8/28/01 Brian Dobson plays a jig, Brian O'Lynn, which he says has words, but he doesn't know them. (A tune that may be a song.) And a song that may be a tune, The Foggy Dew, done here as a tune, I suppose. (He doesn't sing it.) We'll put it in slow airs.

8/24/01 Arto Vallivirta, up in Finland, plays Off to California, the hornpipe.

8/23/01 Brian Dobson plays two tunes (or do you call them songs?):
Asling Gheal, a slow air, and The Wind That Shakes the Barley, a reel.

8/21/01 Claus von Weiss always shows up with a new instrument. This time we have a church organ along with low d whistle for
Chanter's Song .and Give Me Your Hand, both of which I saved in Misc. Ulrike, (Mrs. von Weiss) and Claus played these at a friend's wedding.

8/19/01 Ron Rowe plays his own composition, Planxty Mikki, dedicated to his wife for being cool. (I think Ron bought an expensive whistle Mikki doesn't know about yet. Just a suspicion.)

8/18/01 Two tunes while I have access to the computer. heh, heh.
Lament for Limerick, a slow air, on my brand new Burke low G, and a jig, name unknown. Tony Higgins

8/16/01 Brian Dobson surmounts email irregularities and gets out his
Cuil Aodha Slide .on a homemade cpvc whistle Mack Hoover helped him build. I believe the tune is .a slide, so I'll save it in Misc.

8/14/01 Mick Woodruff is up to his tricks again. Dusty Windowsills . is a 3-part jig on Mick's trusty Eb Generation.

8/12/01 Jig, Hole in the Hedge . Tony Higgins. New whistle, Cillian O'Briain "Improved."
A lot of old stuff up to the beginning of April/01 has been deleted to make space for new stuff, so start recording. We haven't heard from everyone yet.

8/5/01 Claus von Weiss of Morris Open plays two original compositions, Ian, and Looking Out of My Window. Saved in Original Compositions.

8/4/01 Late edition. Tony again. Fig for a Kiss, slip jig, from McCullough's book, 121 Favorite Irish Session Tunes.

8/4/01Tony Higgins plays Hole in the Boat , a jig. This is played slowly.

8/3/01 Mick Woodruff emerges from the shadows just in time and plays The Lea Rig, It's saved in slow airs.

7/28/01 O'Carolan's Farewell to Music in slow airs, Tony Higgins. My inspiration is Jerry O'Sullivan's version. Some day...

7/26/01 A reliable source tells me that Mack's Jig. is also known as a set dance, The Job of Journeywork. And, it's on Best of the Chieftains. Hmm...And straight from Mack, "The name was arbitrarily given by Tom Wilson... Tom and Brian Lee Dobson are playing on Hoover CPVC D's and Digger of C&F(Rand Greubel of Montrose CO) is on the bodhran. They played this at the "Rocky Mountain " session at my home in Clifton CO on July 22.

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7/23/01 A well-known newcomer to Clips and Snips, Mack Hoover sends what his friends call Mack's Jig. I believe it has at least one other name. Call me confused, but it reminds me of a hornpipe. I'll put it in misc for now.

7/22/01Back from vacation, back to business. Several submissions have piled up from Eldarion, who still solicits feedback from experienced players: In Reels, George White's Favorite and The Golden Keyboard, in high D and low D .versions.
A new fellow to this board, Claus von Weiss, from Germany, submits his own original composition, One for Dale, played by his band, Morris Open. I'll put that one in Original Compositions. Wait till you see what instruments are used along with whistle. (Klaus, please resend me your email address to link your name to.)

7/15/01 Literally, before I dash out the door for Yosemite, I'm loading Eldarion's Blarney Pilgrim . in reels. Our man invites constructive critique from knowledgable players by email.

7/12/01 Hope you like reels. StevieJ plays Salamanca.

Mick Woodruff gives us The Old Blackthorn and Five Mile Chase.

7/10/01 "Clive" reemerges with The Wounded Hussar, a slow air.

7/9/01 Welcome to Gary Humphrey, a new participant, who plays the hornpipe, Harvest Home, (He's been listening to the tunes and must have become excited. Had to get his tune online.)

Mick Woodruff plays Gilbert Clancy's Reel.

7/7/01 New email address for posting tunes: whistletunes@hotmail.com
Another weekend recording marathon (Tony Higgins): O'Keefe's Slide (?) by O'Keefe? (just in case) in Misc.

7/6/01 Be Thou My Vision from Rod Burgess, our man in Wagga. (Saved in Misc, with instrument info.)

7/4/01Another bleary-eyed session after everyone is in bed, doing a reel, The Wild Irishman. (Tony Higgins)

7/3/01Dave Auty plays Planxty Dale Wisely. Dave writes, "Can you thank David de la Barre for letting me use this excellent tune? " Done.

7/2/01 To correct an omission, David de la Barre ("Feadan") needs to given credit as the composer of the tune, Planxty Dale Wisely. Sorry, David.

7/1/01 Came Ye By Atholl? .is a Scottish slow air played by Teri Kessler on Overton low D. Mick Woodruff plays Planxty Dale Wisely, also in Slow Airs.

6/30/01 Dale and Rich have given the go-ahead to put our message board on the same site with the main Chiff&Fipple board. Maybe we can use it to revive Tune of the Week. (Like, defibrillate it.) Anyway, I'm putting up 3 new tunes: Clare Reels and Pigeon on the Gate in Reels, and Frost is All Over/Gander in the Pratie Hole in Jigs. (Worked on them 'till 2am, thank you very much.) I hope they sound okay in the morning.

6/29/01 Maybe we need a new category. Arto Villivirta sings in Irish,
Moll Dubh A'Ghleannea . to celebrate his upcoming visit to Ireland. I put it in Non-whistle.

6/26/01 Kloondin (not her real name) gives us a comparison of whistle sounds- Overton and TWZ Megasound (in that order) on Kesh Jig . in Jigs, and Loch Lomond . in Slow Airs.

6/21/01 Allow me to introduce Rod Burgess from Wagga, Australia. He has submitted an original composition of his own called Rainforest, "done on a generation d whistle with loops from acid and a synth from the pulsar soundcard." Also, John Palmer, even while practicing for a concert, took time out to record MoNighean Donn Gradh Mo Chridh, though I wonder if he can pronounce it. It's from Silly Wizard's "Kiss the Tears Away."

6/18/01 Hmmm, about as Non-whistle as you can get...just to stand everything on its head, Mick Woodruff plays baroque music on recorder! Both recordings are excerpts from Georg PhilippTelemann's Fantasia Number 1 for solo flute/recorder: the opening Vivace . and the final movement, the Allegro.

6/15/01 "I'd like to demonstrate my favorite technique...where I take a simple melody and drive it into the ground." -Leo Kotke. That's what I do with The Coombe .in Slow Airs. (Tony Higgins) Not what the Chieftains intended.

6/14/01 Dave Auty plays Planxty Fanny Powers in Misc (it's a waltz).
If you go to Dave's website, you can get the music notation for this tune.

6/12/01 Alright, some steady action. Let's keep it up.
Ron Rowe, showing off his shiny new McHaffie whistle plays
Will Ye Go, Lassie .in Slow Airs. Mick Woodruff sends two reels,
The Dublin Reel and Roaring Mary (didn't know they named a reel after my sister. She doesn't know about this site or any of you, so I can get away with it.) Mick also plays a trad Andean tune .on an Andean end-blown flute in Non-Whistle.

6/9/01 I redid King of the Fairies . as a duet, low&high D's in Misc. (Threw out the old version to make room.) Tony Higgins

6/7/01 Finally! The drought ends with a deluge. Mick (do I need to mention his last name?) Woodruff goes berserk with his new Rose whistle and records no less than six tunes. I'd better list them:
Musical Priest . in Tune of the Week,
The Lark on the Strand, The Leitrim Fancy, Up Sligo! . in Jigs
Gilbert Clancy's, The Belles of Tipperary . in Reels
(You're spoiling them, Mick.)

5/27/01 Here's a wild shot: In a Goldwave frenzy, I put banjo, high and low whistles together in Fhuiseog ar an Tra, in Jigs.

5/22/01John's back with a tune "entitled Descend From the Heavens, from Brittany. It is played on two whistles, a Burke low G and a Sindt Bb. The "A" section is in C maj, while the "B" section is in C Min."

5/19/01 John Palmer plays Ballydesmond Polka,, a version from "Far From Home," by Boys of the Lough. Accompaniment is on a keyboard set to "harmonica." (Tunes can have more than one name and titles can have more than one melody. The solution? Learn everything.)

5/18/01 Dave Auty plays Sunset Reel .in Reels. A gif(t) of the notes is on Dave's site.

5/16/01 Mick has submitted Penfluitjie Kwela .(South African "Kwela" music ). Quote from Mick's email to me: ". Last week I received some sheet music of this piece from Dave Auty and also from Laura, (Zax). Laura obtain the sheet music from C&F contributor, Neil Brock, who transcribed and wrote out the sheet music. I suspect that Dave got it from Neil also. I have no further details of the music's source, composer, original artists, etc, but I do intend to write to Neil Brock to thank him and to ask him if he has any more information. I do play all three parts in this recording. It has been suggested that the awful recording actually makes the piece sound more, "authentic"! ;-)...thanking Dave Auty and Zax for the sheet music, and Neil Brock for the original transcription..."

5/14/01 In case you haven't noticed, the home page has its first link to another website that posts tunes: Dave Auty's. I'll add links as they are submitted. And today's selections are from Arto Vallivirta: The Kesh Jig on whistle and guitar in Jigs, and Kerry Polka on mandolin in Non-whistle. (My apologies to people who have submitted tunes recently and I didn't email back. Time pressure and not feeling great. I hope I didn't seem snooty. I do like the correspondence.)

5/12/01 Arto Vallivirta plays a reel and a slip jig: in Reels: something .he learned from Altan's Harvest Storm cd, and in Jigs: Barney Brallaghan

5/11/01Nico Moreno plays Be Thou My Vision in Slow Airs. I quote Nico: "The song is called Be Thou My Vision .and is an Irish hymn (or maybe just celtic, could be scottish i guess, but I think it's irish)" Methinks he thinks too much. And while I'm thinking of it, anyone with a tune site of your own, we ought to provide a link to it. Email me with your url and I'll add the link on the home page.

5/8/01 Arto Vallivirta plays his own composition, Carol of Hearts .in Original Works. He may post a vocal version later. Tony Higgins revisits The Tarbolton .in Reels, having had more practice at it.

5/7/01 It's Monday and things tend to slow down. So, I planned ahead and saved Roisin Dubh, played by Nico Moreno on his self-built whistle in Slow Airs. Says he learned it from Wandering Whistler (isn't that you, Greg?) And a huge favorite of my own, Paddy Fahey's Jig.

5/6/01 You lucky people. The tunes keep rolling in (and I keep posting them!) Mark Johnston (spelled with a t) has a special treat for us: he plays Slieve Russell . in Jigs on a, get this, tulipwood O'Riordan. I've already contacted Pat about making me one. And we have a band, Fianna, with Pat McReynolds on guitar, Sam McReynolds on Susato D whistle, and founder, James Peeples on 8-key flute, playing The Aran Boat. in Misc. (It wasn't slow enough for Slow Airs, and it isn't NonWhistle qualified, and I wasn't sure what category of tune it is.) James composed the flute harmony for this traditional tune.

5/4/01 Addition: Reels: The Cup of Tea, Tony Higgins

5/4/01 Another late night recording session after everyone else is gone to bed...Trip to Killavil .from McCullough's 121FIST in Jigs, Tony Higgins. Mick never quits. He repeats Amhrán A Leabhair. in Slow Airs (the e takes up bandwidth) not satisfied with a solo performance, so he accompanies himself on low and high eflats, replete with a harmony line. Today is early. Check back later for more. (If I can just make the links work.)

5/3/01 Another interesting whistle, Chieftain low Eflat, played by Mick Woodruff on Amhrán A Leabhair..in Slow Aires (should I change the spelling of that?). Mick describes the whistle as having "a strong, full, powerful tone which seems very flute-like to me. It's also just that little bit easier to play than a low D." Also, Michael Hankinson plays The Coolin..in Slow Air(e)s and Haste to the Wedding, in Jigs. Michael's tunes are played on a mopane wood Bleazey high D. (Are you the same Mike that posted Raggle Taggle Gypsy on 4/15?)

5/2/01 Ah, dude. Mark Johnson breaks out his new O'Riordan blackwood d, which he says is maybe louder than a Copeland, and plays The Lilting Banshee. in Jigs.

4/28/01Had me scared for a day, but the site has reappeared. I was thinking (wood-burning smell) that this would be a good place for you to put your own comments about your tune. Just let me know in your email. Ready or not, I'm posting The Tarbolton .in Reels. It's from a book, The Dance Music of Willie Clancy (for pipers, mainly). Has all the ornaments written in if you want a real (reel) challenge. A lot of them are from the book, others, I fudged.

4/26/01 I think we're building momentum here. Tunes are coming in almost daily. Tune of the Week is revived just in time by Kloondin (I know her real name. Oops, I gave away gender.) This person plays 6PennyMoney. Mick Woodruff, who never sits still, sends Turas go Tír na nÓg. in Slow Aires. And you get two reels for the price of one with Dublin Reel/Wind that Shakes the Barley by meself in Reels.

4/23/01(with late breaking addendum) Wow, I got slammed with 8 posts in one day. (Not a bad thing.) Better start with Jason King, who went nuts and sent 50% of todays listings: Dunmore Lasses .in Reels (a bit late for tune of the week), Banish Misfortune .and The Butterfly .in Jigs, AND an original composition for his late grandfather, Joseph McDermott: McDermott's Lament .in Slow Aires. Bill Sykes submitted 6 Penny Money .for Tune of the Week. (Not too late if you haven't sent yours in.) Arto Vallivirta plays The Coolin. in Slow Aires.

4/21/01 Here's a hornpipe on an instrument you wouldn't hear on an old sailing ship of Her Majesty's Navy. Sailor's HP will be found in Non-whistle, played by John Palmer.

4/19/01 Bill Sykes plays Inisheer .and Tony Higgins plays an unnamed tune (attempting to make it sound sad) in Slow Airs.

4/15/01 (Later that evening.) Mick Woodruff sent me a collaboration he did with Dave Auty- a classical flute duet (name to be released). They emailed each other the file and added to it without ever getting in physical proximity of each other. Due to the file size, the link in Non-whistle is to Mick's website, where the tune resides.

4/15/01 Mike, aka, Michael, not to be confused with Mick, sends Raggle Taggle Gypsy in Misc, played on a Bleazey mopane wood in D. A different tone, for sure. Don't forget to give me permission to post your email address link if you want it up.

4/14/01Some maintainence work going on. I'm changing the tune pages to make it easier for me to post tunes. Also, I'm putting the most recent at the top. If something doesn't work, let me know at Whistletunes@aol.com I found a post by Teri Kessler, King of the Pipers on Jigs that had no link. So, it's linked and at the top. New posts: In Misc: When I Survey the Wondrous Cross was sent by Tuaz, just in time for Easter. (Happy Easter, everyone.) In Tune of the Week, Six Penny Money, of course, by Teri Kessler. In Hornpipes: Fisher's, Tony Higgins.

4/13/01 Greg Mahan plays Legacy Jig with ornamentation shamelessly lifted from Joanie Madden. Can I quote you on that, Greg? Guess I did. (If you deny it later, I'll back you up.) Okay, you asked for a Hornpipe page, so you got it. If one of your tunes disappeared, let me know and I'll get it back. (You don't have to re-email it.)

4/12/01 Dave Auty took the hint: 6PennyMoney on Tune of the Week. What whistle was that, Dave? Now that the weekend's coming, I expect the submissions to roll in. (And I'll get the hornpipe thing sorted out. May even post one.)

4/10/01An addition to Tune of the Week! (Hint, hint.) Thanks, John Palmer. Ron Rowe sent no less than two submissions: Leaving Liverpool on Slow Aires page and Cork Hornpipe is at Misc (soon to be renamed "Hornpipes" page).

4/9/01 New posts: Hornpipes are definitely the rage: Mick weighs in with Taylor's Twist on the Misc page. (Next weekend, I'll start a hornpipe page and move them, or just move the non-hornpipes from the misc pg and change the name.) In Reels: John Palmer plays Drowsy Maggie. And Manuel clued me in he's posting from Zaragoza, in Aragon, in northeastern Spain. If I goof anything up, like not posting your tune, or not mentioning it here, email me right away so I know.

4/8/01 New posts: In Nonwhistle: Tots Tolentino (you may know him from the C&F flute forum), posts from the Philippines, 2 tunes: The Yellow Tinker and a Philippino love poem, Kulilal. Both on M&E Flute. In Reels: Manuel Waldesco plays The Banshee on a Feadog. (I've asked Manuel to tell us where he's from.) I'll have another tune up as soon as I download a massive .wav and convert to mp3 tomorrow. I'm sure you're all practicing 6Penny Money for Tune of the Week. Take your time; get it right.

4/7/01 New Tune of the Week: Six Penny money, jig. Slow version by Tony Higgins: once from McCollough's 121 Fav. Irish Session Tunes, and once from Chieftains5 for comparison. "Normal" version also. Get your version in. In Jigs: Tar Road to Sligo by the Wandering Whistler, Greg Mahan.

4/5/01 It's definitely hornpipe season: The Belfast Hornpipe is played by Arto Vallivirta in the Misc section.

4/1/01 In Misc: A hornpipe has arrived, The Boys of Bluehill, by Rich Lafferty. I suppose we could have a hornpipe page. We'll see. Depends on if we're flooded with hornpipes. Also, this News section will have to move to it's own page as the welcome statements by John have become buried.

3/31/01 In Reels: 'Wise Maid' by Tony Higgins (recorded at 2am; don't know when to go to bed.) In Non-Whistle: ' Coilsfield House and Morgan Magan' with Sharon Kahan on an old Potter wood flute, Dermot Hurly on guitar and Steve Kendall on hammered dulcimer.

In response to an inquiry, file sizes should ideally be no larger than 200-400kb, depending upon length of tune(s). This will give acceptable sound without precipitously filling up the server space. Also, for those of us who don't get good realtime playback and have to download to listen, smaller is faster and more likely to be downloaded and heard.

3/30/01 I've decided to post new submissions here so you can go more efficiently to the right section and keep up. (Less time away from whistle practice, less wasted on the computer.) After a week or two of news bits, I'll start deleting them.

Recent posts since Mar 24 include in Miscellaneous:'Fly By Night' and 'Sarah's Song,' by Mick Woodruff, playing for us in Merry Olde England, 'Frank Roches' Favorite' by 13yr old whistler/piper, Colin Borges, in Northern California. In Jigs: Monaghan's (title in question) by Tony Higgins, Nor. Calif., 'Irish Washerwoman,' by John McHaffie in Missouri (that's in the US, though very far from Calif). Reels: 'Ships are Sailing' by Sharon Kahan, along with friends on guitar and bodhran, and lastly, in Slow Airs: 'Mickey Finn's/Galway Rambler' by Dave Autey, and 'Lament of the Three Marys' by Mark Johnson. These people submitting tunes from parts unknown to me.

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