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06/07/17 Rip Van Winkle, here, after a small nap...
Arbo Doughty sends two on flute: Month of January and "Two Reels Podbean."

01/14/14 Welcome to Ceri McCoy, who sends an original composition, Celtic Cardboard Culture, on low whistle and a variety of other instruments. (saved in original)

11/25/13 Like I was saying...Welcome to Vincent Farrelly, who sends a slow air he composed: Oldcastle, played on an Alba d whistle.

08/21/13 Been awhile. LisaD (her chiff&fipple name) sends a slow air,  Killdevil Air, played on a Sindt A.

12/15/11 My friend, KC Jiang plays O'Riordan whistles that he got from me in trade for a nice flute plays Be Thou My Vision. This is from a cd he just published, titled Irish Whistle Melodies. (saved in slow airs)

12/07/11 Welcome to Tobias Cabral, who sends "John of the Glen," played on a John Sindt Soprano D whistle. It was recorded via the voice recorder app on my phone." saved in slow airs.

11/19/11 Welcome to Simon Jäger who sends: "a set of three jigs recorded tonight by Simon Jäger in Sweden, played on a Tim Adams prototype D flute in Padouk. The tunes are My Darling Asleep, Garrett Barry's and The Battering Ram." Saved in flute.

11/07/11 Welcome to Rich Gouette, who sends: "Compiling" Warning: Non-trad tune. Whistle is cheapo Clarke. Pipe section is McNichol half set in C." Saved in orig.

10/25/11 Welcome to Neil Horlock, who sends a slow air, Amhran Na Leabhar, on a boxwood Moeck Steenbergen descant recorder. Saved in non-whistle.

06/15/11 Enda Seery sends The Winding Clock/Ballybrown Jig/Ber's Favourite (Jigs) played on a Sindt D Whistle. This is Track 2 from my album 'The Winding Clock'(2010)

02/13/11 Welcome to Rich and Spring Gouette, who sends: All Creatures on Chieftain Soprano whistle and Childress Concert half-set pipes. He adds, "Mu wife plays the whistle, I'm on pipes. It's her arrangement of All Creatures of Our God and King." (saved in slow airs)

12/25/10 Steve Turner sends a slow air: "The tune is 'An Speic Seoigheach' and is played (as always) on a Froment concert pitch full set of uillean pipes." Saved in u-pipes. Holiday cheer to all.

11/20/10 Welcome to Paolo Di Nicola  (piperpaul) (from Italy), who sends Taimse im chodladh, Uilleann full set by Arie de Keyzer. (saved in u-pipes)

Steve Turner returns with two reels: 'The Ravelled Hank of Yarn and The Sailors Cravat'. The tunes are played on a concert pitch full set of pipes by Alain Froment. (saved in u-pipes)

11/15/10 Joshua Berry returns with two slow airs: Cape Clear and The Immigrant.

11-07-10 Welcome to Joshua Berry, who sends "The Last Rose of Summer" on a Clark whistle in D. Saved in slow airs.

09-09-10 Michael O'Flynn sends "Johnny Cope (hornpipe) played on a Dixon D, Aluminium (DX006 in catalogue)."

08/28/10 Ubizmo sends: "This is "The Lonesome Boatman" by Finbar and Eddie Furey, played on a Mountain Ocarina in G (in this case, the aluminum model). The tune itself is played in B minor. The backing track was created using JamStudio, in a not-particularly-traditional style." (saved in non-whistle)

08/07/10 Johnny Kerr (straycat82 on C&F) sends 3 tunes: Sé Fáth Mo Bhuartha- a slow air, The Swan- a hornpipe (I hope), and St. Patrick's Night- a reel. All are played on Ó Briain Improved Feadóg head on a stock Generation D nickel body. Recorded on: Olympus digital recorder. Recorded in: The kitchen. Effects/Post Production: None.

07/24/10 Jim Scots sends: The Mist Covered Mountains of Home, and The Black Isle, played on a Generation B flat whistle, Reverb added. (saved in slow airs)

Geoff Walker writes: "I am sending two tunes which I have written, both laments. The first is called Lament in July. I started writing this just after the London Bombings on July 7th 2005 but it took me another two years to complete. I am sending it now as it is five years ago this month that the bombings happened. It is played on a Paddy Richter tuned Hohner Special 20 Harmonica with a drone accompaniment on a low G M1 Shruti Box.

The second is called In a Far Place. I wrote this after the son-in-law of a friend was killed in Afghanistan. It is played on a wooden flute of unknown make with a harmony part played on a Mollenhauer "Dream" tenor recorder and a drone accompaniment on an M1 Shruti box.

I recorded all the parts myself on an Edirol R09 portable recorder then transferred the files to the computer and edited them using Audacity." (both saved in orig)

07/10/10 Tony Higgins (the guy in the photo above) posts a few tunes on Abell A (blackwood):
The Lark on the Strand (jig) 
O'Carolan's Welcome (waltz)  
(saved in misc)
O'Keefe's Slide 

07/03/10 Tom Hamilton sends "my rendition of His Voice as the Sound, as played on my John Sindt High D.  The recording is a bit harsh due to the minimal quality on my laptop's microphone, but I think it comes across pretty well (or at least acceptably enough ^_~). " (saved in misc)

06/21/10 David Goldsworthy (ausdag) sends three jigs on uillean pipes: I Buried My Wife/Father O'Flynn/Old Joe's.

05/18/10  Sean Cavanaugh plays a jig, The Mouse in the Mug, on a Blackbird High D whistle

05/01/10 Peter Boiney sends: the song, For Ireland I'd Not Tell Her Name, played on a Tony Dixon tuneable D whistle. (saved in slow airs)

04/05/10 Bud Woods sends: "This past Sunday I played special music at Church in preparation for Easter; my selections were "He Was Wounded For Our Transgressions", "When I Survey The Wondrous Cross" and "Amazing Grace".   I played the selections on my Highland Bagpipe; the drones are Soutar with Ezeedrone reeds, Chanter is Kron Poly with McCann easy reed and the pipe bag is a Canmore.  I recorded the selection while practicing at home.." (saved in non-whistle)

03/07/10 Welcome to Etienne Savoye, who writes, "I play especially Irish tunes on my whistles but i recently discover that some traditionnals from my country may sounds well on a whistle... So, this is a set of two "branles" from south of France, "Lo nostre Ase" and "La Piuse" played on a Chieftain V3 Low D." (saved in misc.)

02/22/10 Welcome to Joseph Carmichael, who sends: "The tune is Hammy Hamilton's "Kerfunten", played by Joseph Carmichael (me) on a bamboo Ab flute made by William Miller."

NAME: Ashley Jones
INSTRUMENT: Copeland Low D (brass)
TITLE: 'Bird On A Brier'. This is an old old song from the 13th century, possibly England. I've heard two versions of this, one instrumental and one sung. This is my own arrangement based on the instrumental version. (saved in misc)
Tune 2
INSTRUMENT: Mack Hoover Brass Low G
TITLE: 'Huarmicita' Andean tune. (misc)


Pol Huellou sends a note: "You can find on http://myspace.com/polhuellou a set of reels called Lasair Choille on free download (Creative commons licence) In this recording singer Liam Weldon is playing the bodhran. This recording was made by Colum Sands on a Hallow Eve party (1989) in Rostrevor, Co. Down. That night, songs were sung and tunes were played in no kind of planned sequence. Here we have a set of reels, called Laisair Choille, a set of tunes we played on many nights, in many places. The first reel is called Thorin's Reel, after the name of the son of a dear friend and colleague. The second reel Boa Island has a melodic twist, based on a musical translation of the well knowned interlaced figure seen on a statue on the island of Boa. The third tune, Lasair Choilleis in Irish the very poetic name of the goldfinch: "flame of the forest". We did share a lot about wild life... The old style playing is still an echo of it. Liam was also a bodhran maker. On the same myspace page there are also an album of photographs of Liam as well as one on the Barethread Folk Club, Tailors Hall featuring many performers of the 70s-80s.I hope to make available to you some recordings and lyrics of the singing of the late Liam Weldon before long.     PH."

02/18/10 Welcome to Stephanie Oliver (Stephlisa) who sends: "I have some recordings of irish tunes, 3 on a bamboo flute, 2 on a feadog D whistle, 1 on an original clarke C whistle:   Danny Boy- flute, Dans En Dro- Flute, Down By The Sally Gardens- Flute (all saved in flute), Irish Washerwoman (jig)- D Whistle, Morrison's Jig- D Whistle, Rocky Road To Dublin (hornpipe)- C Whistle."

01/23/10 Jules Bitter sends 3 slow airs: "An Roisin Dubh : I play on a Sindt D-whistle = air from my Whistle Basics tutorial.  Give me your Hand: I play a Dixon brass tunable D.  Cape Clear: I play an original Overton non tunable D accompanied by my brother Rob."

01/17/10 Jules Bitter returns promptly with another tune: Langstern Pony, a jig, played on  a Sindt D  with Philip Masure on guitar. Jules has a website, which has notation for his tunes:  http://www.whistle-flute.com/

01/14/10 Welcome to Jules Bitter in New Zealand, who sends: "1 The Swallows Tail Reel (a version I learned from Thomas Keenan) 2 Farewell to Ireland ( a version played by his brother Paddy Keenan). I recorded them a while ago with guitar accompaniment by Philip Masure, a music friend from Belgium. Another Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore also with Philip Masure on guitar. And my flute version of the song, Dark Woman of the Glen, accompanied by my brother, Rob Bitter (keyboard).Played on a Aebi keyless Bb.

Conchi Sanchez sends Cooley's Reel on Susato D whistle.

01/06/10 Welcome to Conchi Sanchez, who writes, "My name is Conchi. I'm from Spain. I'm beginer playing the tin whistle and I don't speak English very well. The first tune is The Boyne Hunt. It's  a Reel played with Tin Whistle Dixon  in D (Tuneable). The second one is My Darling Asleep. IT's a Jig played with Tin whistle C Generation.

12/28/09 Asa Strong sends The Rising of the Moon: "An Irish standard made popular by the Clancy Brothers.  Made with a PVC Whistle I made and I also added a guitar as well. I used the The free Audacity software recording package to make the original recording and also to overlay the guitar track as well." (saved in slow airs)

12/07/09 Arbo Doughty sends "Gilbert Clancy's, played on a Firth, Pond & Co. flute (c.1840s) w/ Abel hj." (saved in reels)

09/22/09 Welcome to Greg Connor, who sends an original composition: “Wind in My Sails” on whistle and guitar (and harmonica?). (Saved in orig.)

09/14/09 Gian Marco Pietrasanta (pantera) sends: "Digerspolkan" a Swedish tune played on a G Alba whistle." (saved in misc)

David Auty sends: "Attached is a tune by Kathryn Tickell a Northumbrian piper. "Our Kate" She has given me permission to use the tune. http://www.kathryntickell.com/ (saved in misc)

09/13/09 Steve Turner sends: "'The Wounded Hussar' played on a concert pitch, full set of Uilleann pipes made by Alain Froment." Steve's website: www.pipesofireland.com

09/12/09 Paul Hayes writes: "This is part 1 of 'The Immigrant' originally by Joanie Madden. Feadóg D w/ reverb." (saved in slow airs)

08/04/09 Welcome to Will Beavan, who writes, "Hi Im interested in what other people feel about my tune. The Medina.I am a fiddler and guitarist but i muck about on the whistle. Its in 7/8 and has certain notes flattened. I literally pulled out a buried old generation, taped the holes played it once badly. pressed record. I recorded it slow then a bit faster and then medium pace. I generally play it a lot faster, but Im not a whistler! I hope you enjoy it and perhaps it might offer a real whistler an enjoyable challenge and for sure, something a bit different. It was inspired by many many visits to chechouin in the Riff mountains of Maroc. (saved in misc)

Geoff Walker writes, "Here are two tunes I have written recently, both played on a keyless wooden flute of unknown make. The first is called "Footsteps of Childhood" and I originally wrote it to set a poem to music, but someone said they liked the tune in its own right so I added a B section. It can be played as an air or slow waltz. The second tune is a jig called "Amelie Rose" and is named after my first granddaughter who was born in April. I am posting the tunes as links to my website as usual Footsteps of Childhood http://www.pteratunes.org.uk/Music/mp3files/FootstepsofChildhood05.mp3 Amelie Rose http://www.pteratunes.org.uk/Music/mp3files/AmelieRose03.mp3 (saved in orig)

06/22/09 Gian Marco (pantera) Pietrasanta sends "Rämmen , a Swedish tune played on a Burke Al Pro D whistle." (saved in misc)

06/03/09 Debbie Shrewsbury returns with: "This is an Irish lullabye called The Castle of Dromore. This is a duet arranged by myself and a friend for viola and low F whistle. We are accompanied by guitar in standard tuning. I'm playing a Burke aluminum low F. Linda Waltner plays viola. Teddy Helton plays guitar." (saved in slow airs)

05/18/09 Neil Horlock sends: ..."Innisheer played by myself on Susato very small bore non-tunable D whistle with Darren Guy accompanying on guitar and Samuel Horlock on fiddle." (saved in slow airs)

04/27/09 Welcome to Sean Cavanaugh (sjcavy), who sends: "The Scholar Reel, Greenwood D in Blackwood."

04/25/09 Ashley Jones sends 3 sets:" Doina de jale. Instrument. Mack Hoover Brass G. Notes. A doina is a Romanian musical form, usually melancholic. Jale means grief/sorrow. The miller of Dee/Widdicombe fair. Instrument. Mack Hoover Brass g. Notes. Two English folk songs. Ash Grove/Cornish Dance/English Country Garden. Instrument. Mack Hoover Brass G. Notes. One Welsh and two English folk tune set." (all saved in misc.)

04/14/09: Gian Marco (pantera) Pietrasanta writes, "Here there is a two reel set played by me on a Tom Aebi flute ( Rudall&Rose model) with my friend Daniel Ponte on a four string mandola. The tunes are Lilies in the field + Lady pantalettes. all the best from Italy." (saved in flute)

04/09/09 Geoff Walker writes, "The first tune is Reed House Rant. (http://www.pteratunes.org.uk/Music/mp3files/ReedHouseRant.mp3) This is an Old English Hornpipe. These tunes were in a moderate triple time and mostly died out during the 18th Century to be gradually replaced by the modern duple time hornpipe. In England, there has been a recent growth in interest in these interesting old tunes. Reed House Rant can be found in the William Vickers manuscript, an 18th Century Northumbrian Tune book. The same tune also occurs in Manuscript books in NW England where it is known as the Old Lancaster Hornpipe. (saved in hornpipes)

The Second tune is Niel Gow's lament on the death of his second wife. (http://www.pteratunes.org.uk/Music/mp3files/NielGowLament.mp3) I play this on an F bass recorder, in C rather than the usual D, as it fits the instrument range better. It also works very well in G on the flute." (saved in non-whistle)

04/03/09 Tom Hamilton returns with The Elfin Knight. "I performed the song on my Dixon Aluminum High D, tunable." (saved in misc)

03/27/09 Welcome to Nancy Massi, who sends the slow air, Sally Gardens, played on "Walton's Little Black Whistle in D, with a little gverb thrown in via the Audacity." (saved in slow airs)

03/09/09 Welcome to DrPhill, who sends 'Lamment for Staker Wallace' on a Dixon 3-piece low D. (saved in slow airs)

02/11/09 KC Jiang, a personal friend of mine, has produced a cd on CDBaby called Irish Melodies for Tremolo Harmonica. Here is a track called "Believe Me If All Those Endearing Young Charms." The cd can be sampled and ordered at http://cdbaby.com/cd/kcjiang (saved in non-whistle)

GuoZhong Wu, 17 yrs old, from KaiLi city GuiZhou province in China sends "Limericks Lamentation"played on Susato medium G and walton's little black whistle." (2meg 5.5minute file, saved in slow airs)

02/08/09 Robb Taylor sends: "This first piece was composed during the 16th century era Baroque, (Allemande - Triple in G ) Using my beloved Tony Dixon Low D tunable and Alto tunable Dixon in D. Again, experimenting with the harmony aspect. Also added a little percussion ( Using a small Incense burning brass pot and lid. ) hey, it worked! lol Mixed the whistles together on different tracks and added echo. The second piece is a little tune called the Ides of March. Again on the Low D and Alto Dixon Whistles and yet again experimenting with harmony. " (saved in misc)

02/01/09 Welcome to Charlie Gravel, who sends "an American fiddle tune that goes by various names: Rye Whisky, Jack of Diamonds, Drunken Hiccups, etc.... I played it on a Casey Burns 'Ergonomic Standard' D flute in mopane and 'Hag at the Churn', on a Copley & Boegli unlined blackwood D flute." (saved in flute)

01/29/09 Welcome to Simoniz94, who sends a hymn called "He Leadeth Me" on a Walton's whistle in D.
(saved in misc)

01/15/09 Robb Taylor sends :"Hector the Hero" on Tony Dixon Low D tunable and an Alto tunable D. Mixed the whistles together on different tracks making a nice little harmony and added some echo. A 4 whistle duet so-to-speak. = ) (saved in misc)

01/10/09 Dana Crom sends: "Attached is a clip of me playing Dennis Murphy's Slide on a Syn D. Played a touch faster than standard for a slide, I know - but I love the way it sounds at speed." (saved in misc)

01/09/09 Welcome to Dublin Piper, who sends two jigs: Pipe On The Hob/Cook In The Kitchen on Seth Gallagher D Half Set Uilleann Pipes.

01/03/09 Welcome to Patrick Plunkett, who sends two slow airs by O'Carolan: Casadh An tSugain and Si Beag Si Mohr, as well as a march, Lord Mayo, which was recorded "in a little cemetery chapel near my home."
All are played on a McGee GLP keyless flute and recorded with a Zoom H4. (saved in flute)

12/20/08 Bud Wood sends the Christmas carol, What Child Is This? on a Melodica. (saved in non-w)

12/08/08 Barry Watson returns with a self-composed piece called 'Yearns For.' He plays all instruments - guitar, piano, and whistles are a Goldie Overton low F and a Susato low F. (saved orig)

12/01/08 ChanterDan returns with Somewhere Over the Rainbow on pipes. (saved in U-pipes)

11/27/08 Welcome to Ian McAllister, who sends Sally Gardens Reel.
Tony Higgins sends an O'Carolan tune, O'Carolan's Welcome, on Abell A. (misc)

11/01/08 Welcome to Ed Harrison, who sends: "the tune "Song of the Chanter" played by myself, Ed Harrison on: Andreas Rogge concert D pipes and OME Bright Angel banjo (clawhammer style) Use Audacity with two tracks." (saved in non-whistle)

James Peeples sends "The Flogging Reel, played on a Black Diamond whistle."

10/16/08 Eleanor resent Eleanor Plunkett as a slightly longer version. "For the second verse I added a whistle melody. The only thing I did to it was soften it. I had no choice, because the whistle recorded extremely LOUD." (saved in slow airs)

Ashley Jones sends "A Shakuhachi inspired meditation for whistle. Suizen:- Blowing zen. Titled: Suizen Whistle, played on a Copeland low D brass. His second submission, Suizen whistle 2, is played on a Mack Hoover pecan wood low D. (saved in misc)

Tony Higgins sends O'Carolan's Welcome, played on an Abell blackwood A. Inspired by harp playing of Aine Minogue, from whom I've borrowed many fine trad melodies. (saved in misc)

10/10/08 Eleanor DeHaai a.k.a. Trillian Bluejacket sends: "I've been experimenting with mic placement when recording my hammer dulcimer. In this recording of "Eleanor Plunkett" I placed the mic on a little stool directly beneath the soundboard. Although the sound quality still isn't what I'm aiming for, it's better than it was with the mic placed above or beside the instrument. I love to multi-track, so for fun I added a soft violin harmony and a bit of whistle. I'm having some weird spasmodic thing going on with my right hand, so while recording I was wearing a wrist brace to try to steady it. My hammer dulcimer is a Rick Thum, my violin a Jacobus Hornsteiner, and the whistle a Burke brass narrow bore D. The microphone is a Samson CO1U USB Studio Condenser. (saved in slow airs)

09/25/08 Dana Crom sends: "the jig "Donnybrook Fair", on an old style (brass pin) Humphrey C whistle and Morrison's Jig, played on my Cochran Delren R & R flute."

09/11/08 Ashley Jones (salvador dali) returns with an Andean melody, Canto De Cuculi, played on Mack
Hoover oak wood whistle G major. (saved in misc)

08/23/08 Here's an old recording of the reels Man of the House/Woman of the House. (Not by me) I can't hear any tonguing of the whistle. (C whistle)

08/16/08 David Migoya sends, "Here's one for folks in Flute section Miss MacDermott aka Princess Royal in Miss MacDermott aka Princess RoyalGm played on a boxwood 6key McGee Rudall in D." (It's not O Danny Boy)

08/05/08 Steve Shaw writes, "I recorded this tune this morning with my son Tim on guitar. I was playing a G diatonic harmonica (a Hohner Special 20 retuned to the Paddy Richter tuning - most harmonica players will have heard of that!)" Reel: Over the Moor to Maggie (saved in non-w)

07/20/08 Back from vacation (almost a month, now). That's me posing like I'm playing the whiste at Denali National Park, Alaska. There's a grizzly bear somewhere in the background. Here are three tunes, none of which I know the name. I lifted them straight off a recording from the '70's by a group called The Wild Geese. (vinyl to reel-to-reel to minidisc to cd- no info whatsoever). Played on Abell blackwood d. (saved in misc.) Also, a jig, Lark on the Strand. This version, I got from a Dervish cd. This version repeats the A and B parts.

6/8/08 Notice: I'll be away from the computer between 6/11 and 6/25. So, email me your tunes before or after those dates. Otherwise, be patient. Tony

06/01/08 Welcome to Ted Kanna, aka Tak, who writes, "Using FruityLoops and vst instruments, I 'recorded' Kesh Jig (my third attempt in digital ITM). The melody in this instrument is heavily distorted; since I've just re-started ITM after three or so years of blank so I'll be working on the sound itself, timing, rhythm, melody line and ornamentations etc. -- anyway, here's a jig, according to synthesizes!" (saved in non-whistle)

Welcome to Stairwell Whistler who writes, "I have been playing whistle for about a year and a half ... This is a recording of me playing the reel "The Musical Priest" on an Oak high D whistle. I also play guitar in the background, tuned in DADGAD. (saved in reels)

And welcome to Denny Cannon, who writes, "Whistle: Burke composite C. This was done ad-lib (1st take) during our band rehearsal when we were looking for an intro to Julia Delaney. It was recorded on a small MP3 recorder we use for all rehearsals, and effects added later. We liked it, so I had to re-learn it from the recording since it was done ad-lib and I later named it Mist O'er the Shannon." (saved in orig)

04/23/08 Welcome to Neil Horlock: "I have been playing for about one year now. this is King of the Fairies played on a Tony Dixon alloy D whistle." (saved in misc.)

04/15/08 Gerry Moore returns with the song, Spancil Hill on Generation D. (saved in misc)

Trillian Bluejacket returns with a multitracked version of "Baidin Fheidhlimidh" on hammer dulcimer, Celtic harp, Burke Brass Narrow Bore D whistle, violin and cello. (saved in misc)

04/06/08 Welcome to Gerry Moore alias ‘wildirishrose,’ who writes, "I have been attempting to learn the whistle since last Sept 2007. Between listening to Ryan Dunns and any other site that plays tunes for the tin whistle." He posts a slow air, Ar Eirinn Ni Neosfainn Ce Hi Mar.'

03/31/08 Michael Eskin sends: "Here's my interpretation of Noel Hill's version of "The Morning Thrush" on anglo concertina for the snips site. This is on my 30-key Carroll C/G anglo." (saved in non-w)

03/27/08 Welcome to Taity, who sends: "a very new player giving a dixon low d a shot (only been playing few months no laughing ) my attempt at rowan tree." (saved in slow airs)

Geoff Walker sends 3 tunes " played on a keyless wooden flute. I don't know much about the instrument as I was given it and it has no makers name on it anywhere I can see. It is made of blackwood, has a narrow bore and small tone holes and is fairly quiet but of good tone. Nearer in tone to a baroque flute than the usual 19th century style flute. Of the three tunes, two I wrote myself, "Levenside" is a march and "Rydale" a waltz. Both tunes are named after rivers and valleys in North Yorkshire near where I live. The third tune is an 18th. Century slow air from Scotland "The Yellow Haired Laddie," a song written by Allan Ramsay and the words can be found in the online Bodleian Library Broadside Ballad Collection - http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/ballads/ballads.htm (tunes are linked to Geoff's site: http://www.pteratunes.org.uk/Music/Clips)

David Marchant sends two tunes on a Freeman tweaked Generation Nickel D- Bucks of Arranmore (reel) and Garrai (hornpipe- there may be more to the title)

03/21/08 Donna Germano returns with: Cape Clear: Dixon low D (polymer) and Celtic harp. Recorded in Logic Express, some reverb and EQ added. Here is Donna's webpage: www.classictouchmusic.net (slow airs)

03/11/08 David Dunbar, AKA Boomerang returns with: "Trying to do a clip of my new composition entitled Fishing for Craybobs... AKA Boomerang, the Whistle used is a syn D by Erle Bartlett. The tune is inspired by the joy and excitment of taking my 2 kids crayfishing (crawdad) for the first time, It wasw a happy time which i hope is portrayed in the tune, The abc is posted at C&F on the whistle website." saved in orig.

03/08/08 Welcome to John McCormack, who sends a slow air, The Gentle Maiden on a Cameron R&R Keyless Ebony flute. (saved in flute)

03/04/08 Welcome to Cameron Edgar, who sends, "The attached file is a studio recording of me playing the Slow Air The Fairy Child and the Reel Colonel Fraser on my full set of Uilleann Pipes in D by Andreas Rogge with chanter by Alain Froment."

02/28/08 Welcome to Donna Germano, who writes, "I have attached Marcus Hernon's Air played on Bb Generation whistle with a Hoover whitecap, accompanied by my Celtic harp and keyboard strings." (saved in slow airs)

Azalin returns after quite awhile with " I just felt like recording two reels with my Eb whistle. I don't have the names for the, but I really like them :-)"

02/24/08 Welcome to Kareem Zedan, who sends the set dance, King of the Fairies, on Clarke high D whistle. (saved in misc)

Also welcome to Bud Wood, who writes, "This past Sunday I played special music at Church. My selections were Morning Has Broken and Be Still My Soul; I played them on my Highland Bagpipe. I recorded the music at home and thought maybe you would post it on your web site for the (hopefully) listening pleasure of all. The drones are Soutar with Ezeedrone reeds, Chanter is Kron Poly with McCann easy reed and the pipe bag is a Canmore. (saved in non-w)

02/04/08 Welcome to Dennis Moung, who sends the slow air, Southwind. "The whistle is a low D I made myself from PVC with a wood fipple." Dennis has been playing whistle for 2 months.

01/15/08 Welcome to Tucker Antell, who writes, "I'm new to the world of whistles; I just got a high d whistle not a full month ago, and a low D a few days ago. It's been a joy to discover the beautiful sounds of these instruments and this music! I'm not new to music however -- I'm a Jazz Sax player currently studying at a conservatory, so I've played sax, flute, clarinet (and even recorder) for years now. But I can't put my whistles down! the first tune is "Boys from Ballycastle" (hornpipe) played on my Tony Dixon High D whistle -- second is me being accompanied by a guitarist. the tune is "Gentle Maiden" (slow air) and I recorded two tracks on top of eachother - one with the dixon high whistle, and the other with my new Overton low D whistle. I love the sound of whistles in octaves like that so I thought I'd try it... anyways, see what you think - you may use my email address, as I'd like any advice/tips I can get to more authenticate this style (the guitarist has no nor wants any experience in this music, I just grabbed him to play some chords underneath, so any faults in this area are understandable)"

01/08/08 Welcome to John Forsdyke, who sends, "Nice Whistle site! I've only got a cheap old brass D whistle but hope to get a better one soon. In the mean time I do have a Moeck tenor recorder and have multitracked 'The Last Rose of Summer' plus my steel string guitar for backing. Hope you like it. Technical Info: MXL 2003 condenser mic, ART tube preamp, Zoom MRS8 8-track digital recorder. Moeck tenor recorder, Tanglewood TW15 dreadnought guitar. Multitracked. Home recording. When I get a decent D whistle I hope to record some more Celtic tunes. Comment; Don't just play the notes, play until you are comfortable and technically correct, and then move up a level and really bring the tune to life. Put your heart and soul into it. Make me feel the music! TJ I've a few more tracks on ezFolk.com as 'Tricone John' (Delta Blues is my other speciality, but not on the whistle!) http://ezfolk.com/audio/bands/483/ (saved in misc)

01/02/08 Welcome to Larry Simpson, who sends the following: "I am sending a piece of music which was part of a much longer radio program I wrote and produced back in the late 1970's. It is a story poem with Celtic and improvised acoustic music played to the reading. If you like it I can send more chapters. Each chapter was a separate session with music depending on who showed up. Bill Maraschiello (who inherited his musical talent and an arsenal of Celtic instruments from his Mother's side of the family) was almost always there and played the bulk of the instruments. In this piece he switches from whistle to guitar and possibly mandolin. Michael Murphy plays bodhran, but also plays whistle on other tracks. The violin was played by Mark John on that track. The whistle tune is Roddy McCorley, if I remember correctly. As I recall, I asked Bill or Michael what the song was about and one of them said, "about a man on his way to be hung." You'll find that wryly appropriate. You can find out more at my web site: http://larrycsimpson.googlepages.com/ Scroll down and and click on The Cave With No Name link." The link directly to the sound file is: http://www.4shared.com/file/33369694/4863546d/CWNN-C-DSNT.html

11/19/07 Welcome to Karen, who writes, "I'm on C & F as 'ketida'. This tune is Dona Nobis Pacem ("Give Us Peace"), a three part round that I played on my Burke low D Viper. I recorded the 3 separate tracks on a Zoom 4 track recorder. I think this tune is sometimes associated with Christmas, and I was in the spirit." (saved in misc.)

10/22/07 Welcome to Jim Underwood, fiddler (and personal friend), who posts Paddy Fahey's Jig. (saved in non-w) He writes, "Like many Galway and East Clare fiddle tunes, this is in a flat key. It starts off in G dorian, or one flat, but wanders back and forth into G mixolidian (add B natural) and even G major (add F#) in the B part. So the key gets pretty ambiguous. Lots of recordings of this (Kevin Burke, Martin Hayes...) but for authenticity probably the Galway fiddler Martin Byrnes (on "Paddy in the Smoke")."

10/21/07 Welcome to Michael Mahan, who writes, "This is a tune I composed called Phil's Jig (Phil is a bodhran player from Greensboro, NC) played on a feadog d whistle. I think it might sound best on my flute. (saved in orig)

Boyd Peters writes, "2 jigs played on a battered old Generation C whistle. Road testing an Olympus WS 320M Digital Voice Recorder that Ive just received. Seems to do the job nicely. Tarric Mor is one of my own tunes, named after a well known salmon pool on the River Spey. Tarric Mor & Emmett's Hedgehog.

10/01/07 Hatao sends: "tune : Eleanor Plunkett (saved in slow airs), Reels (Dunmore Lasses - Green Mountain), and Clare Jig. instrument: SZBE whistle comment ; circular breathing!"

09/19/07 Paul Johnson writes, "Here's a tune for ya.. Its a drone on a low C Howard, two lows waffling (technical terms there) then low and high playing an old tune I've called Westward to the Sunset cos it quite Scottish but with a few American hints, n'est pas...??" (Paul composed it, so saved in orig)

From the Chiff Gathering of 9/8/07, here are a few tunes we played: a bunch of polkas and a jig, Lark in the Morning. Now you can hear what a whole orchestra of whistles sounds like (without even tuning to each other).

Tony Higgins posts a slow air, Roisin Dubh (aka Dark Rosaleen or The Dark Rose)

9/01/07 Mark (needs no last name) sends "a version of the slow air 'Eire' on Chieftain low F tunable This one appears tanscribed as a 'reel' at http://www.thesession.org/tunes/display/6291."

8/29/07 Tom Hamilton sends Ashokan Farewell on my Dixon Polymer Low D, non-tunable whistle. (saved in misc)

8/28/07 David Marchant sends in the reel, The Silver Spear, on Dixon trad d.

8/13/07 Tony Higgins posts a couple of slip jigs,The Promenade/The Boys of Ballysadare.

08/06/07 Jason King writes, "here is Connaughtmans ramble on a local made low f." (saved in jigs)

Phil Plescia sends, "SASHA----NAF flute phili plescia-original and Bodadu----naf flute-philip plescia -original"

Ronaldo Reyburn sends: "The tune is a slow air "The Collarbone of a Hair" and is played by Pat O'Scannell with backup on keyboard by Don Harriss. She is playing my new Session D."

07/23/07 Tony Higgins posts a hornpipe, The Peacock's Feather, on a Freeman tweaked Gen d. I've seen it listed as a reel. I heard a hornpipe version I liked, so that's what you get.

07/22/07 Welcome to David Marchant from Chile. He sends 3 jigs: Tobin's Favorite, Kid on the Mountain, and The Kerfunten, played on Dixon trad brass d.

07/14/07 Welcome to Luke Hanson, who writes, "Attached is the song/air Amhran na Paise. Is it also under another name? I learnt it off the Claddagh release of Seoltai Séidte CD1, Track 13. The name of the artist escapes me. Note for those on the Uilleann Pipe forum this was the reed before it did the Keel Row and perished."

07/12/07 Keith Lane (khl) posts a clip of a Japanese tune, Sakura, played on an Abell low G (second time through with a little reverb). (saved in misc)

07/10/07 Welcome to Philip Plescia (cavefish), who sends The Kesh Jig on Copeland brass d. He also sends: "NAF original title "simple" (saved in orig.)

Jason King writes, "here is a tune i composed called 'losing you.' It played on a chietfain low f." (saved in orig.)

06/24/07 Welcome to Stephen Kreiger, who sends O’Callaghan’s Hornpipe Whistle: Silkstone Tunable Alloy Soprano D.

Also welcome to Brian Mavity who sends: "I can't remember where i heard this, or what CD it came from. Tune title: Braigh Loch Iall...Walsh smallpipes in D, guitar and the back of the guitar for percussion." (saved in non-w)

06/14/07 Michael Eskin sends "the Set Dance "The Blue-Eyed Rascal" as per Azalin's discussion on the Traditional Irish Music board on C&F. Instrument is a Carroll Anglo C/G Concertina." (saved in non-w)

06/13/07 Cocusflute posts Reavy'sBarnDance and Patrick Kelly's Waltz, played on an Olwell Nicholson boxwood with two keys. (saved in flute)

Keith Lane (khl) writes, "Here’s my take on “O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus” played on a Water Weasel A . This tune is a sort of sea shanty turned into a hymn. I play it through two times: once fast, the other slow and more meditative. (If you listen closely, you can hear helicopters overhead near the end of the tune. The military is rather ubiquitous here in Hawaii.)" (saved in misc)

06/06/07 cocusflute writes, "Here's my contribution. I think it's a hornpipe. I've no official name for it - I call it The Hills of Derreen, my townland. I am playing it on a Patrick Olwell Nicholson model in cocus. I learned the tune from Paul McGrattan. Hope you like it. Feedback appreciated."

05/30/07 Tony Higgins posts an unnamed jig. If you know the name of it or know that it's not a jig, or whatever, let me know. I learned it from the Gaelic Roots cd.

5/15/07 Welcome to Stian Olsen, who sends "a double jig called Jimmy Ward`s jig. I play a nontunable chieftain (new style) low G."

Gian Marco returns with: "The path you can't see", a tune written by me and played on a Doug Tipple flute in G." (saved in orig)

Steffen Gabriel sends, "The Trip to Pakistan (a reel which I learned from a video of a D. Williams session from kerrywhistles.co.uk) Sean Reid's Favourite (reel, which I found on Clips&Snips) Butler's of Glen Avenue (jig, known from Lúnasa's album "Otherworld") The Kilmovee (a nice jig I learned from my flute teacher Claus Steinort) The Rolling Wave (a jig which was one of the first irish tunes I ever heard without even knowing that it was irish...) All tunes are played on my Bleazey blackwood high D."

5/01/07 Welcome to Bud Wood, who sends: "Scots Wha Ha'e and Amazing Grace played on a Gibson Fireside smallpipe, key of Bb with only Tenor and Bass drone's playing." (saved in non-w)

Patrick McSweeney send: "1. Harvest Home (aka the Cork Hornpipe), played on an Ovation 12 string guitar tuned to DADGAD (capo at 2nd). 2. Two double jigs - Paddy's Day (maybe a version of Paddy O'Carroll's Jig) and I buried my wife and danced on top of her, played on an Ovation 12 string in DADGAD You don't often hear Irish tunes played on a 12 string. I don't know why. It's great fun!!" (saved in non-w)

Avery LeVine (Unseen122)... sends "The whistle recording is played on a and the tunes are two Jigs called The Girl from the Big House/The Battering Ram. The Flute recording is on a Martin Doyle Rosewood Flute in D the tunes are two reels called The Knotted Cord/The Millner's Daugher.

Lee Stanford writes, "Here is a jig called "Dusty Windowsills." I'm playing a Susato low D whistle and my trusty Takamine nylon guitar. This was my first project on my new MacBook Computer. I recorded it with Garage Band. (saved in jigs.)

4/23/07 Welcome to Steve Turner, who sends 2 jigs on pipes: The Pipe on the Hob/The Gander at the Pratie Hole.

yokel/n langeland sends "star of the county down, young ned of the hill, the foggy dew, & roddy mcCorley/sean south. all played on the dixon d alloy tunable." (saved in misc)

Ashley Jones returns with "three English folk tunes: Old mother Oxford, Abbots Bromley horn dance, and Constant Billy. whistleshop tweaked Clarkes traditional D. (saved in misc.)

04/11/07 Daniel Bentley writes, "calling this one, my new reed.slow air the bright lady,Gordon galloway chanter,lambe drones,whitmer regs, ,Californian cane chanter reed made by me." (saved in u-pipes)

Kurt Franke sends, " here is jerryosullivans on dixon in G." (saved in reels)

Tony Higgins plays a jig, Fairy Child, on Freeman tweaked Gen C.

04/01/07 Dana, who hosted the most recent Chiff Gathering sent me some photos to post. Here they are.

Welcome to Yokel/N langeland, who sends, "both played on a dixon d alloy tunable, first "the merry blacksmith" second, "rolling in the ryegrass" and a slow air, slibh na mBan played on a generation Bb."

Jason King returns with 3 tunes: a jig, Out on the Ocean, (played on el cheapo pakistani cane whistle.) An original jig he composed: "this is a jig i wrote a while ago but rewrote some of it and changed the title to be more suitable. Its called "Hunt for Bubba" and no its not about going to jail and meeting a nice man...lol but rather a "bubba" is what my little boy calls his bottle. Usually at least a few times a day we have to go on a hunt for it around the apartment.and an unnamed reel. It is played on my bernard overton high d."

03/25/07 Welcome to 'Gododdin'. "This tune is Sean Reid's Favourite, played by me on an M&E polymer Rudal & Rose model flute. This slow, unornamented version owes much to "A Flute Lesson With Brian" for which I'm very grateful. I've been playing flute for about 3 months and I'm going to post a link to this tune on the Chiff & Fipple forum in the hope of getting some constructive criticism and progress tips from the good folks at C&F!"

Welcome also to Alberto: "I´m Alberto, from Burgos (Spain). This is my first song. "Scaartas". (non-whistle) Thanks for all. We must keep live traditional music! This traditional song is called "Aanada",(saved in misc) from Spain Is played with a Chieftain Low Whistle D. I´m working in some songs about the rhymes of "The lord of the rings". My favourite is the song called "Gil-galad", (saved in orig) with music composed by me and my friend, Alejandro Pérez: -Low whistle D (Chieftain), baroque flute (Moeck_boxwood), guitar, and two voices. A very traditional song. From Spain, a traditional song from Galicia: Canto de afiado. (saved in misc)- Played with a soprano baroque flute (Moeck Rottenburg_boxwood) Is snowing, and I can´t go to my work (!!!!). So, I´m recording some things today. Here is "Non te enamores mi niña"("Don´t fall in love, my baby") (saved in non-w), a traditional song, from Galicia, played by Carlos Núñez with The Chieftains in the album "Santiago". In this album, the song is called "Tears of Stone". Played with a baroque boxwood flute (Moeck Rottenburg).

3/11/07 Patrick Jacob writes, "Again a tune from Belgium, The Ravelled Hank of Yarn (reel), played on a Dave Williams set. Groeten." (saved in u-pipes)

Bill Hennessy send a song, "Jesus, Lover of My Soul," on Dixon Trad high D. (saved in misc)

3/03/07 Ashley Jones sends: "INSTRUMENT: Jacaranda wood Quenacho flute in low C, made by Ivan Alandres. TITLE: Bailecito de lela (Andean) TITLE: Sonkoy (Andean trad) TITLE: Arroya Fugaz (Andean)" (saved in non-w)

2/25/07 Welcome to Chris Rogers, who sends an original, Soothing Whistle, played on Sweetone D. (saved in orig)

Lesl Harker sends a reel, Last Night's Fun, on Olwell flute. "I'm sending this up to go with the recent flute thread 'articulation question.'"

2/17/07 Welcome to Patrick Jacob, who sends: "The policeman's Holiday" Played on a Colin Goldy D tunable low whistle (Overton)" (saved in jigs)

Michael Boling writes, "This is a song I learned in Church when I was just a little kid, and seeing that I knew the tune, I thought I would play it on the whistle! It's normally sung in rounds and has great words (though clearly no words on the whistle version). The rounds work well on the whistles though I think. This is me doing overlay tracks on a Dixon High D and a Dixon Low D." Title: Jesus,Lamb of God. (saved in misc)

2/13/07 Welcome to Steve Vickers, who writes, "heres a couple of tunes played on a B set of pipes I made.2 jigs. Bimid ag Ol. the Kilimor.Thanks. Steve. Dublin. Ireland"

Brett Pfingston returns with "It's a Jig called "Dan the Cobbler" played on a Hudson Winds brass high D. Nice whistle, by the way..."

2/10/07 Tony Higgins, to show off his new Reyburn low f, plays a slow air, She Moved Through the Fair, and a jig, The Rollicking Boys of Tandranagee.

2/6/07 Paul Johnson writes, "here's a recent garage band doodling of mine... looped random drums and three layers of penny whistle it a ralf sweetheart rosewood little D... lovely thing... tune called Gracie in the fields after my friends dog." (saved in orig) And, "here's an old slow air too.. cheesy midi drone but needs must..called yearning for home."

2/3/07 Lee Stanford writes, "This is my own composition. I used a Gemeinhardt flute, takamine guitar, and hammond B3 organ." WaltzinD (saved in orig.)

1/28/07 Pkev sends "Jig called `The Graemsay Jig` I think it's from the Shetlands Notes: Mandolin, Dixon Brass Whistle, Bodhran A multi-track recording of myself using Yamaha MD4S 4 track recorder."

Lee Stanford writes, "It's called "Spoil the Dance" and is recorded with a Tipple PVC flute and Takamine Nylon string guitar. I'm just curious, but do you know any tunes that you think would go good either before or after this tune? I got it from Matt Molloy off his album "Heatherly Breeze." He just does a fade out at the end. I'd like to play it in a set because there's not much to this tune. It sure is catchy, though. (saved in flute)

1/19/07 Welcome to Dennis Connor, who sends a self-composed piece called "Adrift in Space." (saved in orig) He says, "...this was played on copeland high d silver. I have other tunes that can be heard on j ukebox at ethereallife.com

1/07/07 Welcome to Chuck Thomas, who writes, "The tune is “Carrighfergus” played on a Dixon D whistle with a little reverb added to compensate for the poor quality mike and acoustics in the room where I recorded." (saved in slow airs)

Welcome to Stian Olsen, who sends, "The song is called The Galway Shawl. I am playing a 3 piece Dixon polymer flute in key of D." (saved in flute)

Michael E. Boling returns with "3 tunes: The Butterfly, Banish Misfortune, (saved in jigs) and Drunken Sailor (with bits added here and there). (saved in misc) The first two are just whistle (both dixon high D) and one is my attempt at mixing all the things I know how you play (namely concertina, bodhran, and Waltons C Whistle) together using software on my computer. Hope you enjoy!"

12/30/06 Welcome to Jim Clendenen, who sends the jig, Gallagher's Frolic on Clarke Original D and Alvarez acoustic guitar.

12/27/06 Welcome to Philip Carl Smith, who sends two reels, Swinging on the Gate/Lady on the Island on Des Seery flute. (saved in flute)

Welcome to Debbie Shrewsbury, who sends a reel, Three Days to Go, a composition by Shannon Heaton. Debbie plays Copeland Low D & Teddy Helton plays guitar. (saved in reels)

12/16/06 Joseph Smith sends the jig, The Queen of the Rushes, on pipes.

Dameon Lair sends An Raibh Tu Ag An GCarraig (Were You at the Rock), recorded on Freeman tweaked Sweetone D. (saved in slow airs)

12/09/06 Jeff Shannon returns after a long absence with the slipjig, Kid on the Mountain, played on Olwell D flute and guitar "by Demo and Stacey."

12/06/06 Gian Marco writes, "Here is another recording of "Arianna's Tower". I made this one playing a Doug Tipple PVC flute."

Lee Stanford writes, "The Parting of Friends is myfavorite aire. Again played on the Dixon Poly flute."

Markus Asunta writes, "Here's the first tunes I dared to record on my recently acquired six-key cocus flute by Tom Aebi.They're a barn dance called Hills of Tara (as far as I know) and the reel Christmas Eve - to celebrate the season. The mp3 compressions will probably swallow away a great deal of the nuances on the flute but hopefully not the humming of the refridgerator, which will be a giveaway of the fact that this is an authentic kitchen recording. So a nice advent for you & everyone else." (saved in flute)

12/01/06 Welcome to Lee Stanford, who writes, "Hello. I'm a flute player from New Jersey... I recorded this on a Dixon Polymer 3-piece flute using Sony Acid software." Planxty Fanny Power He also sends Garrett Barry's Jig on dixon poly flute and takamine guitar.

Gian Marco returns with Arianna's Tower. "...written by me and dedicated to my daughter Arianna. I recorded it with the band Myrddin." (saved in orig)

11/26/06 Tony Higgins posts Brian Boru's March on Goldie Overton low f. (saved in misc)

11/25/06 John Bearcat posts a bagpipe chanter exercise (not uilleann). (saved in non-w)

Brett Pfingston (Bretton) writes, "It's a hornpipe called "The Boys of Ballycastle." It's played on a Humphrey high D (brass, wide-bore, old-style with brass pin, non-stealthy)."

Pete Dawson sends "a clip of me playing the reel Maid of Mount Cisco on a nickel Copeland D whistle."

11/17/06 Welcome to Tommy Martin, who writes, "Heres a few tunes for you. The first on whistle is the Strawberry Blossom. (saved in reels) I made the whistle myself. I call them Thornton Whistles after the townland in North County Dublin where I'm from. The reels on the pipes are Molly from Longford and The Wise Maid. Bernie McDonald is on guitar and Eileen Gannon is on the harp." (saved in u-pipes)

Welcome to Butch DeGiorgis, who writes, "I'm from Western Massachusetts and have been lurking around this site since the clips and snips days. I hope this works. This tune I'm sending is Father Kelly's and I play it as a slow reel. I'm playing both whistle parts on a Lon Dubh Blackwood High D."

Jim writes, "Here's our AzUPS installment for November. It's " Return From Fingal" as played by Jason Smith on a Kirk Lynch half set." (saved in u-pipes)

11/09/06 Gian Marco sends "a tune written and played by me on the flute and recorded with my band "Myrddin" The title is "The cat in the fiddle case". (saved in orig and flute)

10/30/06 Welcome to Trillian Bluejacket, who writes, "This is my first attempt at multi-tracking, and was it ever fun accompanying myself! The song I recorded is "Amazing Grace." Part A is a whistle duet, and Part B is a whistle trio, though I don't have the hang of multi-tracking yet, so it probably doesn't sound like a trio. Part B is a little out of synch at the beginning, because I had to paste the "bass" part in to avoid unremovable static, and I couldn't get the paste positioned just right. My whistle is a Burke Brass Narrow Bore D. I've been playing the whistle since last spring, but as far as my skill goes, I'm still a beginner. (saved in misc)

Welcome to John Bearcat, who sends "Hohner melodeon,Single row in "C",Scotland the Brave/Awa tae bide awa by John Bearcat." (saved in non-w)

10/16/06 Jim Burke writes, "Here is this months contribution from the Arizona Uilleann Pipers Society. The tune is: The Road to Lisdoonvarna and it is played by Eric Wilson using a Charles Roberts concert D chanter and Alan Ginsberg drones."

10/12/06 Welcome to Stacy Johnson (aka treesong), who writes, "I've attached my first contribution to clips and snips to commemorate the 6 month arrival anniversary of my flute! Name: Treesong Tune: The Boys of Ballisodare Instrument: Casey Burns Folk Flute."

10/11/06 Welcome to Celtipatía. "This is our version of "Cotton Eyed Joe" from the Chiefftains. We are a five friends (amateurs musicians) group, called "Celtipatia", from Jaén (south of Spain). We play whistle (Susato D), electric violin (Yamaha), midi wind controller (Yamaha), banjo (Fender, I think), a Korg keyboard and drums. This track is recordered from a benefic show, at last June." (saved in misc)

Welcome to Dameon Laird, who sends two slow airs, EamonnAnCnoic and Spancil Hill on Susato low D.

10/08/06 I've posted some photos of the recent whistlers' gathering.

09/30/06 Welcome to Gian Marco Pietrasanta (Pantera), who sends "a tune written and played by me on a walton's in D. (tweaked my me). It is a slip jig and the title is "a prune for a kiss."

09/25/06 Jordan Ott ( Sillydill on C&F) sends a reel, The Repeal of the Union, played on a Jon C. (Cochran) Delrin Rudall&Rose 5501 Series Flute.

Pkev sends a couple of polkas, McElroy's Fancy/Ballydesmond Polka on Generation Bb whistle with bodhran backup. (saved in misc)

09/19/06 Welcome to Chris Columbus (whistlin' fool), who sends, "The South Wind, played on a Burke Aluminum Session D, with a wee bit of echo effect added in." (saved in slow airs)

Ashley Jones sends an original composition of his own, called Meditation, played on Copeland brass low D.

John Kerr plays a reel called The Commodore on a Patrick Olwell flute.

09/14/06 Welcome to Jim, who writes, "Here's a short tune " Gander in the Pratie Hole" played by Eric Wilson on a Burke uilleann concert "D" chanter. We are both members of the Arizona Uilleann Pipers Society, a group that meets on a monthly basis to study uilleann pipes and piping. We would like to post this to Clips and Snips primarily so others interested can be directed to the site."

Joey Schumann writes, "'Back in the studio, working on the cd. This is a rough version of "Joyful, Joyful" (or "Ode to Joy") that I put down just to give the drummer an idea of the cadence. I think it's a promising start, though it'll have to be completely redone... Instruments: Yamaha (white plastic) recorder x 2, Knilling violin x 3, Washburn acoustic guitar, Kurweil PC2X keyboard set on "Rock Piano." Recorded with: EMU 1616m sound module, MLK condenser mic (not sure of the model), and Cool Edit Pro. Reverb is "Medium Hall (warm)" preset." (saved in non-whistle)

L42B writes, "Attached is a version of The Fox Chase that I recorded for a music assignment. The version is greatly influenced by the piping of Seamus Ennis and Mikie Smyth." (saved in u-pipes) (1.82 meg file size)

Joseph Smith sends: "The Rainy Day. A reel played with a Joe Kennedy B chanter. Still getting used to B fingers." (saved in u-pipes)

09/09/06 Welcome to Hervé Gourdet, who sends a jig on pipes, name unkown.

Keith Lane sends Wayfaring Stranger, a slow air on a Sweetheart Resonance low d whistle, recorded on Audacity.

09/02/06 Welcome to Joanne Hughes. Her mother writes, "Attached please find my daughter Joanne Hughes playing the "Rose in the Heather" (jig) on Eb whistle."

Mark Feeney writes, "The Ale is Dear (reel) on a Sindt D which I learnt from Dave Auty's clip of this reel with Brenda Stubbert's on this site (May 2003)" The band, Headland's website is linked in the left column.

08/30/06 Tony Higgins sends four tunes: two by O'Carolan: Charles O'Connor on an Abell C whistle (saved in misc) and Farewell to Music on a Freeman tweaked Generation C, a little reverb added (saved in slow airs). (I can't stand playing tunes that have high c's on a D whistle). Lord Inchiquin (is that by O'Carolan? saved in misc) and a slow version of the reel, Sporting Paddy, both on Abell C pao ferro wood)

08/25/06 Henrik Johansson writes, "This first set consists of The Battering Ram (Jig), George White's Favourite (Reel) and a reel I composed myselfwhich is not named yet. It's me on the flute (5-key M&E R&R polymer) and my friend Markus on the guitar (Takamine semi-acoustic guitar). As I said, the last reel is not traditional. If anybody wants to use it in public I'd be very flattered but I would appreciate if they asked permission first. This set consists of Planxty Irwin (Planxty) and Give Me Your Hand (Waltz). Same players and instruments, me (Henrik Johansson) on the M&E R&R 5-key polymer flute and Markus Räsänen on the Takamine semi-acoustic guitar." (all saved in flute)

08/17/06 Joseph Smith writes, "This is an original song I wrote back in 1995 and this recording of it was made in 1997 while I was goofing around with a then new 4-track recorder. Rain Drops and Whiskey (c). copyright 1997, Little Creek Music, remains one of my favorite compositions to date." (saved in orig)

Ashley Jones writes, "I heard this on an Andean website performed by the group 'Chacos', The original has quite a mysterious/meloncholy feel about it. unfortunately i can't translate the title into English but in the version i heard a man and woman sing the verses alternately with a flute interval in the middle. I could'nt decide between the Reyburn and Copeland so i thought i'd post them both...The Reyburn sound is slightly smoother in my opinion but theres not much between them." Arroya Fugaz (South American song) Reyburn, Arroya Fugaz Copeland. (saved in misc)

08/13/06 Michael Boling writes, "I've a few more tunes... "Harvest Home" (hornpipe) played on a Dixon tuneable high D "I Buried my Wife" (jig) on a Dixon tuneable high D "The Fresh Hills of Mhic Cainte" (slow air) on a Dixon tuneable Low D "The Hills of Greanmore" (song melody saved in misc) on a Dixon tuneable High D "Bold Doherty" (song melody/misc) on a Dixon tuneable high D I'll have to admit that "I Buried my Wife" sounds a bit rushed - frankly, I was seeing how fast I could play it. Sometimes I just like to see how fast I can go... Also, I learned two of these songs ("The Hills of Greanmore" and "Bold Doherty") from the group Dervish."

Mark Feeney writes, "Here's a reel that for a good while I thought I wrote. The opening bars came to me not from inspiration but as a fragment of "Off in the Morning" from the murky recesses of my memory. Anyway the tune works pretty well even if it's not completely original. Sindt D. I had the name years before from a session at the Australian National Folk Festival in about ' 92. My mate Johnny May asked did I know the name of a tune that was being played and I pointed to the ubiquitous red "Fire Hose Reel" cabinet above the players. It was obviously an automatic tune recognition machine from way back then. Hey who says we're backward in Australia?"

08/04/06 Welcome to Jim Burke, who sends the reel, "Morning Star," played on a Burke half set of uilleann pipes.

08/03/06 Walden writes, "This is a clip played by me on a native American flute made by Daniel Bingamon, and tuned with the tuning of a low G whistle. The harmonica is also me, courtesy of dual track recording. The tune is the hymntune Where The Soul Never Dies, which tune is in the public domain." (saved in non-w)

07/26/06 Sorry for the hold up on getting tunes posted. My cable internet service has been a disaster lately. Tony.

Mark Feeny writes, "this is one of my favourite tunes at the moment, the 4th part is particularly interesting. (Monaghan Jig) I've used my new Generation Bb. (Thanks Mitch, He went through a whole box to find me a beauty) ' I lost the lovely old battered one I used on Jug of Punch 1-7-05. Regards Mark Feeney (NSW Australia)"

Geoff Walker writes, "Here are three tunes from Scotland. The Arran Boat is a slow air which I found in Kerr's Merrie Melodies. The Isle of Arran in this case is the one off the Clyde Estuary not the one off the West of Ireland. I learned Loch Ruan from Alistair Anderson at a Workshop last year. Alistair said that common practice in Northumberland is to play it through without repeats which is what I have done on the recording, playing the whole tune through twice but with no repeats of the A and B sections. (saved in misc) Burning of the Piper's Hut is supposed to refer to the suppression of the Highland Clans after Culloden. I learned it from a very fine flute player who was at the time a student on the folk music degree at Newcastle University, UK. All three tunes are played on a maple wood Mollenhauer "Dream" soprano recorder." (all saved in non-whistle)

Michael Boling sends Frere Jacques was on a Dixon low D (saved in misc) The South Wind was also on a Dixon low D (saved in slow airs) And The Road to Lisdoonvarna (saved in non-w) was on an Anglo-Concertina (I have no idea what brand it is) Comments: I suppose I cheated a bit on Frere Jacques as I used my computer to do a little looping to make the rounds sound better, but hey, whats the use in having technology and not using it?"

Joseph Smith writes, "I haven't played or sung this song in almost 20 years. It is a most special piece to me as it is a work in which I swore to my bride that I would write (add) a new verse for every year we spend together. The last verse in this version (apart from the recapitulation of the first verse at the very end) is the first of my original additions. The rest of my original verses will never be in the public domain, and will follow us (my beautiful bride and I) to our "ever after'." (The Water is Wide) (saved in non-w)

07/19/06 Welcome to Romulo Malta, who writes, "Here's a tune recorded on a O'Riordan D. I don't know its name and I'd like to ask at C&F if anybody knows it. I think it should be famous, it's played at that famous scene when they are dancing at the third class in Titanic." (saved in misc) Dennis Murphy's Polka?

07/13/06 Welcome to Claudine Duschinger, who writes, "This is a tune I heard last week in Miltown when Tara Diamond played it at the flute recital. My flute is made by Dominic Allan, it's the S2 model (Pratten style), keyless, leadwood & artificial ivory." File titled 'March version of The Coolin' (saved in flute)

Joseph Smith sends the jig, "The Lark in the Morning played on a Boisvert concert pitched chanter. One of my favorite tunes, sadly, I have ruined it." (saved, nevertheless, in u-pipes)

07/09/06 Welcome to Annie McUmber-House, who sends Roslyn Castle. (saved in reels)

Welcome to Bud Wood, who sends Amazing Grace and Battle Hymn of the Republic on Hohner Melodica. (saved in non-w)

Michael Boling sends: Tune: Autumn Child Whistle: Dixon Low D Tuneable. (saved in slow airs)

07/04/06 Welcome to Luke Hanson, who writes, "I have named the set, The George Dodsworth Reels after a friend who sadly and suddenly passed away on Saturday. If it could go on C&P as the George Dodsworth Reels that would be much appreciated. I have compressed the file so that it shouldn’t be too big for those still on Dial-Up connection. Apologise for sound quality it was recorded using an iMac in built microphone." The actual titles are 'Hand Me Down the Tackle and 'The Flax in Bloom.' Played on uilleann pipes.

06/23/06 Graham Coogan writes, "Here is the tune Butterfly played on a bernard overton low d" (saved in jigs)

Tony Higgins writes, "I was recruited to accompany the church choir on whistle for a hymn called, How Firm a Foundation, credited to J. Rippon, A Selection of Hymns, 1787. This is a recording of the rehearsal. I'll play the song twice through in A, then D, then once in G. (On a D whistle) We'll play it for real next Sunday." (saved in misc) Also, Ballydesmond Polka #2 regarding a discussion on the message board. (saved in misc)

06/16/06 Welcome to Graham Coogan, who sends the song, The Foggy Dew, played on an Overton low D. "I have been playing the whistle for little over a year now self taught, still have a long way to go...." (saved in slow airs)

By the way, Happy Birthday to me. :)

06/10/06 Dave Parkhurst sends: Melvin's Fiddle. Composer: Day Griffin. Flute: Bleazey boxwood D. saved in flute. (updated file)

Markus Asunta writes, "Found myself noodling with my old, quiet and lonesome Franken'O'Whistle in C, which is a hybrid of Feadog body and Walton Mellow-D fipple. Here's two reels, the first one is called according to June McCormack the Bell Harbour, June also taught the tune to me. The second is Curlew, composed by Josephine Keegan I think." Bell Harbour/Curlew

05/24/06 Welcome to Michele Bresciani, who sends a tune with no name, played on a Generation Bb, "(but tweaked so I play in A)." Saved in misc.

Jared Sinclair sends "Carolan's Concerto on a Feadog brass D." saved in misc.

Tony Higgins plays Julia Clifford's, a jig.

05/09/06 Aaron Walden sends a tune called, Fill My Way With Love, played by ,himself on whistle and his mother, Glenda, on keyboards. (saved in misc)

05/07/06 Welcome to Patrick Jacob, from Membruggen Belgium, who sends a jig, The Rolling Waves, on pipes, and The Abbey Reel on low f whistle.

Tony Higgins plays a Scottish reel, Miss Gordon of Gight on low a whistle.

Joseph Smith sends, "An original song: Carry Me To The Sea, written back in 1986 for my good friend Sean Gaffney (RIP). This is one of my personal favorite compositions." (saved in orig.) And, "One of my all time favorite ballads. This song plays itself. " Charlie. (saved in non-w)

Boyd Peters sends, "Dubreel."

04/30/06 Tony Higgins redoes the Scottish 'slow' reel, Roslyn Castle (and deletes a previous version). Hopefully, this one's an improvement.

04/25/06 Bartholomew Klick sends an air, The Foggy Dew, on a Sweetone and again on whistle with fiddle. (saved in slow airs)

04/16/06 Michael Eskin sends a hornpipe, "The Groves" on a Frank Edgley C/G Anglo concertina.

04/14/06 Ashley Jones sends the slow air, She Moved Through the Fair, on Copeland low d.

Bartholomew Klick sends a slow air, Bonny Kellswater, on a Gill pearwood alto recorder. " That song has been a lulliby in my family for a long, LONG time. I learned to play it by ear from listening to my father sing it." (saved in non-whistle)

04/10/06 Welcome to Bartholomew Klick, who writes, "The name of the tune is "Silver Spear" (saved in reels) and I'm playing it on a battered old black sweetone. (Doesn't everyone have that favorite penny whistle thats covered in dents?) The whistle and the tune are in D. I've only been doin' this nigh a year." and "Maids of the Mourne Shore (aka The Sally Gardens, saved in slow airs). Its on a penny whistle (a sweetone) in D, and the Tune is in D as well.Bartholomew Klick, aka Blackout Entertainment."

David Goldsworthy sends: "Here's a reel, The Morning Thrush..." and " set of two jigs - I Buried my Wife/Paddy's Resource, played on a C# chanter." (saved in u-pipes)

04/01/06 Welcome to Frederik Meesters, who sends a jig and a reel, Sporting Paddy. The jig and reel are played by Ron Verstappen, as a whistle test.

Sean Dillon sends, "Declan playing at a fleadh last summer." Alexander's Hornpipe, and a reel, Hand Me Down the Tackle. (saved in u-pipes)

Brett Pfingston writes, "They are two jigs I was calling Mulhair's and Castletown Connors, but recently I saw the second of the two goes by both those names, so now I'm not sure what the first one is..."

An update on the Tenortrope: Jeff writes, "It has the same scale and tuning as a tenor banjo, but wackier. I played it with my fingernails to give it a bit of an Eastern sound." photos here: http://www.notecannons.com/cliff_edwards_tenortrope.html

03/29/06 Jeff Lefferts writes, "More mutitracking, with my new toy, the Tenortrope. I've always like the old Japanese song "Sakura." Here's a version with my Sweetheart C whistle and two overdubbed Tenortropes playing in octaves. A simple pretty tune to learn on a new instrument. Because of the compass of the song, I did one silly cheat: I twice played a low C when it should have been a low B, and lowered the pitch of those two notes in Audacity by a half step. It's fun to play with breath control on this tune, subtly affecting the pitch and volume to give it a bit of an amorphous feel." (saved in misc)

03/19/06 Welcome to Amy (Tyghress) who sends a jig "St Patty's Day in the Morning on a Syn D with my parrot chiming in in the background (Alice, a black-headed caique) Recorded on an Olympus digital voice recorder WS-320M."

Boyd Peters, who sends ": An Gaoth Anair Aneas, jig, on B whistle I think by Burke." And a reel set: "Trim the Velvet/Kitty's Gone-a-Milkin on a Burke B."

03/13/06 Welcome to Boyd Peters, who writes, "I have just downloaded Audacity, plugged in a mic, pressed record and played the first tune that came into my head....and this is it...and I'm very impressed by Audacity. [For the obsessives, the whistle is a D by Cillian O'Briain.]" John Nee's Reel.

03/08/06 Welcome to Pkev, who sends "a jig called Banish Misfortune. recorded on Bb Generation Whistle with Bodhran backing."

Rich Attridge writes, "I have been on c&f for a few years as 'rama', mostly on the flute board. so figured I should get around to submitting a tune to you. here it is, an air I know as 'dark woman of the glen' as played on a keyed blackwood grinter flute. thank you and a early happy paddy's day wish to all, rich."

Henrik Johansson writes, "Here's one for the flute archives. The Battering Ram (Jig) on an ordinary M&E R&R with poly head played with severely dehydrated lips (all in the name of flute-science of course :P, or was it that I couldn't find my lip balm?)."

03/05/06 Avery Levine (Unseen122) sends Greigg's Pipes/Calan Bridge reel set. He It is played on a Casey Burns Boxwood Pratten Flute in D. My Comments are: Not flawless, but it should give you guys an idea of my playing. I played these too fast, but I play everything too fast when it is just me. The first tune I learned from Lunasa's Redwood, the second tune is by Niall Vallely and is played on "Callan Bridge" which is an album he made with his brother Cillian (from Lunasa). I may be putting some more up in teh near future." (saved in flute)

03/02/06 Hogeye Navvy featuring Dmitri Alano on a Terry McGee, Pratten style flute. The Random Canoe/Fisher's Hornpipe/Sally Gardens see us at www.hogeyenavvy.com (1.4 meg file- saved in flute)

02/26/06 Welcome to Keith Lane, who sends a melody, King's Fold (sounds a lot like Star of the County Down). (saved in misc) Keith has been playing whistle about a year.

02/23/06 Welcome to Drew Sexsmith, who sends, "Hector the Hero," which features my clarke D whistle, and a yamaha acoustic guitar (played by me also)." (saved in misc)

Jeff Lefferts returns with "Here's an old cakewalk tune I recently worked up, "Whistling Rufus"...and "Here's something I really liked from Northumbrian piper Paulie Cato's latest album, her arrangement of the traditional tune "Gateshead Waltz." I guess I have a weakness for waltzes. It's in E minor, and could be played on the whistle, although there are a few F-naturals and several D-sharps that'd be tricky. I've just learned the melody and haven't added any harmony or anything: http://concertina.JeffLeff.com/audio/gateshead.mp3 (saved in non-w)

02/20/06 Jeff Lefferts (bonequint) writes, "I've been working on my concertina mostly, and not doing much whistling, but I just got a C "Professional Model" whistle from Sweetheart, and decided to add a little whistling to a concertina test/practice recording I made. The Sweetheart is an easy-playing whistle, not airy or windy, with a bit of reedy grit to the sound. This is a song air, "The Nightingale," based on a recording by the Dubliners. I didn't notice until learning it that the structure is a bit "crooked" -- there are a few extra measures in there. I'm not sure if that's particular to the Dubliners' version, or if it's generally done that way. My concertina is a C/G Geuns-Wakker anglo." (saved in misc)

2/13/06 Markus Asunta writes, "Greetings from Limerick! I'm test driving an Ian Lambe Eb low whistle at the moment and thought I'd let out History Man, the Andy Cutting evergreen. I also blasted away a barn dance and set dance I don't have names for on the flute (Harry Bradley and Niall Keegan being my sources for these tunes) at a different location, they can be found at http://homepage.mac.com/etbloomfield/.Public/MarkusASetDance-BarnDance.MP3." (all saved in misc)

John McKelvy (wormdiet) sends: Richard Dwyer's - Reel, Sandy Duff - Reel (Also known as the High Reel), Within A Mile of Dublin - Reel, Lilting Banshee/Cliffs of Moher - Jigs, Fly in the Porter - Jig. All played on the delrin M & E Rudall flute.

Tony Higgins posts The Gatehouse Maid, a reel on whistle.

2/08/06 Welcome to Matthew Sconce, who sends two original tunes of his: Fog of Dreams and Good Mornin.' " I am new to playing the tin whistle and love the celtic sound. I hope to write more songs in the future." (saved in orig)

Joey Schumann sends the full track of his previous Simple Gifts, called Americana Medley. (1.3meg file) "Instruments: Piano, Yamaha plastic soprano recorder, Knilling violin (Dominant strings!), Epiphone acoustic guitar, Uilleann pipes in D by Davy Stephenson. Recording Equipment: Kurzweil PC2x keyboard (used for piano only), EMU 1616 recording system, HP dv4000 laptop, MXL V63M condenser mic. Note: Thanks everyone for the encouraging words on "Simple Gifts." I appreciate that feedback, and hope you enjoy the full track just as much." (saved in u-pipes)

Dan Bentley sends "slow air played on new gallaway d chanter made of ebony, accompanied by midi bass pedals."

2/06/06 Zack Lawrence sends: "...a hornpipe set:: Napoleon Crossing the Alps/Red Haired Boy. Band name: Chan Eil Dona. (saved in hornpipes) and Lyke Wake Dirge (saved in slow airs)

Joey Schumann sends: "Simple Gifts (aka Lord of the Dance) on Yamaha plastic soprano recorder, Epiphone acoustic guitar, Uilleann pipes in D by Davy Stephenson. Note: Another clip from the up-coming cd!" (saved in u-pipes)

1/30/06 Welcome to Joey Schumann, who writes, "...The Bard of Armagh Instruments: Yamaha soprano and alto recorders (plastic). Kurwzeil PC2X keyboard. Note: This will be done together with "Silent Night" on our new Christmas cd. This clip was more or less a sound test." (saved in non-w)

1/29/06 Welcome to Matt Spangler (Alespa), who sends: "These are a couple of my first tunes to share on this site, so I've got my apron on in case the tomatoes start a'flyin' ;). "Maggie in the Wood" (saved in misc) on my Greenwood soprano d in blackwood, "Skipping Along," an original tune by me, also on the Greenwood soprano d in blackwood. I have another original tune called "On The Run" and it's what came to mind as I played around on me whistle one day, thinking "what would it sound like if James Bond were runnin' to Celtic music?" . . . well, this is my tonguing/jazz version I guess you could say, but I'm working on a traditional version. It is a work in progress.

Welcome also to Tom Dowling, who writes (edited version): "... Tom writes: "This tune is an "Internet collaboration"--my first, which started with a banjo track by my Big Brother Ed e-mailed me on New Year's Day. Ed is an instrument builder (among other things) (http://eddowling.com/). The banjo is one that he built with pieces from three different banjos. His description of the banjo follows these remarks. The attached photo of me and him was taken more than five decades ago, and it would not be an exaggeration to say that getting this tune together and posted is a realization of hopes and dreams I have had for more than a few of those decades--more pointedly, for the past 7 years. I improvised the whistle track, using a Michael Burke Narrow Bore D Brass Black Tip whistle. i recorded it in my living room. Larry McLarry (aka viejomc on the C & F Message Board--See http://silbealabanza.com/ ) very kindly (and expertly) offered to re-mix it and clean up the whistle track. I will not allege that it is a silk purse, but can say that the outgoing whistle track sure was a sow's ear. (The tune is "Here and There" saved in orig.)

Ed's story of the banjo follows: Here is the description of the banjo, which offers some insight into the maker as well as the instrument: "Do anything you want with the tunes I am involved with. Music is magic and the rest is incidental. The latest string theory is adamant that the nature of subatomic forces is vibrating strings - "chemistry is the harmony" of atomics. Anyway The banjo is one I built from parts of 3 different banjos. It is "Black Beauty" and its original sound - before the special pickup bridge was way high, piercing almost and loud - vary nice but almost too piercing in tone. The body is the most "expensive" Kay banjo body - having twice as many hooks for the head is what makes it the "high end" Kay. Kay made millions of cheap instruments - some of reasonable quality. This banjo would be considered a very poor imitation of a Gibson or Stelling - I don't care. The head on this unit is unusual - semi opaque mylar - not white and not clear - only one i ever saw and it is also way way tite - this unit has the mojo - fated by the mixture of parts and my tendency to resurrect and release the mojo that is watin there. Enough of that.The neck is from another Kay 5 string and the resonator (back) is from a korean cheap banjo. There is only one instrument being played on the recording - fingerpicking plays the bass line and tinkles to boot. Anyway this banjo is special because I built a piezo pickup into the bridge. This is a "fishman" style unit - but way cheap - so cheap that i didnt realize that it was a sandwich that included the aluminum foil wrapping as the ground conductor. Bottom line is that the thing has a spongy layer between the strings and bridge so the tone of the banjo is radically more woody without the piercing tone and volume. It turns out to be excellent for playing live and is very resistant to feedback. I will build another like it with a fishman - but they cost $80 so later for that. When I record an instrument with a pickup in it I go stereo with one track using the mike and the other track is the electronic signal from the pickup. These will sometimes be quite different in tone and texture and this allows a lot of messing around with added effects applied to one or both tracks - including panning to mix the 2. You could see if it came out that way on the original stereo i sent. Anyway the banjo has ultra low action dur to my unrelenting filing of frets to get it that way. I will check out the tune on the web site. I am stuck with getting to the multi track recording so I am going for the best i can do with 2 tracks, no multi-track. This is still better than Fahey had - so onward and upward with me doing more simple acoustic recordings and all like that. by for now."

1/17/06 Tony Higgins posts a lot of slides. Weekender emailed me the notes for some slide sets he wants to play at the next Chiff gathering. So, I learned them, beat them into the ground over the past few days and recorded them all yesterday. In the order of the sheets: Maidhc Dainnin O Se's Slide, An Bothar o Thuaidh go Tra Li, The House Party, Padraig O'Keefe's Slide (I think that comprises a long set.) Next, Casey's Slide, Cathleen Hehir's, Denny Mescall's (I did my own version, slightly different than the printed version), Brosna Slide, Dan O'Keefe's Slide (a second set, I believe). Sure, I should have waited until I knew them better, but that's never stopped me before. (saved in misc) If you'd like pdf files of the notes, email me. Tony (Hope you like slides. :)

1/16/06 Chiffed (Bryce) sends: "Eanach Dhuin (thanks to Wanderer for the dots) PVC D flute prototype "Big Mutha" Played by Chiffed, Jan 15, 2006 I just wanted this out there a) to see if it were possible, and b) to brag about my new flute on the Board."

Brian Dobson sends, "...a short bit on the new Sindt D whistle that arrived recently froma fellow chiffer. The jig is called McLaughlin's."

01/10/05 Charles Tarrio sends some tunes stored on his own website: "The first two are played on a Glenn Schultz (Thin Weasel) D flute in cocobolo. First one is The O'Rourke's Feast by O'Carolan. Second is "Farewell for Evermore," an air from the Joyce Collection. The last two are O'Carolan laments played on a von Huene Grenser facsimile one-key flute (A415 middle section). The third is "Lament for Owen Roe O'Neill." The last is "Lament for Terence McDonough."

Tony Higgins submits two jigs on a Freeman tweaked Generation C: Pipe on the Hob and Sean Ryan's Jig. (The second is influenced by Martin Hayes.)

01/09/05 Ashley Jones sends: Kaigarabushi. Japanese folk melody. Copeland brass low D. I originally recorded this one on a Bb whistle but personally think its more suited to a lower keyed instrument so thought i'd re post it. Llamerada. Bolivian folk melody. Hoover brass trad bore Bb whistle. This is one of the latest Andean tunes ive learned. (saved in misc) "Llamerada is an Andean folk tune from Bolivia. I found this one on a site that has lots of Andean songs and melodies by various groups. Kaigarabushi i found on a marco lienhard cd 'poeme du bambou', its a japanese ballad/folk song about someone who has left his home and travelled far away to become a shell picker...its a kind of lament. lienhard plays it on a shakuhachi."

01/02/05 Welcome to Zack Lawrence, concertina player, who sends a jig/march set: Gallagher’s Frolics/O’Neill’s Cavalry March, played by the band, Chan Eil Dona. Instruments: ‘D’ Low whistle, ‘D’ high whistle, violin, bodhran, Hayden Duet 48-key concertina. (saved in misc) http://www.chaneildona.com/

12/30/05 Xavier Tan (Eldarion) sends Sailor on the Rock, reel on flute.

12/29/05 Welcome to Tod Barry, who sends several tunes on on a Dominic Allen 8 key flute: Cup of Tea, reel; McMahon's Fancy, reel; Fraher's Jig, January Snows, slow air, An Feochan, slow air. (all saved in flute)

12/25/05 Welcome to Neil Speers, who sends a slow air, Cliffs of Dooneen. Neil has a musical website: www.ngmusicnw.co.uk, part of which is related to whistle. (saved in slow airs)

Jason King sends the slip jig, An Phis Fhluic on Chieftainlow d.

And, Merry Christmas, Tony

12/18/05 Welcome to Claus Steinort, who writes, "I recorded the jigs 'The Fairhaired Boy/The Humours Of Lisheen' played on various instruments: uilleann pipes (Rogge), concertina (Wheastone), bouzouki (Trinity), flute (Aebi), accordion (Hohner) and guitar (Ibanez). I was playing around with my multitrack recording program (GarageBand) and suddenly got the idea to make a recording with all instruments that I could find in the house. A virtual band! It was great fun. To be taken with a pinch of salt...the file size of my recording is rather big, so..." (saved in u-pipes)

Mark Hillman sends The Bunch of Roses / the Graf Spee on Hillmann chanter / Taylor regulators (saved in u-pipes).

12/14/05 Audrey Nichol sends a slow air, "Llwyn Onn ("The Ash Grove") Whistle: Bb in Delrin from "the mystery maker" (who still wishes to remain anonymous at this time) Player: Audrey Nickel Comments: I've loved this Welsh tune since I was a child. It's worth learning to half-hole for!"

anniemcu sends Si Bheag, Si Mhor on a Sullivan Aluminum non-tunable C whistle.

12/11/05 Dana Crom sends "the slow jig "The Sheigh O' Rye" on a Casey Burns folk flute. The recording quality isn't the best, I'm afraid (or the playing) but it's a good benchmark for where I am after playing the flute for about two months. The Burns flute is much better flute than I am a player - there's a lot of room for growth."

12/09/05 Welcome to Rich Gouette, who sends: "Tune: Excerpt from Your Easter Story Pipes: Childress practice set in D Notes: ITM lovers, beware! This is not ITM. It is the result of an 80's rocker turned Uilleann learner, with a knob that's labled "more reverb". It's the first tune I tried recording with the set."

Welcome to Steffen Gabriel, who sends: "1. The Rambling Pitchfork (Jig) played on Feadóg standard highD 2. The Shaskeen Reel (Reel...really?) played on Chieftain "old style" low D." By way of introduction, he says, "I'm Steffen Gabriel of Frankfurt, Germany, 19 years old, playing music since the age of 6. I started with guitar and changed to piano after a year or so, where I stayed until now. More or less 1,5 years ago I started the recorder, shortly after that the whistle. Made medieval music on bagpipes and such stuff for a year and changed to irish music completely some months ago. Now I mostly play the whistle, but sometimes flute, too, and just started with the pipes."

Welcome to Daniel L., who sends: "a jig, FatherO´Flynn played on a Fred Rose new Delrin D."

12/04/05 Azalin writes: "It's been a while since I posted and since I don't like my old clips I wanted to renew them with something more "decent" :-) Here's a couple of sets played on my old O'Briain tweaked Generation (hornpipes played on the concertina). I'm happy with the speed, I tend to always record stuff (or start sets) twice as fast as I really want to play them, this time I'm happy with the speed of my reels, especially. Jigs (I don't have the names for them) http://www.metayer.info/mp3/jigs.mp3 Reels (Hmmm, no names for them!) http://www.metayer.info/mp3/reels.mp3 Another set of reels (second one is "The New Policeman"). http://www.metayer.info/mp3/reels2.mp3 A set of hornpipes on my Frank Edgley concertina, first one might be Sailor's Bonet or something like that, and second one might be Coocoo's Nest (I'm sure I got the spelling wrong, and maybe the names!). http://www.metayer.info/mp3/hornpipes.mp3" (saved in non-w)

11/30/05 Welcome to Zack Lawrence, Concertina player for Chan Eil Dona, who sends The Drunken Sailor on ‘D’ Low whistle, ‘D’ high whistle, violin, bodhran, Hayden Duet 48-key concertina. (saved in misc)

Also welcome to John Arnold who sends: March of the King of Laois on Charles Roberts CP 1/2 set uillean pipes.

Audrey Nichol sends: "Mo Mhuirnín Bán: Slow Airs. Whistle: "Taibhse the Mystery Whistle." A soprano D whistle made of acrylic, by a maker who, for the time being, prefers to remain anonymous (and no, it's not me). Background: I first learned this tune when I was about 15, from the playing of Will Millar on the Irish Rovers album "Emmigrate! Emmigrate!"

Welcome also to Tom Hamilton (Black Mage), who sends a Christmas tune, The Holly and the Ivy, on a Dixon Low D. (saved in misc)

Ben Walker sends the reel, Colonal Frazer, on his new Holly Chanter made by Gordon Galloway. (saved in u-pipes)

11/25/05 Tony Higgins posts Roslyn Castle, a Scottish slow reel I learned from an Alisdair Frasier recording, played on a Humphrey just-tuned d. (saved in reels)

11/21/05 Welcome to Arto Joutsimäki, who writes, "This is a tune made by me and played by the 3rd graders (9 years old) of the Kerava Central Primary School in Finland. They have played the whistle around 5 weeks at the time of this recording. Also the flute, fiddle and accordion parts are played by the kids. Please have a look at my Tinwhistle school http://artokjou.fidisk.fi/Tinapilli/tinwhistleschool.html" (saved in original)

Audrey Nickel sends: "Airde Cuan," played on a Burke Brass Pro*Session D (black tip, standard bore). (saved in slow airs)

11/19/05 Tony Higgins posts Whelan's Jig from some recording somewhere, played on a G. Humphrey (raindog) d in 'just tuning.' Thank's to Jumper for the title.

11/15/05 Welcome to Patrick Molard, who sends: "The Dark Woman of the Glen" on my C# set made by Alain Froment in 2001 , the chanter reed being made by Jean-Luc Gastinel , Breton reed-maker .My name is Patrick Molard , I live in Brittany (France)." (saved in u-pipes)

11/11/05 Walden sends: "Title: Variations on traditional. Player: Walden Whistle: Jubilee Bi-Whistle by Daniel Bingamon. (saved in orig)

Welcome to Erik Torp-Olsen in Norway who sends: unknown jig. whistle: Hohner C"

11/07/05 Welcome to Andrew McDonald, who sends "one of my first attempts at recording my whistle playing for possible inclusion in your site. The tune is Brid Og Ni Mhaille played on a Bb Nickel Generation." (saved in misc.)

Bretton writes, "Here's a tune on banjo... "Last Night's Fun" played very slowly. :) If anyone is curious, the banjo is an old short-scale tenor from the 30's with a skin head and open back." (saved in non-w)

10/29/05 James Peeples sends: "Here's the Monoghan Twig and the Gosson That Bate His Father, played on the Hamilton flute."

10/25/05 Welcome to anniemcu, who sends the following: Crested Hens (jig)- Water Weasel Non-Tunable D, Greensleeves (air)- Burke DBSBT, Planxty Irwin (air)- Burke DBSBT, Stirling Castle (hornpipe)- Burke DBSBT, Off She Goes (jig)- Burke DBSBT.

Welcome to Deon Boland of St. John's, Newfoundland, who writes, "I have attached a couple of Newfoundland based fiddle/accordion tunes for your listening audience. These tunes are folk/celtic type dance tunes that were played to the old fashion dances in Newfoundland in days come by.. The first in called "Uncle Manuel Milks the Cow" and the second "Pretty Little Mary".. I am playing these on an Hohner C/G Concertina..hope you enjoy them..!" (saved in non-whistle)

Peter Kennedy, who operates folktrax.org asked me to add a link to his site. The site states: "We are an online resource centre for those interested in traditional musics and cultures. Our aim is to promote awareness and enjoyment of musics, dances, customs and traditions."

10/17/05 Tak the Whistler sends the slow air, My Lagan Love on Cillian O'Briain Low D.

10/15/05 Welcome to Patrick McSweeney, who sends "Cape Clear. Chanter in C by Matt Kiernan, reeded by Daryl McWhirter and played by PJ"

Tony Higgins redoes a couple of slow airs on different whistles than last time (and with more practice time behind me): Lament for Limerick and A Stor mo Chroi. A jig set follows with The Rollicking Boys of Tandranagee/Humours of Trim. I did Rollicking Boys recently and I thought this other one followed nicely. I'm playing the airs solo for a church concert while the choir walks in at the beginning and intermission (and the orchestra sits patiently behind me...I'll just know if they're rolling their eyes.)

Gary McLarry (viejomc) has a music site with yet more tunes available for your perusal: www.silbealabanza.com

10/02/05 Welcome to Fred LaCrosse, who writes, "Here is a first for me. I decided to finally record myself playing whistle. The tune is "The King of the Fairies" Its played on a Chieftain Low D with a midi backing track I made and in a few parts there is a Mellow D providing a little more fullness to the sound (very quiet in the background)." (saved in misc)

Robert Lundblad sends: "I buried my wife and danced on top of her/Garret Barry’s jig and Rambling Pitchfork/Wards jig (with a bit of fumbling on the regs) My new S. Gallagher concert D Full set. Robert Lundblad, Gothenburg, Sweden"

09/27/05 Welcome to Nina Teller, who writes, "I´m from Germany and I´m 17 years old. I make music since the age of 6. I play the flute, the recorder, the gitar, and tin whistle. I send you a tune, which is my favourite one. It´s played on a Clarke sweetone Celtic. If I play the tune, I think I´m in Ireland. The background (waves, sea) is also played on the tin whistle." Lonesome Boatman (saved in slow airs.)

Welcome to Will O'Ban, who sends: " I found some home video of me practicing the whistle last winter. "Down By The Sally Gardens" played on a Dixon A whistle." (saved in slow airs)

John Wiering sends: "Here is another of my own compositions, it's called: When You're smiling down on me. I used: my Tony Dixon tunable low whistle, my Clarke penny Whistle (both D) and acoustic guitar. Enjoy it & greetings from Holland!" (saved in orig.)

09/24/05 Welcome to Joey Schumann, who sends: "Violins, Kurzweil PC2X keyboard, Oak D whistle, Davey Stephenson uilleann pipes, Overton Low D Whistle by Joey Schumann. Classical flute by Naomi Enter. Vocals by Jenna Looker, Emily Baumgartner. Melody by Sarah Lambrecht, arranged by Joey Schumann." Song is
"I am Convinced." (saved in misc.)

Also welcome to Jordan Ott, who sends reels: "A Trip to Durrow, Marcus Hernon Flute."

Channing Dodson sends 2 reels on pipes--Farewell To Erin and Martin Wynne's.

09/20/05 Carel Lanters sends Aran Seaweed 3 on pipes.

09/17/05 Tony McGinley sends, ""Taimse im Chodladh" played on a Kerry Songbird Low D. I have used a small bit of reverb to cover some of my playing imperfections. The whistle I would not fault and I love it - it has a silky tone." (saved in slow airs)

09/14/05 Just for grins, to add to the message board discussion on The Swallowtail Jig, I redid it, throwing in a few glottal stops to juice it up. (Remind me to shake out the whistle after that.) Tony

09/13/05 Carel Lanters writes, "Beside 5 pieces "Aran seaweed improvisations" I also played some traditionals in the exhibition "Made in Inis Oirr and Arnhem". Here you have "The Weavers Daughter" played on a MvD full set of D uilleann pipes."

Welcome to Channing Dodson (aka The Sporting Pitchfork), who sends, "two jigs, "The Gallowglass" and "An Gaoth Aniar Aneas. All tunes were played on a half set of uilleann pipes made by Cillian O Briain."

09/09/05 Ole (Danepiper) sends: Butcher's March Pipes: C-chanter by Pat Stones , drones homemade, and an Dark Loch na Gar. (saved in u-pipes)

Tony Higgins posts a jig, The Rollicking Boys of Tandernagee.

09/08/05 Welcome to Carel Lanters, who writes, "Recorded in the museum of modern art Arnhem netherlands surrounded by drawings of seaweed title Aran seaweed 1 "seaweed improvisation" Uilleann pipes D full set Marc van Daal."

Patrick D'Arcy writes, "I had the opportunity to open for Noel Hill a few weeks ago and this is the opening set. As you can tell I'm as nervous as bedanmed! The tunes are The Rocky Road to Dublin (which we will have to take back one of these days... God help us!) / The Dusty Miller. Played on my Taylor style Koehler & Quinn D set of pipes... better known as "Mother Superior and The Sisters of Mercy" or just "The Holy Order" to her friends."

I have to give up on welcoming some new posters and not others. I can't for the life of me remember who's posted before or just emailed me or I met once at a session and threatened my life, etc. I've met Patrick twice in the past 4 years. The first time, I had him totally mixed up with someone else, the second time, I bought a whistle off him, which I paid for with a check someone loaned me whom I'd only met a couple of times and paid back later. Now, there's trust all around. :) (That's why we ITM types are not well-to-do.)

09/07/05 Henrik Johansson (Henke) writes, "Here are two whistle tunes played by me. Both are played on a Black Diamond D whistle made by Erle Bartlett. The first tune is a slide called Buddy Finn's Slide. (saved in misc) The second tune is an E minor Reel which I don't remember the name for. I'm writing a review on the Black Diamond whistle which is currently touring Europe."

Bob Roberts writes, "This is an original, completely non-traditional tune featuring whistles and uilleann pipes. It is called "Captain Nemo & The Ginormous Bubblefish". Pipes by Kirk Lynch, with Howard Low D whistle, and Sweetone soprano D. Other instruments include djembe, assorted hand percussion, acoustic guitar, Hammond organ, and Roland 5080."(saved in misc. I think I need to start a new category...)

09/05/05 Ashley Jones sends: "Instrument; Sweetone/Gen Bb hybrid. Title.Kaigarabushi (Japanese folk melody) Comment; This folk song is a sort of lamentation about a shellpicker who is a long way from home. I found this piece on a shakuhachi CD...and...Instrument; Sweetone/Gen Bb hybrid. Title; Huayra Muyhoj (argentinian melody) Comment; I'm not even sure how to pronounce the title let alone translate its meaning but i loved its jaunty feel enough to learn the piece. (saved in misc)

Joseph Smith sends: "...a jig, Newport Lasses, on my David Boisvert chanter." (saved in u-pipes)

Tony Higgins sends the reel, Drunken Landlady, an O'Neill's Hornpipe, Boys of Belfast (category unknown), and a redo of the Scottish minuet, Yellow Haired Laddie, which hopefully sounds better than the last time.(I corrected the title of the 8/25/05 submission to Woman of the House- was titled Drunken Landlady. It wasn't the landlady who was at fault this time.)

08/25/05 Markus Asunta returns with: "Here's a few tracks from a project that is aimed to eventually result a CD release. There is an old Finnish hymn called Jeesus sana elämän (Jesus, word of life) followed by the Kerry Reel and a set of reels with Sporting Paddy and Drunken Landlady. The type of hymns that the one enclosed represents are usually sung unaccompanied, slowly and taking long breaks between verses. They are the form of traditional Finnish music that's closest to my heart so I thought I'd do a bit of experimenting with these two traditions. Hopefully someone other than me will enjoy it too." (saved in flute)

Tony Higgins reposts the slow air, Dear Irish Boy, thinking I improved upon it. (I just listened to the older version, and sadly, I haven't.) Anyway, heh, heh, I've already gone to the trouble and it's on a different whistle, so here it is. Also posting: an air/reel of same melody (name unknown) with Woman of the House. (saved in reels)

08/21/05 Tony Higgins, still on vacation, records a Scottish lament, Griogal Cridhe (Beloved Gregor). I heard it sung by Mac-Talla, a great Scottish singing group. The cd liner notes say it is the oldest recorded (transcribed) Gaelic song (1570). The chief of the MacGregor clan was executed then. His wife sang this lament. A vicar wrote it down. If it doesn't sound heartbreakingly sad, I screwed it up... or you have no heart. I mean I even added reverb to to give it a castle wall ambience. (slow airs)

08/20/05 Tony Higgins isn't done yet... redo of the hornpipe, Johnny Cope, and a jig I don't know the name of. (I'm still on vacation.)

08/19/05 Tony Higgins posts a Kerry slides set. (redone from a few years ago- got different ornamentation now- then, I'll redo it in another year.) saved in misc.

08/17/05 Welcome to Brian Moeller, in Denmark. He writes, "I'm sending you a very small jig called "Tripping Upstairs". It's played on a keyless M&E D flute."

08/15/05 Vacation over. Huge backlog of tunes to post. I posted a few photos (there's one of me searing my fingers posing with a whistle in Death Valley).

Welcome to John McKelvy (wormdiet) who posts 5 flute tunes: Banish Misfortune (jig), Farewell to Connaught (reel), Mary of the Grove (hornpipe?), Mickey Doherty's (reel), and New Rigged Ship (reel). All saved in flute.

Welcome to Flanum (Connor McGowan), who sends "wedding reel" first part once and second part once only. Uilleann pipes Half-set in D by Gordon Galloway"

Welcome to Boyd Peters, who writes, "I've always resisted sending anything to you but the recent discovery of a voice recorder on my mobile phone resulted in this quick musical doodle. It's Bare Haven Lasses, a reel in D minor, so lots of F naturals in it. I usually play it on the uilleann pipes. Luckily for you, the voice recorder can't cope with my pipes!!" (saved in reels)

Declan Dillon returns with Alexander's Hornpipe and a redo of Valencia Harbor (air) and Pure Drop (all on pipes)

08/01/05 Armand Aromin writes, "Stranded in Miltown [Original by me], I'm playing a Jerry Freeman Tweaked Generation Nickel D [Whew] whistle. I composed this after being stranded in Miltown Malbay after my pipes classes for the 2nd time! =P" (saved in original)

Bill Haneman sends: "Bonny Anne Instrument: C# half set (u-pipes) of own make, after Coyne"

Declan Dillon returns with the slow air, Valencia Harbour on pipes.

07/30/05 Update: Welcome to Declan Dillon, 11yr old piper, who plays a reel, The Pure Drop.

07/30/05 Tony Higgins posts a few: Trip to Sligo (jig), Sweeny's Buttermilk (reel), a couple of flings: Kerry Reel/Kerry Fling (according to the track listing on Mick O'Brien's May Morning Dew cd- saved in misc) and a reel I don't have a name for.

Tony Higgins posts Willie Coleman's Jig (slowed down from the last time I posted it) and The Shepherdess, a jig that might be Scottish.

07/26/05 Welcome to Luke Hanson in Australia, who sends: "I enjoyed making these recordings and had fun in the process. There intended as a teaching aid for those in the piping world and hopefully they will be used as such. By no ways are they perfect. I hope everyone enjoys these tunes. The first of which, Dusty Miller, was given to me by Mikie Smyth at the New Zealand Tionol." Also played are Rights of Man/Drowsy Maggie. (saved in u-pipes)

07/22/05 Welcome to Gary McLarry, who sends a tune on a low D he made himself. He writes, "The tune is "De Bharr na gCnoc." This is from the book "Ireland's Best Slow Airs" published by Walton. The whistle is made from 3/4" CPVC water pipe." (saved in slow airs)

07/11/05 Welcome to Warren Barnicoat, who sends, ""The banks of the Lee" and "Antigonish gathering" played on a set of bellows blown scottish smallpipe.Shepard chanter and reed, Drones and reeds are made by me" (saved in non-whistle)

07/09/05 Ben Walker sends: "Another clip from forthcoming CD "The Holly Bush" Ben Walker De Keyser keyless blackwood flute, Chris Knowles Harp: Throw The Beetle At Her (slip jig) and a slow air, Traveling through the Blarney. Moning bass flute- Ben Walker, Harp- Chris Knowles." (both saved in flute)

Xavier Tan (Eldarion) sends: "These are a couple of reels I just learnt today off a recording of Clare fiddlers Paddy Canny and PJ Hayes. The first one is Egan's aka The Humous of Castlefinn, and Lafferty's aka Glen of Aherlow. I had meant to play them as a set but I blipped somewhere after Egan's so oh well, you get them in two separate parts now. Played on my trusty Murray blackwood flute."

07/06/05 Ben Walker writes, "A clip from my forthcoming CD. Alain froment Set with Cillian O'Briain chanter Chris Knowles on Bouzouki Peter Street Reel."

07/02/05 Tony Higgins sends the slipjig, An Phis Fhluic.

07/01/05 Welcome to Kurt Franke from Germany, who sends a jig, The Rambling Pitchfork, on pipes.

Chad Boland writes, "Here is Patty Taylers. (reel) Susato C I am only now learning ornaments for the whistle. I had know ideal this even existed. I could play the tunes no problem before but I would wonder why it never had that tin whistle sound i guess you can call it that. So thats why. newfoundland originally (Irish capital of Canada)"

Stephen Kreiger sends The Rights of Man (hornpipe) on Silkstone Tunable Alloy Soprano D.

06/29/05 Welcome to Mark, from Australia, who writes, "This is Jug of Punch that I learnt from a Joannie Madden CD "Whistle on the Wnd" ... It's played on my 20+ year old and battered Bb Generation." (saved in reels)

Jason King sends: Kesh Jig, Flowers of Edinburg/The Banshee reels, The Banshee/Sally Gardens reels, and The Broken Pledge reel. Jason plays Chieftain low d, accompanied by guitarist.

06/28/05 Tony Higgins sends a reel set: Rolling in the Ryegrass/Trip to Durrow. Peter Winchell plays bouzouki. I recorded a practice session. We're playing at the Dunsmuir Highland Games again on the Community Stage (ie, for free) on July 10.

06/26/05 Welcome to Kerry Bowers, who sends a slow air, Inisheer, on a nickel Clare D.

Rob Adams (Treeshark) sends a slow air, Easter Snow on flute.

David Goldsworthy sends a jig - The Cat That Ate the Candle, on pipes.

06/21/05 Welcome to Brent Edwards, who writes, "A little solo I did for a demo recording with me band, Clan O'McFitzPatrick" -Down By the Salley Gardens (saved in slow airs.)

Joseph Smith writes, "I am submitting a song/tune featuring... get this... Bodhran, Didgeridoo, Fiddle and Vox. I made this recording back in 1994, when I decided to experiment with over-dubbing tracks on my own. The turn out wasn't half bad.... for some. :-p" Follow Me Up to Carlow/Lannigan's Ball. (saved in misc)

06/19/05 Joseph Smith sends: Jim Ward's Jig on pipes.

6/17/05 Tony Higgins finally gets around to recording that slow air I mentioned as playing in church awhile back: Is Trua Nach Bhfuil Mé in Éirinn. It's a song in Irish from The Bothy Band's First Album. (I play it on whistle.)

6/13/05 Welcome to Andy Parnell. an Australian living in Wales. He sends two reel sets, Fermoy Lasses/Sporting Pat and Billy Brocker/The Glentownon on a Chieftain d with drum set, guitar, bass backup. (pure drop purists, beware.)

Welcome also to Lizzy Doe from the UK, who sends a slow air on pipes: "I'm not sure of the name but I got it from the playing of Hammy Hamilton." copy/paste the link to get directly to tune:

6/07/05 Jason King sends a reel, Sean Reid's, played on a Chieftain low d, and Sean Reid's on a Susato Bb.

Marcus Asunta writes, "Here's a recording of two schottisches, (Aarne Viitala's-Joe Bane's) one from Northern Kankaanpää, Finland named after Aarne Viitala and the other from East Clare, named after Joe Bane (or has he actually composed it? Perhaps Peter Laban would be able to tell us). It is one of my first attempts to gradually get into playing also Finnish tunes on the flute. In my opinion it goes quite nicely together with Joe Bane's schottische. Hopefully I will not be slaughtered by the Irish-Puritans... ;]" (saved in flutes)

6/03/05 Welcome to new poster, Deirdre Harnedy (fluter-d), who writes, "These are 2 polkas that were recorded during my final year performance for UCC - 40 minutes of solo trad flute. (In case people need/want to know, my flute is a Rudall & Rose from c.1832). The first is Cronin's, and the second is a 3-part version of Muirsin Durkin. The end is a bit clipped because there were 4 polkas in the set, but the mp3 of all 4 was too big to send..."

6/01/05 Welcome to Brian Sanderson (chiff name: bjs), who writes, "I'm a newcomer. Wrote this jig, Emma's Jig, to celebrate birth of grandaughter. Whistle is Overton soprano D. Used a small Sony stereo mic which goes with the minidisc player." (saved in orig)

Martin Milner, who played The Sheepshearers, posted on 5/18/05, sent me the following infomation at my request:
" I'd guess this tune dates from around the Napoleonic era, but could be earlier. Many English tunes were written down in personal manuscripts by the players of old, and it's hard to know exactly how old things are. This one was still being played in 1941, and it's from a recording of "The Dorset Trio" that the transcription was produced. I attended a "Village Band" workshop at the Oxford Folk Festival, and this is one of the tunes that appears in Dave Townsend's book "The Village Band Book". This contains 34 traditional Englsih tunes, set out in 4 parts. Only one is in a non-fiddle friendly key (two flats). The melody is complimented by a harmony derived from dropping down a third or a sixth, written by Dave Townsend, and there are two more parts, usually just a simple bass line. The tunes also give chords, so I could have added a chordal drone, or we could have added a guitar or something if time permitted. The instrument used for all three parts is my Gliga Gama 2 violin. Possibly a different mix of instruments would have produced a different feel. I was playing quite slowly, not up to dance speed, as I had only heard the tune the day before."

5/31/05 Phil Plecia sends an original composition, Nika's Garden on low whistle with some nice thunder storm background. (Saved in orig.)

Aaron Malcolm sends a reel, The Traveler on a Paddy Ward flute.

5/26/05 Jason King sends two versions of the reel, The Monaghan Twig (slower) and (faster) on an Overton low D.

5/24/05 Welcome to Tony McGinley, who writes, " I live in Tralee in Co. Kerry. I love Irish music and have played piano for a few years. I took up the whistle about 6 months ago and it is a new world of musical exploration for me...I am attaching two recordings...a lovely slow air called Cailíni an Monarcha (Factory Girls) on low D whistle and "Cailíni an Monarcha (Factory Girls) on piano."

5/21/05 Welcome to Francois Matte, who sends: "Here’s a tune from my group called Matching Keys. It’s a set of reels. Sean Reid’s reel/The Old Bush/Monaghan Twig. Instruments : Uillean Pipes, Guitare, Double Bass, Fiddle and me Leonard on the whistle, wich is a High Susato D small bore." (saved in uilleann)

05/18/05 Welcome to Martin Milner, who writes, "With Gary Kelly acting as sound engineer, we put together this traditional English Tune, The Sheepshearers, on Sunday evening. The recording features Martin Milner playing melody, harmony and bass accompaniment." (saved in non-w)

John Wiering sends, "I haven't been playing flute for a long time, but since lately I have some new material. This one is called 'Melchizedeks Wonder'. I used a D low whistle (hand made by Asarkar from India, bought it on Ebay) and a mandolin, which I also use as a percussion instrument. More to come soon!" (saved in misc)

Tony Higgins posts the hornpipe, Johnny Cope. Thanks to Brother Steve's site for the transcription. (I had been beating my brains out transcribing Mick O'Brien's version from his May Morning Dew cd. These transcriptions with the ornamentation written in are helpful in showing places one might not normally think of ornamenting in terms of effecting the rhythm.

05/15/05 Jason King sends: "Jim Wards Jig played on my new range chieftain low d." And " I've had a tipple flute for about a week now. Ive not had really any experiance with flute before only whistle stuff but my lips have taken to it not too badly. Ive recorded January Snows on it. Theres a huge learning curve ahead, lol but i like the challenge." (saved in flute)

Chad Boland returns with: "Here is my beat up version of Swallow's Tail Jig lol. Feadog Key of D Yes I am Still alive afer 2 years."

05/09/05 Tony Higgins posts an unnamed slow air and a march, Battle of Aughrim with a Reyburn "standard bore" (narrow bore) low d. (march saved in misc.)

05/08/05 Welcome to Jennifer Avery, who writes, "I am a beginner/kind of intermediate tin whistler (year and a half roundabouts) and I have found your website really helpful in listening and learning. I have finally gotten around to recording a few songs that I’ve only butchered slightly so they are my “best” ;) You might recognize that Lisdoonvarna coupled with OKeefe’s is from one of your recordings, I liked it so much together that whenever I practice the one, the other always follows. They are all played on a Tony Dixon aluminum high D whistle. So here goes…."
Road to Lisdoonvarna/O'Keefe's Slide (saved in misc)
Toss the Feathers (reel)
Give Me Your Hand (misc)

Joseph Smith returns with more pipe tunes: "I am submitting the tune Gander at the Pratie hole (jig) played on a chanter I recently received by/from Seth Hamon (texasbagpiper). It is crafted out of Mesquite and brass with Elk antler mounts.
Lord Lovat's Lament is one of my Favorite tunes to play on GHB and Fiddle. Here it is played on a Greenwood chanter by David Boisvert."

4/28/05 Jack Murphy returns with several sets. He writes, "somebody asked me for a whistle clip so here's one. The tune is the hag with the money, or in irish caligsomethingortoher (jig). Me and Justine were sitting around the house today and recorded some tunes... Ashplant and Tie the Bonnet (reels). A C whistle duet of the woman of the house (reel) with me and Justine (feadogin)"

4/25/05 Welcome to Stephen Kreiger, who sends Taimse im Chodladh on Silkstone Tunable Alloy Soprano D. "I just got my Silkstone Alloy D Whistle a few months ago (in January as a delayed Christmas gift) and it plays beautifully! I was amazed by the pure, near-perfect tone, comfort, and responsiveness of this whistle . . . not to mention its brilliant aesthetic qualities. Now that I have had some time to adapt to playing this whistle, I’m recording some tunes for a CD. More to come soon!" (saved in slow airs)

And, welcome to Nick Ransdell, who sends La Polverita Fiera on a Harper Classic D Whistle. (saved in misc.)

4/24/05 Welcome to Michele Bresciani, who sends Willy Walsh's Jig on an O'Briain low d.

4/20/05 Welcome to T.C. Pommerehn (friedpiper), who sends "Si Beag Si Mor. i play this on a Burke DASBT." (saved in slow airs)

4/18/05 Welcome to Rick Hall, who writes, "This tune is named Gol na mBan san Ar (The Lament of the Women at the Slaughter). I play it on my new concert pitched Michael Vignoles half-set." (saved in u-pipes) "From Cillian O'Briain's CD with his group Geantrai. From the liner notes I quote: " 'The Lament of the Women in the Slaughter' is a piece commemorating the 1647 Battle of Cnoc na nDos (Knockanuss in west Cork) and was first published in 1786. A 1903 recording of the Kerry piper Micí 'Cumba' Ó Súilleabháin playing the piece is thought to be the first ever recording of the uilleann pipes."

4/17/05 Welcome to Joshua Dukes, who writes, "this track has Chuck White on bodhran and Myself on guitar and flute." (saved in flute)

Sam Thompson sends "Reel - The Old Torn Petticoat (Generation Bflat) Jig - The Trip to Athlone (Feadog D)"

Michael Eskin sends: "Here's the "Humors of Trim" on a Copeland brass high-D." (saved in jigs) and "The Corner House" on a Edgley C/G Anglo concertina" (non-w)

Joseph E. Smith writes, "I am submitting an original piece, a slow air entitled "The Dream Drones". It was composed as a result of a thread on the UP forum of C&F, but it is dedicated to Florida piper 'Tony' from that (and other) forum pages. In fact, in this recording, you can hear my phone ringing, and a voice message... that's Tony, and as a result of calling me while I was trying to record this, he has unwittingly earned the dedication..... The tune is played on a Boisvert concert pitched chanter with a reed of my own construction, and drones by Mr. Pak Istani." (saved in orig & U-pipes)

4/12/05 Welcome to Mark Perrins, first time poster from the UK. He writes, "I know Amazing Grace is hardly an original choice, but Ive just started whistling and dont know many tunes. I played it on my acoustic guitar, a Dixon G and Clarke D whistles." (saved in misc)

Ville Karas writes, "Well, these 3 were the first ones I've ever done where I play all the tracks... Normally I do a lot of stuff with some great Finnish players like Markus Asunta (posted some flute stuff before, now has a new Hammy Hamilton flute) and Antti Havia (great fiddleplayer, played on the pipes track with me and Keith). Sometimes we get to play with Keith O'Hiobhaird on pipes, he's originally from Washington but has Irish roots. He lives some 70 miles away from Helsinki though so it's not an everyday event. We also recorded some stuff with a great box player for an upcoming gig, so I'll just go ahead and send you one of the sets. This is a new set of reels we've put together... I think they're Paddy Fahy's/Spindleshanks/The New Rigged Ship/Maid at Mount Cisco. Ville Karas - David Freshwater octave mandolin Markus Asunta - Hammy Hamilton D flute Antti Havia - fiddle Matti Kallio - 2-row accordion (saved in non-w)

4/10/05 Ville Karas returns ("from sunny Helsinki") with 3 tune sets: "1st one: one of my favorite banjo reels, the Chorus Reel. I play Ashbury tenor banjo, David Freshwater octave mandolin and Brendan White bodhrán on this one.
2nd one: a set of my favorite hornpipes that sound nice on the banjo: The First of May, The Blackbird and Poll Ha'Penny. I play Ashbury tenor banjo, David Freshwater octave mandolin and bones on these.
3rd one: a set of my favorite jigs; The Wren's Nest, one that I've never known by name and Langstrom's Pony. I play Ashbury tenor banjo, David Freshwater octave mandolin and Brendan White bodhrán on these." (saved in non-whistle)

3/28/05 Welcome to new poster, Michele Bresciani, who sends a jig, Michael McGoldrick's on low whistle.

David Goldsworthy sends two reels, The Concert Reel and Peter Street on pipes.

John McHaffie sends Small Coals for Nailers/King of the Faeries on low D whistle. He writes, "Small Coals for Nailers is technically a strathspey I think, but it goes so well with King of the Faeries that I would think they could both go in the same category eh?" (Yeah, but which category? Lets go with Misc since King of the Fairies is sometimes listed as a set dance, sometimes a hornpipe.)

3/19/05 Daniel Bently sends a jig set: Kesh Jig/The Gold Ring on pipes.

3/06/05 Welcome to new poster, Gerry Aitken, who sends the O'Carolan air, Si Beag Si Mor. (saved in slow airs)

3/03/05 Robb Taylor writes, "Here's a tune I created the other night. The title of the song is called "The Kiss". I'd probably categorize it as a "slow air". Instruments: LOW D tuneable Dixon whistle and a regular Dixon key of D tuneable whistle. I just played the different parts and added them together. Added some echo effect and that's it!" (saved in orig)

Daniel Bentley sends "O'Sullivans March,"whitmer chanter,lambe drones." (saved in u-pipes)

3/01/05 Welcome to new poster, Ville Karas, from Finland, who writes, "My name's Ville and my friends and I are practicing to accompany a group of dancers in a big irish dance show in may. I hear they're pretty good since they won the nordic championships in the traditional ceili section last year, contrary to us... Well anyway we were at my flat the other day and recorded some tunes for the dancers as practice tracks. One of them worked really well as far as I can tell so I thought I'd post it. The players are: Ville Karas - David Freshwater octave mandolin Antti Havia - fiddle Keith O'Hiobháird - David Daye pipes. I think in this clip we play Miss McLeod's reel in G and the Merry Blacksmith in D. I never was good with the names." (saved in u-pipes.)

2/26/05 Geoff Walker writes, "I have put an air of my own composition on my website. "Cleveland Hills" is played on a Sweetone D Whistle." (saved in orig.)

Thomas Hubbard writes, "Just broke out a new ART Tube MP (microphone preamplifier). Had been connecting a professional Peavy mic directly to the sound card on my computer. The resulting signal had to be amplified 30-35 times in order to hear it at all. The new toy makes recording almost as easy as checking email and the difference in sound quality is incredible. Doesn't make the playing any easier, however... The tune is "The Minstrel Boy" Words by Thomas Moore were set to the tune of "The Moreen." Played by Thomas on a South Wind pennywhistle, key of D. (saved in misc.)

Henrik Johansson writes, "This recording is of me playing the reel George White's Favorite on my 5-keyed M&E Rudall and Rose flute. The tune is played two times trough, the first time with a custom made, unlined Cocobolo headjoint and the second with the standard polymer headjoint (both made by Michael Cronnolly of M&E)." Also, "the reel, Rolling in the Rye Grass, on the same flute (M&E R&R 5 key, with cocobolo and polymer headjoints). The tune is played four times trough, the first two with the Cocobolo headjoint and the last two with the polymer headjoint. The first time trough on both headjoints I play at moderate volume, maybe a bit on the soft side, the second time I try to push the flute as loud as it will go for comparison sake."

John McHaffie sends Morrison's Jig - - McHaffie Low F.

Mick ó Caoindealbhain sends, "carolan's sí beag sí mór. this was recorded live on an old four track a few years ago in antwerp and later i added a bit of backing to hide the background noise. there's another version on my site but i've always preferred this version despite the poor quality of the recording... and the playing." (saved in slow airs)

2/23/05 Joseph Smith sends the slipjig, An Phis Fluich, on pipes.

Jack Murphy writes, "I happen to have a Brian Byrne flute on loan from cskinner and I'd though I'd do some comparison recordings. The reel is a tune called the Rathcroghan (on Byrne) (on Hamilton) (on Dixon) which I learned from Josie McDermott and the jig is a jig (on Byrne) (on Hamilton) that I don't have the name for but I learned it from Tara Bingham. The flutes are a Hammy Hamilton in D, a Brian Byrne in D and just for fun I threw in my old Dixon one "piece" PVC." (saved in flute)

2/20/05 Joseph Smith returns with a jig on the pipes, Munster Buttermilk.

2/18/05 Mark Asunta returns (again) with "Gorman's-Roving Bachelor-John Stenson's set. The flute is a bit on the sharp side, but I hope the general feel makes up for the shortcomings in tuning." (saved in flute)

2/14/05 Mark Asunta returns with 2 reels on flute: Chrismas Eve/Congress Reel.

2/13/05 Late entry: Tony Higgins posts a reel, The Pretty Girls of Mayo. (Learned it from Chieftains5. Had to use slowdowner software to get the notes.)

2/13/05 Kevin Murray sends "Two Northumbrian tunes,played on a Sindt 'A'. The first tune is named after the (in)famous Northumbrian Piper,who was a bit of a charming rogue. Legend has it that he would play at race meetings etc to divert the attentions of the crowds, whilst his accomplaces would pick their pockets! The second tune-a polka-is also known as 'Andy Irvine's' and 'The Seige of Ennis'." (Ed. note: The file name is Jamie Allen/Salmon Tails up the Water.) (saved in misc.)

Dan Bentley sends Theme from the movie Bravehart Part 2. (saved in U-pipes.)

Tony Higgins posts my two favorite O'Carolan tunes (again): Mr. O'Connor and Farewell to Music. (saved in slow airs)

2/12/05 Welcome to new poster, Wallacepiper1, who sends: "Theme from the movie Bravehart" pipes: Charles Roberts chanter extra note: sorry for the second "voice" in the background and the digital cracks."

Also welcome to Mícheál ó Caoindealbhain, wo sends, "just a couple of reels you might be interested in jenny's chickens and joe cooley's these were sequenced in Cubase and use the Kontakt sampler from NI. The samples are mostly from GPO."(In plain English, these are electronic files; no acoustic instruments were involved, unless I'm weirdly mistaken- Tony) (Saved in non-w) Mícheál has a music site: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/8/michealocaoindealbhainmusic.htm

Another welcome to Thomas Hubbard, (see his website, southwindwhistle.com) who sends, "This tune is played by Thomas (me) on a South Wind pennywhistle, key of low G. I think I learned this from a recording by the wandering whistler. I am listening to your interpretation on clips/snips right now. Great stuff! Gives me some ideas to work on! Got any knowledge of the composer of the tune?" (Ed note: From the 110 Ireland's Best Slow Airs Book, "Slievenamon (Sliabh na mBan) is a mountain in Co. Tiperrary. There are a number of airs which bear this title whichCharles Kickham wrote the his famous words. This is arguably the most beautiful."That would be my my version, of course.) Saved in slow airs.

Dana Crom writes, "It's one of my favorites, the jig "The Sheigh O' Rye" from Packie Manus Byrne's _A Dossan of Heather_ tunebook."

Geoff Walker writes, "I have added a few new tunes to my website... The mp3's are all on my website at http://www.pteratunes.org.uk/Music/Thousand.html "Davy, Davy, Knick Knack" - A traditional English country dance tune played on a Generation D Whistle Four Morris Dance tunes; all played on a Generation D Whistle: "Blue-Eyed Stranger" "Idbury Hill" "Go and 'List for a Sailor" and "The Ladies Pleasure" "Westlin' Winds" - a Scottish Air played on a Tony Dixon Tuneable Tenor (Low D) Flute. Westlin Winds is a Burns poem and this is not the usual tune that is used for it, but is a fine melody nevertheless. "Brigg Fair" a very lovely traditional English song tune played on a Moeck Tenor Recorder and, finally something a little different; Two Northumbrian airs, "Derwentwater's Farewell" and "Johnny Armstrong" both played on a Paetzold square F Contrabass recorder. The instrument is somewhat different looking but makes a fine sound. If you want to see what it looks like there is a picture at http://www.contrabass.com/pages/big-recorders.html."

2/10/05 Welcome to new poster, Dan Bentley, a Highland piper new too uilleann pipes from upstate New York. He sends a pipe tune set: 2 jigs: Apples in Winter and a Bothy Band jig. (saved in u-pipes)

Lolly Cross has come out with her third cd, at CD Baby, called Lady of the Penny Whistle. You can listen to the tracks at the site.

2/08/05 Welcome to new poster, Dana Crom, who sends a reel, "Kitty's Gone A-Milking", played on a Syn Aluminum D. He writes, "Now if I can just get my rhythm a bit more solid and convince myself to slow down a bit . . ."

2/07/05 Welcome to new poster, Ralph Eyman, who sends: "I am submitting 2 hornpipes... The Honeysuckle (Traditional) Charley, Frances and Ivan (my own composition – I think, you know how that goes) These are played on a black soprano D MEG by Clarke." (saved in hornpipes)

Kevin Murray returns with: "It's about six months since I pestered 'Clips & Snips',so here's a jig, 'The House in the Glen', played on my new Feadog Pro. I don't get any better (LOL)!"

1/30/04 Michael Eskin sends two reel sets on pipes: Road to Rio / Shaskeen / Fermoy Lasses and Old Torn Petticoat / The Milliner's Daughter. George Rubsamen plays fiddle . (saved in u-pipes)

1/28/05 Welcome to Phil Hardy, first time poster, who writes, "Hi,here is a new tune by me called "More than a feeling" with Tara MacDonald singing. Whistle used is a Kerry Pro Low D played by me (Phil hardy) This is a new tune from my up and coming CD." (Saved in original. I'm not a classifier of music, but, I'd describe this tune as somewhat 'rock-jazz.')

Ashley Jones sends 4 tunes: Para Pelusa (Andean traditional), Vasija de Barro (Andean traditional), Tristam's Lament (15th cent. Italian piece), When I Was In My Prime (traditional) all played on a Copeland Low D Brass. (saved in slow airs)

1/20/05 Aaron Malcomb writes, "Here are a strathspey and reel called Chuir i Glùin air a'Bhodach and Braes of Balquidder (respectively) on a Highland bagpipe. (saved in non-w)

01/14/05 Welcome to new poster, Robert Lundblad, who sends: "Road to Lisdoonvarna/Maids of Mitchellstown. Recorded in my home in late 2004 Guitar whistle and uilleann pipes of Charles Roberts. D Daye Pennychanter Recorded by the MacLowlives in Gothenburg, Sweden." (saved in u-pipes)

Welcome, also, to Will O'Ban (Will O'B), who sends: "Baidin Fheidhlimidh - Slow Air Burke VSB Composite D I've been trying to teach myself the whistle, and music in general, for the past year. And Buachaill on Eirne - Slow Air."

01/12/05 Welcome to new poster, Sam Thompson, who sends Old Joe's Jig, played on a Burke Narrow Bore Brass D.

01/10/05 Joseph Smith sends "Give me your hand. Recorded on a Pakistani chanter with a rebuilt plastic reed." (saved in u-pipes) He also writes, "I am sending in a file I recorded in 1997 using a Tascam Porta Studio 07. I recorded all of the tracks 2 fiddle, one keyboard, one bodhran and one didgeridoo. The length of this recording is roughly 6 minutes and 3 seconds." (2.2megs): Samhradh,Samhradh/The Home Ruler/ Jenny's Wedding. (saved in non-whistle)

Tony Higgins sends the slow air, Si Bheag Si Mhor, played on harp by Delilah, fiddle by Chris Yamate, bouzouki by Peter Winchell, and I play high and low whistle (alternately). Large file (2megs). We got together to record a learning cd for a slow session Peter attends. We just kept going on this one, hand-signalling to each other to take over or keep going. Chris improvised the beautiful fiddle harmonies. My impromptu pauses were to figure out if we were on part A or B. (I get kind of day-dreamy when I'm playing.)

01/08/05 Welcome to new poster, Erik Torp-Olsen, who writes, "I'm Norwegian, and I'd like to submit a few tunes played on the tin-whistle. All three tunes were recorded a few years back on my computer using a home-brewed microphone." They are Michael Gorman's Jig, The Wind that Shakes the Barley -reel, Garrai na Saileog-hornpipe.

Bloomfield writes, "Here is a bit of beastly work: Johnny Cope, six-part hornpipe, played on a Generation Bb. Better post this in the "parental guidance" section. =)"

David Goldsworthy sends the slow air, Si Bheag Si Mhor on pipes.

Jason King writes, "Hi, here is a tune called Michael's Mazurka, played on my weber mandolin." (saved in non-whistle)

01/01/05 Welcome to new poster, Joshua Dukes, who sends: "...a set of tunes that I wrote. The first tune is called the long road home and the second one is the tall glass of whisky. The first tune is in E minor and the second is in D. I am playing both Flute and guitar. The flute I am playing is a keyless boxwood Olwell. And the guitar is a 86' Guild." (saved in orig.)

Joseph Smith writes, "On a half dare from a member of the C&F Uilleann Pipes forum (and due to a topic therein), I decided to record Cold Blow and the Rainy Night. It is a little tricky as I sing along while playing the pipes....kind of like walking, chewing gum, patting your head and rubbing you belly at the same time, while wiggling your fingers up and down." (A half dare is bigger than a practice dare, I guess.)

12/26/04 Tony Higgins posts one new tune and 3 redos: The new one is a slipjig, Kitty Come Down from Limerick. This was the very first Irish dance tune that caught my attention and made me decide I had to learn this kind of music. It was played by Barney McKenna of the Dubliners on banjo. I've rerecorded 3 jigs, having practiced them longer than when I first recorded them: Greeneyed Lass, Monaghan Jig, and Willie Coleman's/Up in the Air.

12/25/04 Mick Woodruff returns with: "I now have a flute made by Fred Rose (an early Christmas present)... This recording of The Milltown Jig, which also appears to go by the name, The Boys of the Town, is one I made after having the flute for just one week and I made it mainly so that I could hear how the flute was sounding and let others hear what it sounds like too....The flute, by the way, is really beautiful and made of African Bubinga wood." (saved in flute)

12/22/04 Welcome to new poster, Mike Miragliuolo, who sends an original tune: Whistle Jam, played on Susato Soprano, D Howard Low D, Mandolin, Guitar, Percussion. (saved in original)

Welcome, also, to Jeremy Kingsbury, who writes, "Trying to mimic Irish pipes, with drone stops. Jigs on McCallum Bagpipes by Wetootwaag." (saved in non-whistle)

Thom Larson returns with: "Jig (Christmas) "We Three Kings" (© 2004 version by Thom Larson of The Whistle Shop) Burke Aluminum Low G." (saved in misc)

Joseph Smith sends Chiffmas Chunes on uilleann pipes.

12/19/04 Jack Murphy writes, "Well I decided to undergo the humiliating experience of recording myself again. I'm still improving but I've such a long way to go still. These reels are George White's and Tim Maloney's and I learned them from the sligo styled John Vesey and Eddie Cahill. Played on my Hamilton of course."

Dave Auty writes, "Here is a Hornpipe written by Tom McElvogue. His site is here http://www.tommcelvogue.com/ There are loads of other tunes there too, he's given me permission to put this one up. I play it on a Bb Sindt whistle. This whistle lanquished in the postal system for nearly a year before I got my hands on it but was well worth the wait."

12/17/04 Welcome to new poster, Chris Hellings, who sends a tune on mandolin: Sweets of May. Chris has permission to post this. (saved in non-whistle)

Joseph Smith writes, "I thought I would send in a couple of tunes on the fiddle....on which I am admittedly pretty rusty thanks to Uilleann Obsession. The first is the Lark in the Morning, one of my favorites to do on pipes and fiddle. The second is an original composition, a hornpipe entitled The Squandered Fortune."

David Goldsworthy sends The Walls of Liscarrol on pipes. Adrian Jefferies D chanter.

12/15/04 Welcome to new poster, Uilliam hAicéad, who writes, "Tune..The Lark in the Morning Played by Uilliam hAicéad agus Ar An Uisce , Loch Lomond 2001 I'm playing Uilleann pipes by Andreas Rogge."

David Goldsworthy writes, "After resting my shoulders for a while, I plucked up the courage to drag my pipes out again briefly to record this tune - 'The Old Bush.'" And: "Jenny Picking Cockles on a Jefferies D chanter with freshly-made Howard ready-tie reed."

12/09/04 Joseph Smith sends two polkas on pipes: Britches Full of Stiches/John Ryan's.

12/07/04 Welcome to first time poster, William Gibson (aka Whistling Willie). He sends The Wonder Hornpipe.

Welcome, also, to Alex Diaz, from Spain, (aka Soundstranded), who sends the song, Down by the Sally Gardens. "piano chords and background ambient sound done with PC software." (saved in slow airs)

Jason King updates us with a correction/variation to the reel Golden Keyboard (originally sent 12/1/04). He writes: "Hi i think i have it down properly. I had to re-record the second part and paste it onto the end of the first part or you would have heard my son falling over and crying. p.s i added the extra bar right on the end as i think it sounds like a nice way to end the tune but the rest of it is how it should be."

Joseph Smith writes, "The first tune is Hewlett, by O'Carrolan. This is the first tune I set out to learn on the Uilleann Pipes. It remains one of my favorite O'Carrolan pieces, regardless of how badly I have butchered it. The second tune is an original composition entitled: Eleanor's Waltz, written in memory of my late Grandmother Eleanor Smith...a wonderful woman and friend. (saved in orig) Both tunes are played with a Greenwood Pipes concert pitched chanter and Pakistani drones. I hope these are 'fit' to host."

12/03/04 Bil McKenty (aka biliii) writes, "the tune is called Lions and was composed by another cnfer gerry strong, though he's better known over on the woodenflute list. i have gerry's permission to record the didy. its an emi reel, played slow then fast, recording and playing are little rough and a little fast at times to but i can't deal with doing many takes....... i play the tune on a chris wilkes boxwood keyless concert flute." (saved in fllute). And: "this time a swedish tune (i'm told) played on a Clarke tin whistle, an old one with wooden plug." (saved in misc)

12/01/04 Jason King sends the reel, Golden Keyboard, and the slow air, Amhran A Leabhair, on a different whistle than on 11/25. He writes, regarding Golden Keyboard: "Last week a new guy came to the session and played it. I told him i would learn it for this week."

David Goldsworthy writes, "Here's a tune I got from Liam O'Flynn's album 'The Piper's Call'. It's called The Pleasures of Hope. I normally play it on pipes but as my shoulder is giving me pain I decided to record it on the whistle." (saved in hornpipes) He also sends a reel, Music in the Glen.

11/27/04 Tony Higgins posts a 17th century Scottish minuet, of all things: The Yellow Haired Laddie. I heard it on a Gaelic Roots cd played on harp. (saved in misc)

11/25/04 Jason King sends the slow air, Amhrán A Leabhair, which means "Song of the Books."

Lesl Harker writes, "The first reel is the Chattering Magpie, a single reel played twice. The second reel is the "Other" Chattering Magpie, played once. I play a Patrick Olwell flute and this was straight into my computer (which hums along in the background!)." (saved in flute)

Ohle Buhl sends a reel, Lord Gordon, played on a homemade uilleann pipe set in B.

Tony Higgins sends a set played with some friends: Rolling in the Ryegrass/Wind that Shakes the Barley/Trip to Durrow. (good thing I don't get hayfever) I learned Rolling in the Ryegrass at the Chiff gathering a week before we recorded this. I had never liked it until I heard Justine and Jack and others playing it. Then I had to learn it. :) Anyway, some friends got together at Peter Winchell's house for a potluck and recording session. We picked old session tunes most of us would know and made on-the-spot arrangements. Once through to practice and then record come-what-may. My drifting in and out of Trip to Durrow was impromptu. Peter plays bouzouki, Chris Yamate, who learned Rolling in the Ryegrass from me the day of the recording (I was playing it for fun and she just picked it up) plays fiddle. Ann McChesney-Young plays button accordian. (saved in reels) We recorded over 50 minutes of music (after editing) and each got a copy of the cd. :)

11/20/04 Welcome to Joseph Smith, new poster, who sends 'Cuimhne an Phiobaire', air, on Uilleann Pipes and "an original composition for uilleann pipes entitled: Mo Chroi, ag an Doras. I wrote it for my lovely wife in celebration our 18th anniversary."

Mark Thompson writes, "Its a 2/4 pipe march played on fingerstyle guitar. The tune is called The Road to the Isles" and "this time a couple of 6/8 marches. The Cock of the North & Scarcity of Potatoes. Tunes played in DADGAD on a Taylor 422 (guitar)."

11/12/04 David Goldsworthy sends ""Garret Barry's Reel" and "The Killavel Jig", played on an Adrian Jefferies D chanter." (saved in uilleann pipes)

11/9/04 David Goldsworthy writes, "Here's a jig called Tiochfaidh Tú Abhaile Liom? (Will You Come Home With Me?) played on a no name, no frills, Irish-made whistle."

11/7/04 The photos are up for the recent Chiff Gathering. Sorry, I wimped out on recording tunes.

11/02/04 Welcome to Corin Meehan (meemtp), who writes, "I've taken the plunge and begun recording myself. This MP3 is hornpipe on the fiddle. Frankie Gavin calls it "The Sunny Banks". My first attempt at recording, there's a weird moaning sound in the backround that I haven't figured out, and my rhythm suffered a little from my cat rubbing against me legs and distracting me. But, nothing ventured nothing gained. I am doing more, plus some on the whistle." (saved in non-w)

Jason King sends "Jim Ward's Jig played on my susato low d."

11/01/04 Welcome to Jeremy Kingsbury, who sends a jig on the pipes, The Connaughtman's Rambles.

10/30/04 John Wiering returns with two more original tunes: Longing for Home and Fields of Glory. (saved in orig.)

Jason King sends a reel on banjo, Maid Behind the Bar. (saved in non-whistle)

10/27/04 John Wiering sends three of his own compositions. He writes, "This is another tune I created (also a slow air). It's called 'Heart Times' and I used my Tony Dixon tunable Low D Whistle and a Sweetone by Clarke D Penny Whistle. Originally it was longer, I cut out the mid piece, which has no flute playing. This song I wrote is called 'See His Majesty' and also uses both the Tony Dixon Low D and the Sweetone by Clarke Penny D. You can also hear a lute (chords) in the right channel. This one is just my Tony Dixon Low D and MIDI. It's called 'In His Arms'. Another self-composed slow-air... (saved in orig)

10/23/04 Jason King sends his own original composition, King's Jig on low whistle. (saved in orig)

10/15/04 Welcome to new poster, Jeff Lefferts (BoneQuint), who sends Whinshield's Hornpipe/Whinham's Reel "No bones on this one, all whistle. I've been having fun playing Northumbrian tunes, and thought these two sounded nice together -- and the similarity of names is a sheer coincidence, I'm sure. The "hornpipe" is usually played straight (like a reel), from the recordings I've heard. I've been playing the whistle about 1 1/2 years. Here I'm playing a Busman whistle in D, made of macacauba (AKA maca wood)." (saved in hornpipes)

Ashley Jones returns with Greensleeves, played on a bamboo quenacho flute in low D. (saved in flute)

10/14/04 Glauber Ribeiro writes, "Just for fun, a here's a short recording of Bruach na Carraige Baine (By the shore of the white rocks) on Boehm flute (Myiazawa flute with Mark Hoza wooden head). Recorded in an empty church with stereo microphone. No effects added." (saved in flute)

10/10/04 Welcome to new poster, Crysania, who sends Brendan's Reel. She writes, "Well, I wasn't planning on doing this, but I decided it came out decent enough to submit. So...here it is! I've only been playing for about a year and a half, so be nice to me! ;-)"

10/5/04 Brian Lee sends a jig, Kitty Lie Over.

Michael Eskin sends "Here's another anglo concertina tune (I've really got to get back to recording pipe and whistle tunes!): Reel: The Girl Who Broke My Heart."

10/2/04 Welcome to Stephen Krieger, who sends some slow airs: The South Wind, The Derry Air, and How Sweet and Awesome (not a traditional sounding title, may be composed by the player?)
(Nov 3) I got a pm from JY, who writes, The tune labelled "How Sweet and Awesome" about which you remark "not a traditional sounding title, may be composed by the player?" is in one of my hymn books as an old Irish hymn titled "How Sweet and Awful" (in the old sense of "full of awe", rather than the modern sense of the word). The tune also goes by the name of "St. Columba."

Christian Roch writes, "I've had some time playing around with my recording gear, so I recorded two tunes für Clipsnsnips: First, Carthy's reel, which I learned from the Providence CD "A fig for a kiss". I play it on a self-tweaked Gen Bb. Second, a popular piping showpiece from Scotland "Castle of Dromore" on uilleann pipes. I learned this from piper John O'Brien. Hope you enjoy it."

Tony Higgins sends a reel, Beare Island, and a slow air, Roisin Dubh (Reyburn low D).

10/01/04 Welcome to Bloomfield and John Wiering, both first time posters here.

Bloomfield writes, "The tune is the Humors of Lissadell (reel). Played on a Ronaldo Reyburn 2004 Hi-D (Brass and Delrin head). I am using the clip in a review of the whistle on the Chiffboard."

John Wiering sends his own original slow air, Resting at the Father's Place.

Ashley Jones returns with two slow airs, The Willow Tree and The Selkie.

9/26/04 Tuaz sends a reel, McMahon's (aka The Banshee). She writes, "Here's a reel played on my very first whistle, a Clarke original. It's still one of my favourite whistles, except that it does take a little more air than is comfortable. My playing got a bit hairy at the end when my mind started to wander, but whew! (this was take 7!), managed to finish it with the rhythm more or less intact."

9/23/04 Michael Reagan returns with O'Donnell Abu (air) and The Rose Tree (no info) (saved in misc.)

Tony Higgins plays two jigs in a set: Willie Coleman's/Up in the Air. I got these from the Portland cd of Kevin Burke and Micheal O'D. (you spell it)

9/19/04 Ben Walker returns with a pipe tune: Flax in Bloom (reel).

Tony Higgins redoes the WHK tune below. (Probably only I can tell the difference.)

9/16/04 Tony Higgins sends probably, his first non-Irish tune. Here's an 'an-dro' Breton dance tune with a weird name: War Hent Kerrigouarch. I got it from a recording by cittern-player Gerald Trimble. (saved in misc.)

9/9/04 David Goldsworthy, from Australia, writes, "Here's another tune I recorded using Goldwave. It's called 'Willie Coleman's Jig' played on a cheap whistle the label of which merely states "D Tin Whistle Irish Made". By the way, I've a new website in the making at it's temporary home at http://home.iprimus.com.au/ausdag Here's another one. I think it's called "The Brown Chest", but I'm not sure. I heard it on Chieftains 1. It's played on a whistle made of some sort of reed in the key of G which I picked up at the Woodford Folk Festival here in Brisbane. I was to do a radio interview with my friend Ceri who was singing and I accompany him on uilleann pipes, but the interview was at night at the same time as the big finalé Fire Event and all instrument lock-ups were well and truly locked up and no musicians could access their instruments. So Ceri and I hurried around the stalls to a friend's tent to borrow a guitar and I spotted this whistle. It wasn't in D but the next best thing. So I offered him 10 dollars and he gave it to me. It's in perfect tune and I think it was probably worth more. Sounds better in real life than as an MP3 of course." (please God, let it be a hornpipe, because that's where I'm parking it.)

9/5/04 Michael Eskin sends: "Here's another set of jigs on the Bob Tedrow Anglo Concertina: Down the Back Lane / Lark on the Strand." (saved in non-w)

8/29/04 Welcome to Roy Dickinson, posting for the first time, who sends in a jig, Connie the Soldier on a Burke narrow D.

John Palmer writes, "I have just recorded Garrett Barry's (jig) for a comparison of two Low D whistles. The first whistle to play both sections is a Copeland (got it on a trade with Norcalmusician), and the second whistle which plays the repeats is an O'Riordan." (If you didn't get that, ask John.) John further adds, "I forgot that I had another song,... It is The Swallow Tail, (reel) and I have added strings for the fun of it, and to see what it would sound like. The whistles used were an Oak high D and a Copeland low D."

8/25/04 Michael Eskin plays a tune on Tedrow C/G Anglo Concertina (rather than his pipes) called Sport. (He didn't tell me what category of tune, so I'll venture it's a slide. saved in non-w) (There is a small concensus that it's a jig.)

8/21/04 Dave Auty writes, "Here is a tune "Arkansas Traveller" played on a D whistle. I am not sure what category it would be, it's an old time American tune. I am not sure how it would have been played by a fiddle player, I would hope an old time fiddle player wouldn't cringe at this? Anyway I like it and that's the main thing! Heres a link to the tune in Windows Media Format (wma) I will be putting the notes on my site at a later date." (saved in misc)

Steve Shaw has a cd of mostly Irish tunes on diatonic harmonica with backup from mandolin, guitar, and fiddle. Samples can be heard here.

8/17/04 Ashley Jones sends Scarborough Fair/The Selkie medley and Rio Triste (traditional Andean) played on bamboo quenacho in low D. (saved in non-whistle)

8/14/04 Tony Higgins posts two marches, Battle of Aughrim/ Lord Mayo. (saved in misc)

8/12/04 Welcome to piper, David Goldsworthy, from Brisbane, Australia, who sends, "Corney is Coming - Reel played on Adrian Jeffries Concert D chanter with Eugene Lambe drones, the bass drone not functioning at present. Taimse Im Chodhladh (Spelling?) yet another interpretation...ho hum.....again on Jeffries D chanter and two of the three Lambe drones." (That was David who said 'ho hum,' not me.:) David has a website with cool photos: http://ausdag.fateback.com/jawa/index.htm

And welcome to David Whelan, from the UK, who writes, "This song was written by David Whelan. All the instruments were played by him. The melody is played on mandolin, backing is on guitar and the beat in the back is a box of matches.The name of the song which I wrote is called, 'The Dancing Grany' and its played in the key of D minor." (saved in orig.)

8/8/04 Kevin Murray writes, "It's been a fine Summers day here,but before I headed out,I recorded a couple of pieces this morning. The first is a slow air, Slieve Geal gCua, played on a vintage brass whistle with lead fipple,in the unusual key of 'B'.I think that this whistle has a nice 'traditional' sound. The second clip is 'Carolan's quarrel with the Landlady' played on my recently purchased Zen-on Soprano (Descant) Recorder.A 'Baroque' instrument for Irish music of the 'Baroque' era.

8/5/04 Aaron Malcolm writes, "Here's a reel called The Rookery played by myself on a bamboo Olwell flute in D."

Tony Higgins sends another redo of a jig: Kitty Lie Over/Frost is all Over/ Gander in the Pratie Hole.

8/2/04 Tony Higgins redoes a couple of other tunes: a jig, Greeneyed Lass and an unnamed reel that starts as a slow air and changes to a reel. (old version of Greeneyed Lass deleted)

8/1/ Max Becher writes, "Here's a tune that I recorded on my brand new Casey Burns Folk Flute! It's my first flute, so I'm extremely excited about it. The tune is the reel, Musical Priest, and I learned it off a recording by a friend of mine, Elizabeth Wood." (saved in flute)

Tony Higgins rerecorded the jig, Frieze Britches. I almost deleted the version I posted 10/01, but I'm not sure which I like better. Not sure if I improved on it, but, at least, it's different. (I hope that's progress. :)

7/27/04 Congratulations to Lolly Cross, who has a new cd available. You can hear clips here: Lolly Cross There's a permanent link in the left column. Tunes you can hear are: Merrily Kiss the Quaker/Blarney Pilgrim, Banish Misfortune , Over the Waterfall, Butterfly/Dever the Dancer, Sullivan's/O'Connor's Polkas, Star of the County Down waltz, Whiskey Before Breakfast, Swallowtail Jig, Bouchard's Hornpipe, Kesh/Morrison's Jigs, Burke's Polka.

I posted the abc's to The White Goat on the abc page.

Rick Hall sends:"Taimse im Chodhladh (yet another interpretation) David Daye penny chanter." (saved in uilleann pipes)

Jason King sends another banjo tune (I copied and pasted that from below) He writes, "Hi so i wanted to submit a slow tune on the banjo. Its all fine playing reels and jigs but its the slow stuff i find really challenging. Theres a good long way to go but anyway here is it. The road to lisdoonvarna."

7/20/04 Jason King sends another banjo tune: a reel, Dunmore Lasses. (non-w)

Azalin writes, "Well, just for the heck of it, I decided to send my first concertina clip, Banish Misfortune and Out on the Ocean. Yeeepi! :-)"

7/12/04 Jason King writes, "Hi both of these tunes are played on my Gold Tone ts-250 banjo. the first is red haired boy and the second is part of masons apron. I actually deleted part of the recording by mistake and didnt have time to redo it so i faded it out early." (saved in non-whistle.)

7/11/04 Peter Winchell, my friend and bouzouki player, and I, Tony Higgins, performed at the Scottish Highland Games in Oakland, California, this weekend. I plugged my minidisc recorder to the board and got the perfomance on disc. Sounds a bit echoey, but otherwise, I'm not complaining. These are clips (once through each tune) from most of the tunes we played, in the order performed. (A few we played, I've posted more than once on Clips, so, I'm skipping them here).
March of the King of Laoise/ O'Sullivan's March/ The Squirrel March (misc)
Clare Reels
Rambling Irishman (sung by Peter) (misc)
Dublin Reel/ Wind that Shakes the Barley
Eleanor Plunkett (O'Carolan air)
Gravelly Groove (name made up for 2 jigs)
Bobby Casey's Favorite/ Porthole of the Kelp (played as reels)
Home Ruler (slow reel style. Improved phrasing from last post of it) (reels)
Jolly Tinker/ Bucks of Oranmore (reel- too fast, I know)
Golden Castle (hornpipe)
The White Goat (learned it as a Clannad song. I decided to tune out the audience and just go with this one) (jigs)
Kid on the Mountain (slipjig).
Whistles are Jerry Freeman tweaked Generation high D, Abell A blackwood, Abell pao ferro wood C, Copeland low D. In case you want to differentiate, the Abell C was on Bobby Casey's and Golden Castle. Low D was on Home Ruler and Rambling Irishman.

7/8/04 Christian Roch writes, "...Attached you'll find my "one contribution a year" output. First, two jigs, "Pipe on the hob" and "Coppers and brass" on a self-tweaked Eb Gen/Feadog hybrid. Second, a piping favorite on my Rogge set, the Virginia Reel, a tune which has been featured on the recent Planxty live album."

7/4/04 Dave Auty write, "Here is a tune "Autumn Child" by Brendan O'Regan, Nothing too strenuous! played on an Overton low F. Dave's own music website is down temporarily. (saved in misc.)

7/3/04 Katie writes, "Original tune Tune Name: Meall an T-Suidhe, Creag mo Dhiona My Name: Alcona/Katie Whistle: Elfsong D." (saved in original)

6/25/04 Markus Asunta returns with: "Here's my tribute to the late Micho Russell in the form of Fermoy Lassies, heavily influenced my Micho's version of the tune. Played on my Seery Delrin D flute. Hopefully this will be considered a tribute rather than sheer blasphemy..."

6/22/04 Ben Walker sends another pipe tune: Congress Reel.

6/19/04 Welcome to first-time poster, Ben Walker, who sends in a tune on pipes. He writes, "Chanter is Cillian O'Briain, drones and regs by Wilkinson and McCarthy (I think). The tune is called Up and About in the Morning." Ben's website is: www.benwalker.org

6/13/04 Tuas sends "2 more tunes, this time 2 reels played on a Dixon non-tunable C. 1. "Maids of Mitchelstown" (the chords and arrangement that the Bothy Band put to this tune made it unforgettable to me) 2. "Maid behind the bar"

The rest of the tunes that were reasonably presentable from the 6/5/04 Chiff Gathering. Some clips had too much distortion or were what you wouldn't want to be remembered for. The wildness herein is not represented in the photos.

6/11/04 Tuaz sends in: "I promised someone on the C&F Board that I would post some clips so he could compare the differences between the Generation and a Hoover whitecap. I recorded on a dinky mike using the modest Creative Sound Recorder and CDex (for conversion to mp3). Whitecap is on a Generation brass D tube. Generation redtop is on a Feadog Mark2 brass D tube. Tunes: 1. "Rose in the Heather" (Whitecap, then Generation) 2. the first part only, of the multi-part "Johnny Cope"-hornpipe- (Whitecap played first, then the Gen) [learned this off the Stevie J Transcriptions webpage] [#1 and #2 were recorded with the whistles played abt 1 foot away from mike, and my floor fan was turned off) 3. "January Snows"-slow air-(learned this off the Lunasa Otherworld album) (WC, then Gen) [#3 was recorded with the whistles played abt 3 feet away with the fan turned on: I got hot and lazy, and started slouching back in my chair. That's why the whistles sound rougher and more distant for this tune.]

James Peeples sends: "This tune--Emily's Reel--recently came up on the flute board, prompting me to pick this tune up again and polish it up. I learned this from the playing of Seamus Egan on the MadForTrad tutorial. This is on the Syn aluminum D whistle."

6/9/04 Welcome to first-time poster, Lesl Harker, who writes, "It's the The Western hornpipe played on a John Sindt C. I recorded it as a practicing aid very shortly after I first was given the tune, criticism very welcome. Thanks to Alan Ng, Brendan Taffe, Andrea Brodie and Andrew Kuntz, from IrTrad-L for their encouragement and help about the tune." The link goes to Lesl's music page on soundclick.com

6/8/04 Justin Panovec (Cyfiawnder) writes, "Since there doesn’t seem to be a version of this song in the Clips and Snips archive (Captain Picard's Air), I figured I would make the effort. This is played on a revised design Home made Low D PVC whistle. I no longer have this particular whistle. I sent it to someone else on the Chiffy board." (saved in misc)

6/7/04 Here are a few of the tunes I recorded at the Gathering. Hop over to the photo page. There, you'll find them.

6/6/04 Link to photos of Second Annual Chiff Gathering. I'll get tunes posted as soon as I can. BoneQuint also posted some photos.

5/31/04 Azalin writes, "While I was practicing "Connaughtman's Ramble" for the next time I'll meet Jack, I thought I'd send two clips. First clip is the jig "Doctor O'Neill", second clip are the reels "Foxhunter and Holly Bush". The tunes are played on my Eb tweaked O'Briain."

Tony Higgins sends a slow air. (I'll research the title and post it later.) Also, a jig, Scatter the Mud. I learned a version played by Gerald Trimble on cittern. He plays a third part that's not in the version from O'Neill's.

5/30/04 Kevin Murray writes,"You may have read my recent post (about 2-3 weeks ago) about getting a GREAT BASS Recorder via E-Bay. Well,I thought that the people out there might be interested in how one of these monsters of the deep sound. So,here's a very short clip-the first part of 'Fanny Poer (Power?)' by our old friend Carolan-He's getting a bit of exposure recently isn't he? The lowest note is an 'E' in this tune,though the instrument does go down to a 'C'.Note that the 'bottom end' is pretty quiet. I'm still in the process of re-vamping the instrument-I may need to replace a pad or two-which should result in a stronger tone. This thing could beat up any 'puny' low D whistle,I tell you!(LOL). (saved in non-w)

Brian Dobson sends: The Ballydesmond #3 and Terry Teahan's Polka. "Beth (Avanutria) started out the set on her concertina, and I joined in for Teahan's on a practice set of Patrick Murray uilleann pipes." saved in non-w. The file is wma and is stored on Brian's site.

Tony Higgins posts two sets on WHISTLE! Thank you, thank you very much. First is Harvest Moon Jig/Strayaway Child and second is Home Ruler/Woman of the House (a theme set of reels.)(ok, a hornpipe/reel set)

5/28/04 Max Becher sends a reel set: Rolling in the Ryegrass/The Merry Blacksmith.

5/27/04 Jack Murphy tantalizes us with the following: " I didn't notice the time had run out on my recording when I started into the second tune and I was to lazy to edit it so you can just imagine how nice it would be if I actually finished it ;) The first tune is Bill Collin's I believe and the tantilizing bit you here after is the jig the cow that ate the blanket... maybe someday I'll redo it but for now just use your imagination." (Another reason to show up for the Chiff Gathering- to hear The Cow that Ate the Blanket in all its melodious glory.) Saved in flute.

Mr Ashley Jones sends three low d tunes: Manchester Hornpipe/Mooncoin Reel, (saved in reels) The Harp That Once Through Tara's Halls (air), and Meditation #1 (original composition).

5/21/04 Bretton writes, "I just got a Hohner one-row accordion (melodeon) in C and thought I'd send you a tune. It's now a one voice box because I taped over the 2nd set, so it sounds more concertina-like. The tune is "The Dairy Maid," a single reel (I think...)."

Tony Higgins plays yet another O'Carolan tune: Planxty Burke. (saved in misc.)

5/18/04 Kevin Murray writes, "It's been hot here today by our standards,so I've been down to my garden planting up hanging baskets,potting up tomatoes,and sowing peas(fresh peas straight from the pod never get to the plate-they're so good,I always eat them there and then!) Anyway,I may have been writing about Recorders and Baroque Flutes this weekend,but I do occasionally play a Whistle!(LOL!) So,here's my latest addition to my 'Carolan' repetoire (complete with fluffed high C in the first run through of the turn (let's keep it 'real!')" Carolan's Quarrel. (saved in misc)

5/9/04 Glauber Ribeiro sends two tunes on flute: "The flute was sounding good this morning so i decided to capture it in a recording. This is Mrs McLeod (reel) recorded on the Rod Cameron C.A. Grenser (Baroque) flute, in A=440Hz configuration. This is the waltz "Snow on the Sand" ("Sneei Up d'Strand") composed by my friend Joerg Froese and recorded in his album "Winterleed" (Laway - 2001). He'll be happy to see it posted. I recorded it in the original key of F to show off the chromaticism of the Baroque flute. This tune is usually done in the key of D in Irish music sessions in Germany. I have music (dots) if anyone is interested."

5/8/04 Tony Higgins posts two O'Carolan tunes: Bumper Squire Jones, which plays like a jig, and I, once again, redid Mr. O'Connor, having had some time to practice it. (Any old references down the page link to the new version. saved in misc.)

5/6/04 Kevin Rietmann sends, "An air, followed by a hornpipe which was developed from it, it would seem. The hornpipe is played as a reel in Donegal and called the Blackbird, which is a closely related melody to this one. The air I learned from a recording of the famous sean-nos singer Séan 'ac Dhonncha. The hornpipe I learned from a recording of Leon Rowsome, son of the famous Leo (and father of the now famous Kevin). I play these on a flat set of pipes built by the Vancouver Washington pipemaker Brad Angus." A Spailpín a Rún/The Stranger Hornpipe. (saved in u pipes)

5/5/04 Kevin Hing returns with: "Here is another clip...Last time I sent in the Merry Blacksmith, and last Sunday I started working on that tune with a guitar-playin friend of mine in preparation for the Florida State Fiddle Contest, and somehow the tune kinda evolved. I've never had much of an opportunity to work with guitar accompaniment before, so this was a wonderful and exciting process. Anyway, here's a bit of what happened, and listening to this and the first clip I sent I was kinda surpised about how the dynamic with a guitarplayer can take you into a completely different direction (of course, some would disapprove of this direction, but I had fun, so its all good)." (saved in non-w)

Avanutria writes, "Got a new tune for you, and I hope you like it. It'd go under the "originals" section, as I wrote it a few days ago. It seems to have turned into a hornpipe, though maybe a player who could play reels (unlike myself!) could make something decent out of it that way. The name is The Roman Phone because the A part is based upon a ringtone that I heard on several mobile phones at the Rome Airport recently. I wonder how long before people are calling it 'The Roamin' Phone'? ;)

5/2/04 Kevin Murray writes, "Here's a short tune on my latest instrumental acquisition- a Yamaha (plastic) BASS RECORDER! The tune is the well known 'For Ireland I'd not tell her name', played through once only.I've resisted the temtation to add any reverb etc.,so you can hear it as it is. I was attracted to the tune after hearing a grat version on the album 'Na Fili 3',featuring Tomas O'Canainn on the Pipes. If you REALLY want scaring-I'll send you my own Uilleann Pipe version!" (Hmmm...bunji jumping over a pit of cobras or Kevin's pipe version...)

4/26/04 Welcome to Markus Asunta, from Finland, who writes, "Hi!" He continues, "Here's two sets for the flute department; Peter Flanagan's/The Gossoon that Beat his Father (per Gary Hastings) (reels), Palm Sunday - Rolling Waves (jigs) Both played on a delrin Seery flute. Then, in a second email, he writes, "Hi!" And then, he finishes with: "Here's a few sets also for the whistle side. Sean Reid's-Drunken Landlady-Glass of Beer (reels) Christy Barry's set (jigs) Both played by Markus Asunta on a Busman Olivewood D whistle."

Paul Fremantle returns with, "Here is a tune for TWT. Its called the Warblington Polka, and its short and sweet (I hope). Its recorded on a homemade aluminium high D whistle." (saved in misc)

4/25/04 Kevin Hing (DazedinLA) sends a tune on fiddle, the reel, The Merry Blacksmith. I've also added a link on the left to his tin whistle web site, geocities.com/whistleannex.

4/24/04 After a few days of quiet (not a bad thing while I was having frustrations with the internet hookup. Got it fixed today.) and bam! 3 tunes come in at once. Strangely, all 3 are non-whistle: button box, mandolin, and tenor banjo.

Jason King sends on mandolin: a reel, The Merry Blacksmith. On banjo, another reel, The Silver Spear. He writes, "so i was given a banjo about 2 weeks ago and have been playing around on it. I have mucked about on a mandolin before so its not too hard making the transition apart from the stretch from high a-b note. (Still working on getting that one smooth.) Anyway this is my first recording on banjo."

4/18/04 Brett is back with a brand new Overton alto F and plays the reel, The Mountain Road.

I learned a new tune and couldn't wait to record it against my better judgement. (They always sound better after a few weeks of practice.) This is O'Carolan's Planxty Burke. It has a jig-type rhythm. (saved in misc). I also included two slow airs I recorded a couple of months ago: A Stor mo Chroi (Treasure of my Heart), which a good friend asked me to play at his wedding, and Slieve na mBhan.

4/16/04 Brett Pfingston writes, "Here's a tune called "The Primrose Lass" which I believe is a single reel. I'm playing a Gary Humphrey complete PVC whistle (wide bore - D)."

4/10/04 Welcome to Rob Hansen, who writes, "The tune is Inisheer and I recorded it on my beloved Dixon tunable D whistle." (saved in slow airs)

Max Becher returns with another Merry Blacksmith's band reel: Drowsy Maggie.

4/8/04 Michael Reagan returns with a reel, Maggie in the Woods on his new Busman Delrin D.

Jason King sends The Ships are Sailing, a reel.

4/5/04 John Palmer sends in a reel on fiddle: The Swallowtail Reel. (saved in non-w)

4/1/04 Max Becher sends links to tunes his band, The Merry Blacksmiths, recorded recently: Merry Blacksmith, Rakes of Mallow, Maggie in the Woods, John Ryan's: Liam Collins - Fiddle Patrick Coughlin - Piano Accordion Max Becher (Me) - Mandolin Daniel Bagdazian - Guitar Jeremy Vierling - Whistle Nick Collins - Spoons Samantha Harvey - Piano, Hardshoe Dancing Luke Seeley - Bodhran (misc)
Galway Hornpipe, Harvest Home: Liam Collins - Fiddle Samantha Harvey - Piano Accordion Max Becher - Guitar Luke Seeley - Bodhran
Atholl Highlanders, Denis Murphy's: Max Becher - Whistle Liam Collins - Fiddle Luke Seeley - Bodhran Nick Collins - Spoons Daniel Bagdazian - Guitar (jigs)
Patrick's, Scatter the Mud: Liam Collins - Fiddle Max Becher - Guitar Luke Seeley - Bodhran Patrick's is a jig written by me (Max).

3/29/04 Welcome to Soryu Asuka Langley (Student, female, Germany); "This is the tune I learnt from a pal during the stay at my parents' back in Japan. He tells me it's called 'Ciaran's Waltz', I picked up the melody and played it on my Patrick Murray practise set. I've been struggling with the chanter reeds and it's been only a few days since it seemed to have started playing alright, so please have a listen with a pinch of salt."

Xavier Tan (Eldarion) sends, "Bunker Hill and The Old Bush - a set off the classic Paddy Canny, PJ Hayes "An Historic Recording" Yahoo briefcase, click Music to find file.

Bob Roberts writes, "This is snip from a Latinesque whistle solo I wrote for my 10th anniversary." (saved in misc) Congratulations on 10 years, Bob. (10 yrs of what, by the way??)

3/22/04 Welcome to Jeroen Meijer (aka Pixyy), who writes from Denmark, "Here's my first submission to 'TinwhistleTunes'. I was browsing through O'Neills the other day and was caught by the title 'Take It Easy'. Turns out it was a very nice 3-part jig. Here's my rendition (at a nice and easy speed) on an Overton A."

Jason King sends 2 comparison versions of an The Burren. He writes, "Hi here is a reel. I dont know the name. I learnt it of the recording of mike mcgoldrick playing a songbird high d on www.kerrywhistles.com. Its played on my kwl low d chieftain. Its good tune for practising long and short rolls. here is that same reel i dont know the name of but played on my susato low d with a few triplets thrown in for good measure. Gives one an idea of differrent options open when playing a tune. Im still playing with this tune having only learnt it by ear a few days ago of phils website so bear with me."

3/17/04 Welcome to David Adam, who sends a whistle duet of a jig/reel set (where to save it?) The Swallowtail Jig/Harrison's Fedora on high and low whistles. (I'll go with jigs because it starts with one.)

John Palmer, multi-instrumentalist that he is, sends a tune on fiddle: the jig, Banish Misfortune."as this is my two year anniversary of playing it." (Congratulations, John.)

I guess I should say Happy St Patrick's Day. (Happy St Patrick's Day.)

3/16/04 Jason King sends the reel, The Broken Pledge.

3/11/04 Azalin writes, "Well, I'm practicing my tunes for St-Patrick, going to play at the Parade in Montreal on sunday. One of the set is a reel which I don't remember the title of, followed by the well known "Maid of Mount Cisco" and then "Heather Breeze."

Ashley Jones sends "song title: In the Sally Gardens comment: I tweaked this Oak by making a muffler out of a wooden toothpick which slotted in the side of the mouthpiece. I found that this improved the second octave and softened the sound." (saved in misc) She also sends the jigs, The Irish Washerwoman, Six Penny Money, and Noches de Luna (traditional Andean) played on: Homemade PVC Kenacho flute in D." (saved in flute)

3/10/04 Here's another batch of tunes all at once (played individually) by James Peeples: Alexander's Hornpipe
Be Easy You Rogue!..a double jig from O'Niell's
You Never Saw Her Equal...a reel from O'Niell's
The Banshee ...a c-minor air I learned from Matt Molloy's playing (saved in flute)

3/6/04 Later that day- Dingle Regata, slide, Tony Higgins. (saved in misc)

3/6/04 Pierre, still on a roll, returns again with, "This tune name is " The early depart song ", playing with a Susato high D : slow air"

Tony Higgins (the person typing this) sends in two slow airs, Eanach Chuin, which I've done before, only this time with reverb! I finally succumbed to the temptation. While I was at it, I also added reverb to She Moved Through the Fair. Hey, listen before you roll your eyes. (I was aiming for 'haunting.' Ok, now you can roll your eyes.)

3/5/04 Welcome to Steve Cooper, who writes, "After jumping squarely on top of a learning curve on how to record myself and convert to user-friendly files I've gotten something that appears workable. I'm all ears to any suggestions you may have. Regarding the tune "The Coolin Redone" I got this tune from Tara Bingham Diamond in 2003, Co. Clare. The tune is based on the old popular air "The Coolin" and was attributed by Tara to fiddler John Daugherty." (saved in misc)

Pierre returns with 3 more tunes: Swindle Triumph (saved in misc), Strayaway Child, a jig: "I play with a Dixon D'Duo' with the flute head and Marine Leporati (my girlfriend ) plays with a yamaha classical flute." "La sansonnette" was written by Dominique Forges, it's a scottisch. I play it with Barbe Jeff whistle C." Pierre calls it 'a classic tune from the center of France.' (saved in misc)

Ole Buhl sends a reel, The Sailor's Cravat, on pipes.

03/04/04 Welcome to Pierre Chesneau, who sends a traditional (French?) tune called la soupe aux choux (saved in misc) (Title corrected by Pierre)

Jason King sends in the jig, Garrett Barry.

Rick Davidson sends in Hanover Hornpipe. He writes, "I couldn't remember the name of this one... I had forgotten it long ago... It was just one of those favorite tunes I had in my head. I sent the mp3 to Tim Sutphin who works for the Colonial Williamsburg Fife and Drum Corp, who told me that it is the version of Hanover from the "Fifers Delight."

03/01/04 Brendan Janis writes, "I think i've done it. I've attached a set of jigs: seanamac tube station, paddy taylor's, and cliffs of moher. the first one was composed by john carty, and i have his permision to record it for non-commercial use."

Jason King writes, "For our Fathers." It's a waltz that is usually played as an air here at the local session. I believe its written by a local fiddler Daniel Lapp." (saved in misc.)

Angelo Meola writes, "Give Me Your Hand (saved in misc) is played on a Hoover Whitecap. Farewell (saved in slow airs) is on a Hoover Whitecap "A" with the aluminum body. Both whistles had both the fipple and tube made by Mack."

2/28/04 Jason King sends in a 3-part reel: "Its a 3 part reel and i love 3 part reels." Fintan McManus. (saved in reels)

James Peeples sends in a bushel of tunes at once- the links are to tunes he's stored at his own site. Otherwise, I'd be maxed out.
"Down By the Sally Gardens"-- air (song, really), whistle duet (saved in slow airs)
"Jenny's Chickens" -- reel.
"The Crib of Perches" -- reel
"The Mason's Apron" -- reel (extended version)
"The Glass of Beer" -- reel
"The Contradiction" -- hornpipe
"The Home Ruler" -- hornpipe
"The Choice Wife" -- slip jig
whistle duet from Telemann Sonata No. 2 (saved in misc)
" Fahy's" -- reel, Gemeinhardt Boehm-system flute (saved in flute)
"You Never Saw Her Equal" -- reel, Hamilton blackwood flute
"The New Policeman" -- reel, Seery Pratten model polymer flute
"The Stony Steps" -- reel, M&E polymer flute
"Good Morning to your Nightcap" -- reel, M&E Rudall & Rose model polymer flute
"The Contradiction" -- hornpipe, antique German 8-key flute
"Adagio" from the Loeillet Sonata No. 1 on the Sweetheart maple baroque flute at A=415

2/25/04 I was experimenting with putting tunes together that had something rhythmic and/or melodic in common and came up with this curious combination: the intro to Planxty's version of the song, P Stands for Paddy/ the song Lark in the Morning/ O'Keefe's Slide. (saved in misc) Tony Higgins

2/23/04 Welcome to Rick Davidson, who "Played these into a SM57 mic XLR transformer into Mic jac on Laptop using Sound Recorder to capture the digitial recording." They are College Hornpipe and Rickett's Hornpipe.

Azalin returns with: "It's been a while since I posted, and I've been recently playing a lot a new jig I've learned, it's called "Grainne's", I think it's been written by Tommy Peoples. I have to admit I got it from sheet music (yerk!), but it's on a Deanta's album. The set of reels is "Morning Dew" and "Paddy Taylor's". All tunes are played with my O'Briain Tweaked Feadog.

2/22/04 Welcome to Paul Fremantle, who writes, "Hi, I saw a recent recording of Lord Inchiquin on the site - its one of my favourite tunes, so here's a recording. Its played on a Tony Dixon tuneable Low D. Its recorded just with the trashy mic on my laptop. While I'm at it I've also included a recording of Carolan's Welcome on a homemade whistle in G. Any comments gratefully received." (saved in misc)

My apologies to people who've been waiting for me to get out of bed and post their tunes. I've been wimping out lately and sleeping a lot. Feeling better now, thank you. That would be mainly Audrey Nickel (Redwolf), whom I must also welcome as a new poster. She sends a slow air, Buachaill on Eirne. (When she has her electronic snags worked out, there'll be more.)

Max Becher returns with: "My band made this recording yesterday of St. Anne's Reel and Drowsy Maggie. I am playing the mandolin, Luke Seeley the bodhran, Liam Collins the fiddle, Nick Collins the spoons and Daniel Bagdazian the guitar.

Finally, I did a couple of recordings of tunes I learned recently: a slow version of the hornpipe, The Home Ruler. I was inspired by Matt Molloy's version on Chieftains, Boil the Breakfast Early. Also the jig, Lark on the Strand, from Dervish's After Hours cd. (Tony Higgins) (Thanks to Peter Laban, who graciously pointed out it was not a reel, even though that's how I played it. How was I to know?)

2/17/04 Jason returns with: "Ok so i know i said no more but im having fun and will definately make this it for now :0) Its called January snows. Its a beautiful air."

Kevin Murray writes, "Although the tune (The Foggy Dew) shares it's title with a patriotic Irish air of the 20th century, this is in fact a much older tune,which was printed in Bunting's third collection of 1840. It's played on a vintage, chrome plated Generation whistle,which I think possibly dates from the 1920's or 30's. Although the whistle is in the key of high 'F',I don't think that it sounds particularly shrill,I'd say it has a 'traditional' whistle sound." (saved in misc)

2/15/04 Jason King writes, "Hi, this is a reel i like but i cant remember the name. I just call it the unnamed reel but if anyone knows the name that would be great...Heres one of my favourite tunes i came across. Its call "dans en dro." (saved in misc) i love this jig its called "out in the ocean. Heres the last tune for a while. Its called the arran boat." (misc)

2/11/04 Brad White, who's sent in pan flute music in the past, sends in "Its a fusion thing based on Jean's Reel." (I won't post it under reels for reasons that will become obvious. It's played on a whistle, nevertheless. The link slows a photo of an O'Riordan. saved in misc.)

2/7/04 Welcome to Ashley Jones, who sends several low whistle selections: a slow air, Foggy Dew, Fool's Jig, and Medley of Cornish Dance/English Country Garden (last saved in misc.) All done on Kerry low D.

1/31/04 Another recording from the Chiff Gathering at Stephan's house in early Jan (sorry about my flakiness getting this on-line) It's the reel, Castle Kelly. I think I have notes somewhere saying who's playing what...The Scottish-sounding guy at the beginning is really from Hawaii. There should be a couple of more tunes on the minidisc I've got to get up here.

1/30/04 Dave Auty sends " a couple of Hornpipes "The Homeruler and The Flowing Tide" Sindt D.

Bill Chin writes, "the name of the tune: Bach contata (variation) on five different whistles. any brief comments: comparison of five whistles, order of play Clarke C (2), Elfsong C (1), Elfsong D (5), Susato D (3), Walton D (4)" (saved in misc)

Robb Taylor sends: St Patrick's Day, (I don't know the official designation, is it a waltz?-Tony saved in misc) and Danny Boy, saved in slow airs.

1/29/04 Fergus Maunsell writes, "I am playing Andreas Rogge lefthanded D chanter plumwood with brass.boxwood 4 keys. the tune I play is slides O'Keefe's slide Johnny Mickey's slide. I am playing Andreas Rogge Lefthanded full set C Snakewood the tune is Donncha Lynch's Polka.

1/24/04 Welcome to Stuart Peak, who sends two jigs on a Gen Bb: Tatter Jack Walsh/Paddy Fahy's.

1/21/04 Welcome to Robert Sahlqvist, from Berghem, Sweden, who sends a hornpipe, Harvest Home on Charles Roberts halfset in D but with a David Daye Delrin chanter (uilleann pipes).

Kevin Murray writes, " I listened to Glauber's clip of 'Greensleeves' with interest,as I was keen to hear what his new Rod Cameron Traverso(Baroque Flute) sounded like. Here's a clip of a one keyed Boxwood Flute that I own,it's a 19th century model,though seems to play quite well at A=415,which has become 'standard tuning' for 'Baroque' instruments." Kevin plays Lord Inchiquin, which I believe is a planxty- written in honor of someone. (saved in non-w). (Eventually, I'll get around to labeling a 'flute' page. One of these days.)

1/20/04 Glauber Ribeiro writes, "With all the discussion about traverso, i though i'd send a traverso clip. This is Greensleeves, as it appears in O'Neill, recorded on a Rod Cameron traverso after C. A. Grenser." (I missed that discussion. Listening to the clip tells me it's a reference to flutes. Learn something new every day.) Saved in non-w.

Welcome to Jordan McConnell, who writes, "Heres a jig I recorded called Sean Bui. The instrument is a set of uilleann pipes in D. Chanter is a Rogge polyacetal practise chanter, drones are by Matt Kiernan." (saved in uilleann pipes) Here is a link to a band site in Jordan's email: www.duhks.com

1/17/04 Greg Schnider writes, "I have been playing around with this tune lately and though I would record it for the Clips and Snips archive (I really need to get a few recordings of my pipes on one day). Anyway, it is a nice four part jig that I first started playing in November while waiting for my father to have heart surgury. It must have been good luck since he made it through with flying colours and was just given a clean bill of health last week. This jig is also called The Hag at the Spinning Wheel." Maid at the Spinning Wheel

Katie writes, "This is Katie again. This is an original air I wrote over the holidays. It's played on a Goldie Overton low d." (saved in original)

1/13/04 Max Becher writes, "I finally got a little website up for my band. It's only temporary until I can get a nicer site up. Here is the url: http://www.soundclick.com/bands/4/themerryblacksmiths.htm I can now host my own tunes, at least the ones of me with my band. Here are the links for those: John Ryan's: ...Denis Murphy's: ...Off to California Set:
I will be recording more tunes soon hopefully. Thanks! -Max

Christian Roch writes, "...here is a nice hornpipe I learnt in 2002 from Dublin piper and pipemaker Donnacha Keegan. It is called Dunphy's hornpipe. I play a Andreas Rogge uilleann chanter in Bnat along with some cheesy keyboard drones in the background." (saved in uilleann pipes)

1/10/04 Well, you guys missed another fine gathering of Chiff members. We recorded a few things for posterity (and to see if we sounded as good as we thought we did). I'll get some more up later. For now, here's Down by the Sally Gardens. Low whistle by Steve (Norcal), high whistles by Renee (Norcal) and Tony Higgins, concertina by Alden (Limuhead), cello by Stephan (Stiofan), fiddle by Charlotte (she doesn't play whistle, a friend of Stephan). (saved in slow airs)

1/5/04 Aaron Malcomb writes, "This is a Breton lament played on a vintage, 8-key German flute. I learned it by ear off of a Jean-Michel Veillon recording."
GwerzarMarc hadourigBihan (saved in non-whistle)(Aaron's spelling, don't ask me)

12/29/03 Welcome to Patrick Ashley, who sends a slow air, Black is the Color, on a Howard low D.

12/26/03 Brian Dobson sends a slow air on low whistle, Parting of Friends. This file is in wma format. Any problems downloading it or comments in general, please post to the message board. Helpful feedback is very helpful. If you whine, make it entertaining. (saved in slow airs) (I almost typed 'low airs.' Get it? Slow airs, low whistle?)

12/21/03 Welcome to Erin Hilali. She writes, "this is my first try recording a tune. my name is Eran, i have been playing the whistle for a year. on the guitar and bodhran is my friend Daniella :-) the tunes as you probably know are 'Cooleys' and 'The Otter's Nest' i play a Obrian Improved D whistle. thats it... hope you like it :-) (saved in reels)

Tony Higgins posts comparison sounds between a 1976 untweaked Generation (except for stuffing below the windway) (Shandon Bells- jig) and a Jerry tweaked Generation (Wise Maid- reel). Also did the slipjig, Kid on the Mountain, just because I like it.

12/15/03 Max Becher (same guy who broke the 12 day drought) writes, "Here is recording of my band playing John Ryan's Polka. I am playing the mandolin this time, not the whistle. Jeremy Vierling is playing a generation nickel D, Daniel Bagdazian on guitar, Luke Seeley on bodhran and Nick Collins on spoons." (saved in misc)

12/13/03 Bit of a dry spell amidst all this rain...Max Becher writes, "Here is a tune that I recorded today with my little band, the Merry Blacksmiths. I am the playing a feadog brass d whistle, Daniel Bagdazian on acoustic guitar, Luke Seeley on bodhran and Nick Collins on spoons. The tune is Denis Murphy's Polka. (saved in misc.)

12/01/03 Welcome to Raven, who sends the tune, Give Me Your Hand. Hopefully, we'll learn more about this dark and mysterious whistler later. (saved in misc.)

Brett Pfingston writes, "Here's a reel called "The Durrow Reel." I learned it from Micheal Darby O Fatharta's CD 'Bosca Bideach'. Michael is a melodeon (one row accordion) player. The entire CD is played at a nice relaxed pace and is mostly solo melodeon. This makes it great to learn tunes from. I'm playing an Oak body with one of Gary Humphrey's "Retro-Fit" heads."

11/30/03 Tuaz writes, "OK, I'm on a bit of a roll here, rediscovering another of my hardly-used whistles. This time, it's the Dixon non-tunable C. Tune: Harvest Home Comments: I really liked this tune from the moment I first heard it on the BBC Virtual Session site. However, for the recording, I wanted to push the swing factor beyond Irish trad. So please note, I'm not thinking of "Harvest" as a hornpipe here. Nor am I playing the whistle as an Irish trad instrument (lots of tonguing!)." (still saved in hornpipes.)

Just a redo of Mr O'Connor. Sounds a little smoother to me. (Deleted the first version.) Tony Higgins (links to version done again on 5/8/04)

11/29/03 Here are a couple of more flute/whistle duets by Jack Murphy and Tony Higgins: the jig, Six Penny Money, and a reel, Tommy O'Dea's.

11/28/03 Kevin Murray writes, "...I've been dabbling in 'cross-fippling' .I've recently been listening to Baroque music,following my purchase of a one keyed flute,and this lead me on to investigating alto and Tenor Recorders (shock Horror!). Whilst I would say that the Recorder is a very different instrument from the whistle,and low Whistle,and isn't particularly suited to playing Irish Dance music,it can sound very effective playing slow airs (bear in mind that many slow airs date from 200-300 years ago,a time when the Recorder was a popular instrument). Anyway,as an example of what I've been getting up to lately,here's a clip of 'The Old Truigha'.This tune appeared in Bunting's 'Ancient Music of Ireland' (1809),and is probably older than that.I got this tune from Walton's 'Ireland's best slow airs' collection." (non-whistle)

Max Becher sends the hornpipe, Off to California.

The last tune is of unknown category, Mr O'Connor is the title of DeDanaan's version, which I transcribed yesterday and have been playing all day today. (Tony Higgins. saved in misc.) This one lives or dies on the rhythm. When i get it steadier, I'll redo it. :)

11/27/03 Later that morning...Tuaz redid Sliabh Russell, more to her own satisfaction.

11/27/03 Jack Murphy came over and we recorded a couple of flute/whistle duets. (Some will never be heard again by human ears...better that way...) Here's a jig, Lilting Banshee. Jack and Tony Higgins.

11/26/03 Tuaz writes, "To celebrate the arrival of my Hoover whitecap low E flat whistle (aluminium barrel), I've recorded 2 tunes on the same, and 1 on an older Hoover CPVC tunable low D. Garrett Barry's on the Hoover whitecap low E flat 2nd tune: Sliabh Russell on the Hoover CPVC tunable low D. Tonewise, the CPVC sounds huffier, and, to my ears, almost like an Irish flute, while the Whitecap is purer and clearer. However, this may not be the result of different materials being used, but more the result of the fact that the CPVC was made by Mack more than 500 whistles before my Whitecap, and there are some changes to the mouthpc windway design. For all I know, the current CPVCs may sound like the Whitecaps...on the Hoover Whitecap low E flat whistle: It's an old Chinese folk song called "Man Jiang Hong", which translates into "the whole river is red". The song commemorates a battle involving Yue Fei, a famous Chinese hero/patriot from the (I think) Warring States period of China's history. I sang this song in my school choir many years ago, but it's a song where the guys take the limelight - you know, male warriors singing about battle (sounds like the Klingons). That being the case, I thought a low whistle would be appropriate." (First 2 in jigs, last in misc.)

11/24/03 Glauber writes, "One more with the Lancewood protype Syn high d whistle, before i have to send it to the next person in its tour." Salamanca Reel.

11/23/03 Had to try again with the "slow reel" that starts as an air, having practiced it some more.I think it's smoother this time, and on a C whistle. (saved in reels)

11/18/03 Cara Thurlowe writes, "Here are some tunes from the 2nd Detroit River Whistle-In which, in fact, feature no whistles. #1 Cooley's Reel. "Thurlowe" on Olwell flute, "SteveK" moonlighting on Thurlowe's guitar. #2 Arkansas Traveller. SteveK on his own banjo. Recorded on minidisc with Shure 57 mic, converted to mp3." (saved in non-whistle.)

Lee Marsh writes, "It's getting to be time for me to start dusting off Seasonal Tunes for the Holidays. So I'd thought I'd record a couple and send the in. (Really just a motivation to practice more). The tunes are: Oh Come Emanuel, We Wish You A Merry Christmas, Westminster Carol, O Come All Ye Faithful. Kinda started me in the Christmas Spirit. Enjoy Your Music." (saved in misc.)

11/17/03 I just redid the reel, Woman of the House, this time on an A whistle. Also did my all time favorite (slow) reel that I finally transcribed to get all the notes. (My earlier versions learned by ear are lame. There are notes missing.) It starts as a slow air, then changes tempo into a reel. Don't have a name for it. This is also from the Wild Geese album from 1976. I recorded a friend's vinyl album onto reel-to-reel, then finally over to cd this year before the tape gave up the ghost.

11/16/03 Welcome to Greg Schnider, who sends a jig, Thrush in the Straw.

11/15/03When KC Jiang was at my mom's house for our C&F gathering, I recorded him playing a Chinese tune, Green Island Serenade, on a Burke Bb. It was written by a political prisoner in Taiwan the day before he was executed at the Green Island prison. My minidisc recorder tricked me into believing I had recorded over it and lost it. Today, to my surprise, as I was about to record over it, I found it was still there. Close call. (saved in misc.)

Glauber is back with a jig, "Christmas in Kinsale in honor of the Battle of Kinsale, Christmas Eve 1601. It was written by Chicago-area composer Tony O'Connell." And there's "a slow air, The Parting of Friends. It's a favourite of Matt Molloy's (to whom I apologize for butchering it). I know sending slow airs is cheating :-) but I wanted to show off some pops and cranns with this whistle." Cheating?? I love slow airs. There's a whole page devoted to them.

I, myself, recorded no less than four reels today, thank you. (It pays to stay off the message board.) They are: Woman of the House and an unknown reel I got from an old recording from 1976 by the Wild Geese album, The Quays of Galway Town. The other two are Drunken Landlady, which MurphyStout assigned me to learn, and Mountain Top, which I had just started learning when I found out Murph was working on it as well.

11/12/03 Glauber writes, "Here's a substitute for my original recording of "I'm the boy for bewitching them." Still with Village Smithy. This time i used a minidisc recorder instead of the computer's microphone, so i avoided all the machine noise. I think this shows off the whistle sound better."

11/9/03 CHIFF & FIPPLE GATHERING 11/8/03: See what you missed!!!
Photos (may be slow loading due to number of pictures).

Tunes recorded: a nice slow version of Lord Mayo.........Summertime by George Gershwin by Limuhead on Ralph Sweet whistle and KC Jiang on harmonica.....Morrison's Jig..........Turkish mandolin solos by my friend Nirman.......
a reel, Silver Spear- MurphyStout pulls us together with his flute after an ambivalent beginning............a Japanese folk song by Limuhead on whistle and KC Jiang on harmonica- they both happened to know it in harmonizing versions.....Ballydesmond polka/Battle of Aughrim........a Hawaiian hula song by Limuhead (his wife, Kay, danced the hula and explained the movements in words)........We Only Can Meet In Our Dreams, played by KC Jiang, who explains, "A Chinese solider from China moved to Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War and left his wife in China, he worte this song for his wife. Chinese Civil War separated families for about forty years. My father was in the Nationalist military, he went to Taiwan and left his two sons in China in 1949. My father passed away in 1976 and he never saw and commucated to his sons since 1949." The recordings are uncensored and relatively unedited to capture the spirit of the gathering. I thought I'd lost the recording of KC playing Green Island Serenade on a Burke Bb whistle. Just found it. This tune was composed by a political prisoner in Taiwan the day before he was executed at the Green Island prison.

11/6/03 Michael Eskin writes, "...playing with a new chanter, liked the way this came out..."By the River of Gems" Koehler and Quinn flat chanter in C." (saved in uillean)

11/4/03 Azalin writes, "Well, I just felt like recording a few tunes. They're played on an old tweaked O'Briain Generation whistle, a whistle that is much quieter than his other tweaked whistles and is great to play at night. Anyway, first set is a set of jigs, Claire Jig / Gillean's Apples, and the second set is a set of reels, two of my favorite, Torn Jacket / Bag of Spuds, both tunes learned from a great recording of Eamonn Cotter playing the flute. Also, I have learned Gillean's Apples from none other than the great Stephen Jones, and Claire Jig from Geraldine McNemarra from Ennis. It's always fun to remember where and how you've learned a tune."

11/2/03 Welcome to Fergus Maunsell, who writes, "The slow air is called 'Cailín NA Gruaige Doinne' (The Girl of the Brown Hair). Lefthanded set of Uilleann Pipes in key of C snakewood made by Andreas Rogge in Germany." (saved in uilleann)

10/18/03 Michael Owings sends: "She Moved Through The Fair on RT Shepherd mouth-blown smallpipes in 'D' Total pipe novice -- about two weeks experience. Pretty fun instrument all-in-all." (saved in non-whistle)

Josh Murray writes, "Here is the reel Lady on the Island played on my no-name woodenflute:)" (saved in non-whistle)

Later that day...Time to revisit another favorite, Monaghan Jig. (deleted the old version). Tony Higgins

10/12/03 Here's a "slow jig" for want of a better category. I heard it on a compilation cd, "Pure Bodhran," which has bodhran backup on every track. Here's also a really slow version with metronome for anyone who wants to learn it. Here's a link to the abc's.

10/01/03 Ok, before people start wondering if I'm a whistle poseur or something (what a thing to aspire to), I thought I'd better post something. Besides, I have two new whistle parts- an Abell C tube and a Gary Humphrey delrin Bb head (I haven't put these two together yet). On the Bb is a slow air, The Dear Irish Boy, which I learned from the Baker's Well cd. On the C, is a set, Dennis Murphy's Slide/Shandon Bells (jig). (saved in jigs).

Max Becher sends the jig, Banish Misfortune. His second file is a set. He writes, "Here is a recording that my little band, the Merry Blacksmiths, made a while ago. The set is Off to California, Maggie in the Woods and The Rakes of Mallow. The whole band was not in on this recording. I am playing a Feadog Brass D Whistle, Daniel Bagdazian on acoustic guitar and Luke Seeley on the Bodhran. Hopefully, we will get a website up soon. Thanks! (saved in misc.)

9/27/03 Welcome to Brad White, who writes, "I am a panflute player and I thought this might be interesting to the players on your site. I simply played it into my iMac. This is a link to "After The Battle of Aughrim."...Thank you ... brad white Aloha & Groetjes, Brad White Honolulu, Hawaii & Delft, Netherlands. saved in non-whistle. He also sends an original tune called The Doll. You should see his website! Pan-flute.com

9/25/03 Michael Eskin writes, "'Sport' played on a 1/2 set of Kirk Lynch Uilleann pipes Here's what Ceolas says about the tune: SPORT. Irish, Jig. D Major. Standard. Composed by whistle player Peadar O'Riada of Cuil Aodha (Coolea), County Cork, the son of Sean Ó Riada."

9/22/03 Welcome to Micah Dutro and Adam Brown who play a duet on whistle and guitar: Sing Like the Saved (Jazz). (saved in misc.)

9/21/03 Kevin Murry writes, "I've been tootling with the Dixon Poly. flute again and recorded the attached clip. I'm starting to investigate Baroque fluting ,though I'm afraid Carolan is about as 'Baroque' as I get. O'Carolan's Draught. (non-w)

9/19/03 Tony Higgins plays the jig, Green Eyed Lass, which I learned form Laurence Nugent's Windy Gap cd (there, you can hear what it's supposed to sound like). I just got a delrin head from raindog (Gary Humphrey) to fit onto a Generation nickel Bb tube. As I played, my hands got sweatier and the whistle kept slipping. I think that's why I sped up at the end. :)

9/18/03 Kevin Murry writes, "Like a bad penny,I'm back with two clips of two very different flutes. The first clip is played on a 19th century Boxwood 0ne keyed flute (similar to a Baroque Traverso) by J.C. Haynes.I've chosen to murder Carolan's 'Captain Studley'(AKA 'Carolan's dowry'). The second clip features an anon.(German?) Blackwood keyed eight keyed flute.The tune is a Waltz time version of 'Anach Chuain',learnt from the playing of the great Jack Coen (he learnt this Waltz version from Larry Radican).The tune is more commonly played as a slow air. (saved in non-w)

Max Becher writes, "Here is a tune I recorded recently, a slip jig, called Butterfly. It was written by Tommy Potts of Dublin, who is the father of Sean Potts, who used to play the whistle for the Chieftains. (saved in jigs)

9/13/03 Ole Buhl in Denmark sends the slow air, Taimse im chodhladh on his home-made uilleann pipes. He writes, "I have worked with that b-set for a long time now. I have been critical with the set being in tune. Comment please. There is a little problem with the g in second octave still. I have got many hints from people all over the world to make the set (from the internet). I'm still working with it. Have made a baritone regulator too. A big travel to make a flat set. Any comments are welcommen."

9/12/03 Michael Reagan, aka slowair, writes, "This isn't on whistle and it's not Irish or even Celtic. I'm hoping you can include it anyways. There have been some threads on Native American flute lately and I was hoping I could post a tune I did about a year ago. Title: Lady Bug Dance Instrument: A Russ Venable Low E dual chamber cherry NA flute. Background is from Acid Music." (saved in non-w)

9/10/03 Glauber writes, "This is a biographical slip jig called "I'm the Boy to Bewitch Them". It's from O'Neil's, and is featured (on flute) on Grey Larsen's "Dark of the Moon" album. This was played on the Village Smithy high D Serpent whistle (the new model, with metal plug). I think the Village Smithy's "sexy" sound is a good fit for slip jigs."

9/7/03 Brett Pfingston (bretton) writes, "Here is a reel called The Ivy Leaf that I just picked up in the last few days. I'm still working on the tune, but it's an interesting one so I thought I'd share. :) I'm playing a new (August 2003) Burke Session D Composite whistle with a Delrin head. I wasn't terribly fond of this whistle when I first got it, but it's growing on me...nice whistley sound to it."

8/30/03 Welcome to new poster, Barry Watson, who writes, "This is my first offering! It's a jazzy swung version of The Chicago Reel known as Eamonn's Reel. Played on Silkstone Alloy D/Water Weasel D/Overton low D's, with added accordion, piano, bodhran/percussion.... Hope you enjoy it."

Katie returns with the O'Carolan tune, Blind Mary. (She promises no electronic screeching. That can't be bad.) She writes, "This is my first low D, and I just got it yesterday, so I hope it doesn’t sound too bad." saved in slow airs.

Ken Norris returns with two tunes: They are tunes he sent in before, but, this time on a "Howard Whistle (Low D), With new updated whistle head!! I just received my New Whistle head from Howard, and wanted to show how the new sound is brought out by it. I love the difference!" Scarborough and O Holy Night. Ken invites constructive criticism. (saved in new players).

8/26/03 Gary Humphrey writes, "I've been pretty lazy today and haven't even been down to my workshop, but I did finally get a tune recorded in between naps. ;-) I'll record one on the D later, but for now here's 'King of the Fairies' played on a nickel Generation Bb retrofitted with one of my PVC/Delrin heads. This recording is completely unedited in order to provide the closest possible representation of the actual sound of the whistle, so please excuse the background noises and my goofs. ;-)" (I know Gary's been working more than 40hrs a week in a really hot environment recently and making whistles during his brief off time. If he's lazy, I'm petrified.) (saved in misc.)

Welcome to new poster, Larry Hood, who writes, "I have one of Jerry Freeman's original Shaw tweaking experiments. I promised ages ago to record something with it. I have attached a shortened version of Inisheer done on a Freeman-tweaked Low-D to put up, in misc."

Heh, heh. Sam Thompson reminded me he posted about a year and a half ago. I'll leave up my welcome, though.

8/21/03 Welcome to a new poster, Sam Thompson, from Centre for the Study of Music Performance, Royal College of Music in London. He sends a handful of tunes: Goodman's Slipjig, The Drink of Water (jig), Lady Lane (jig), Patsy Geary's (jig), and Palm Sunday (jig). I just realized they're all jigs. I'm betting Sam is a Bothy Band fan.

8/18/03 Glauber returns quickly with another slow air also recorded live in the First Presbyterian Church of Wheaton, IL(USA) on August 10, 2003. "The name is Bruach na Carraige Baine (which i'm told, means "By the Shore of the White Rocks"). I learned this from Geraldine Cotter's "100 Tunes" CD."

8/15/03 Wandering Whistler (Gregory Mahan) sends two slow airs: Eanach Dhuin and Uir-Chill A' Chreagain.

8/13/03 Glauber writes, "This was recorded live on August 10 2003 at First Presb Church of Wheaton, IL (USA). I think changing back and forth between 4/4 and 6/4 inside the piece makes it more interesting. I love the sound quality of the Water Weasel." The tunes are Seek Ye First / Bach's Minuet. (Are you allowed to call Bach's compositions 'tunes?' Then again, playing Bach on pvc pipe would probably scandalize some people. (saved in misc)

8/10/03 Xavier Tan (Eldarion) and Jack Murphy (Murphy Stout) have collaborated on a flute duet that they recorded in Ireland at Willie Clancy Week. "Its the tune, The Devils of Dublin, and we learnt it in Catherine McEvoy's class." (saved in non-whistle)

8/9/03 Dave Auty writes, "I had a little experiment with the stereo effect on this two part tune. I got it from a Northumbrian Piper." The tune is The Hills of Lorne. (saved in misc.)

Kevin Murray writes, " I was messing about with Goldwave, and went back to one of my favourite airs , the evocative 'Paddy's rambles.' ...I'd been listening to Cormac Breatnach's version of 'Port na bPucai' with its 'crowing' and ambient sounds, beforehand- Unfortunately, I'm not very good at Owl impressions (LOL!)." The full title is Paddy's Ghostly Ramble through the Park. (saved in slow airs.) "The U.K. is experiencing a bit of a heatwave at the moment ('Mad dogs and Englishmen' and all that),and it seemed rather funny to me to be trying to conjure up the feeling of walking alone in the dead of night, when the sun is beating down outside!"

8/5/03 Steve Barnes sends two reels today: The Earl's Chair and The Merry Blacksmith.

8/3/03 MacEachain returns with Statia Donnelly's Jig.

8/1/03 Lee Marsh writes, "Carol Skinner wrote a lovely tune and then gave me the honor of adopting a title I suggested. She's asked me a couple of time to record it, so here is Autumn Mountain Met by Carol Skinner played by Lee Marsh on an Overton Low-D." saved in orig.

7/30/03 Kevin Murray write "I felt the need to properly 'Christain' my NEW Alba low 'C' by sending in a soundbite. Apologies to O'Carolan and whistlemaker Stacey O'Gorman for my playing, but it hopefully gives some idea of the lovely rich tone and nobility of this BIG whistle." Planxty Hewlitt, saved in misc.

Justin Panovec writes, "Hey Tony, I saw your message on the C&F message board, and seeing that I recorded me playing Coombe I decided the only thing left for me to do was send it in ;) hard decision too :p ...This of course is played on my Home Made Low D whistle. Added just a bit of reverb to make it sound even more sad." (saved in slow airs)

7/29/03 Congratulations to Lolly Cross, who has published her own cd of whistle tunes. The webpage for the cd is here. Lolly asked me to link to one of her tunes, O'Keefe's Polka. So I did. "Karina Kruth guest stars on Violin and Low D Whistle."

7/17/03 Welcome to "Caitlin McNamara," a new poster. In her own words, "I am fifteen years old and a big fan of Celtic music due to being half irish and half scottish. I have been playing the feadog since I was nine and play in the celtic band at school. I play on D tinwhistle - just bought in the duty free on the way back from EIRE on my last visit." She plays two slow airs, Foggy Dew and Blind Mary, as well as well as the slip jig, Foxhunters Jig.

Ken Norris returns with O Holy Night, saved in New Players.

7/13/03 I've added more photos from the 2nd day of the Games. I've also added a sound file of another whistler, Tim Hart, and myself (Tony Higgins) playing Road to Lisdoonvarna/O'Keefe's Slide as a duet. Vic Entriken plays bodhran, Peter Winchell on bouzouki. (saved in misc)

7/12/03 Here are some photos from the Scottish Highland Games, held at the Dunsmuir House, Oakland California, 7/12/03.

7/11/03 July is the month for new posters. This is great. Welcome to Dmitri Alano. He writes, "I'm a high school band director and live in Indianapolis, Indiana I play in a celtic band named Hogeye Navvy. www.hogeyenavvy.com (could resist the plug, sorry) I play a David Williams 5 key D flute - grenadilla wood, and various whistles. My favorites are the Patrick O'Riordan (annodized aluminum), and John Sindt (he makes a fantastic Bb! and his D is so smoooooth)" The first post is (reels): Pile of Bricks/ Cooley's/ Crawford's Played by: Dmitri Alano with Hogeye Navvy - live. The second is an original composition (reel) The Random Canoe by Dmitri, played on flute and whistle by Jimmy Brownlee. (saved in orig)

7/8/03 Welcome to Ken Norris, a new poster from unknown parts. He sends in a slow air he calls Kate's 36th B-day Song 2003. It might put you in mind of The West Wind. Ken writes, "I am a VERY new player, and this is my first attempt at doing anything like this. I would rate my skill level at very low novice on high whistles, and absolute beginner on my Howard Low D whistle. I am open to any all constructive criticisms and tips for improving." (saved in slow airs)

Welcome to yet another new poster, Conor, who sends an unnamed reel he heard on Lunasa's first cd. If someone knows the name, I'll put it in. Conor's point of origin is also unknown.

7/3/03 Welcome to Chad Boland, from Canada. (Could you be more specific?) Chad sends in Paddy Fahey's Jig. Chad invites emailing tips on whistle playing. I remind everyone to go to the message board for a massive quantity of playing tips.

6/29/03 MacEachan returns (re-returns) with a flute tune this time: a slow air, Peggy Gordon. He writes, "I just got an Ormiston flute a week ago. I'm not familiar with it yet but I am trying, (trying my wife's patience, probably)." (saved in non-w)

6/27/03 Welcome to a new poster, Katie, who plays the slow air, Roisn Dubh. Katie sent me a few files of electronic sound effects before getting the recording thing right. Katie writes she got lots of encouragement from "Walden, Eldarion, and others."

6/26/03 MacEachain returns with 3 sets or tunes: the jigs, Merrily Kissed the Quaker's Wife/Merrily Danced the Quaker, another jig, The Frost is All Over, and a hornpipe(?) Stellas Trip to Kamloops.

6/25/03 Azalin returns with a reel set: first is unknown with Sean sa Cheo. He writes, "I really love those reels and these days I play them all the time (until I'll get sick of them!)" And never satisfied, I've rerecorded my Six Penny Money/Bank of Turf jig set once again. Peter Winchell plays bouzouki. (I was going to delete the previous rendition of 5/11/03, but left it in because someone emailed that they liked the bouzouki chords on it.

6/17/03 Jack Murphy sends a whistle tune this time instead of his usual flute offerings. He writes, "I'm getting ready for my ireland trip and practising so I don't make too much of an A#@ out of myself. Here is The Saw Jig, one of the many tunes I've been working on. I've been trying to play farely slow, relaxed, and most importantly under control. Hee hee, I know, out of character.

6/13/03 Gadzooks! I just realized I've been sitting on a tune Kevin Murray sent me on 6/4/03 and never posted it. Sorry, Kevin. Here it is, a slow air, Arthaobh na Carraige (By the Side of the Rock). Kevin's comment: " I just discovered this lovely slow air in a collection of tunes written or played by that fine Donegal whistler and Singer Packie Manus Byrne. The tune book 'A dossan of Heather' deserves to be in every budding whistler's library."

6/10/03 MacEachain sends a slow air, An Buachaill Caol Dubh. He plays it on a practice set of pipes in D. He started on the pipes this past January. He writes, "I wanted to learn this tune after hearing it played by Cillian Vallely on the CD Callan Bridge." (saved in u.p.)

6/6/03 Eric Ryan sends Ballydesmond Polka #1 on a Dixon 3 piece polymer flute. He writes, "I'd like to post it just to see how much I've progressed since I first sent in Slane a couple of months ago." (saved in non-w)

6/3/03 Michael Eskin sends in the jig, The Southwest Wind, on his Copeland high D.

5/27/03 Steve Barnes sends 3 tunes: 2 reels: Drowsy Maggie and Junior Crehan's Favourite, and a jig, Rose in the Heather.

I rerecorded my own Six Penny Money/Bank of Turf, dated 5/11/03 in jigs. (Updated w/ new file 6/25/03)

5/14/03 Arbo returns quickly with Col. McBaine's Reel. He writes, "I learned this tune from the playing of Jack Coen in a flute workshop held at the Irish Arts center in NYC. The bass and guitar accompaniment is just me messing around." (saved in non-w)

My bouzouki playing friend, Peter, returned this weekend, both of us more polished from practice. Here are clips out of longer tracks on minidisc: jigs: Six Penny Money/Bank of Turf, the hornpipe, Off to California, and my perennial favorite, King of the Fairies. (saved in misc) If they're worth doing, they're worth doing over.

5/10/03 Kevin Murray writes, "I've been lent a vintage wooden flute, of unknown make,which belonged to the grandfather of a friend. Apparently the grandfather played Cornet and Flute in the works band, many years ago. I've stuck with the 'folk-loreish theme' by recording a take on 'Port na bPucai' (The Fairy Tune), probably being more than a bit over-ambitious....I was recently totally knocked out by Ronan Browne's Uilleann Piping version,which appears on the brilliant 'The Drones and the Chanters, volume 2' collection. Any similarity between Mr. Browne's tune and mine is purely co-incidental." (saved in non-w)

Dave Auty writes, "Here is a slowish reel, Brenda Stubberts, followed by a tune I don't know the name of, played on Sindt D whistle."

5/6/03 A character named Rhudi emailed me from Asheville, North Carolina and asked I link his/her web page of whistle tunes. So I did. Rhudi writes, "I started teaching myself the whistle around Christmas of 1999."

Welcome to a new poster, Xiao Fuchun (King Rat) of the Irish Pipes and Drums of the British Columbia Regiment. He writes, "My name is Fuchun, originally from Singapore and now working in Canada. I play the pipes and also the tin-whistle. (Actually, I bought a new mike and I’m treating it like a toy!) ... my 1st tune, called Belfast Hornpipe."

5/3/03 Welcome to Aaron Malcolmb, who sends a slip jig, The Fisherman, on an "8-keyed, German flute." (saved in non-w) Welcome, also, to Brian Mavity, who writes, "Brian Mavity playing 2 polkas Brendan Beglys and Donal DeBarras on a D Waltons mello D." At first, I thought 3 guys were playing the polkas, then I realized Brendan and Donal weren't playing them, they were .them. (ssaved in misc.) Aaron Waldon writes, "I've been meaning to provide a clip of the high Asarkar whistle for a while. These are the brass whistles commonly imported from India. The tune is "Traveling On," and it has bouzouki accompaniment." (I don't know what type of tune it is, so it's in misc.)

4/29/03 Cara Lieurance sends 3 more clips, by popular demand from the Buster Keaton movie live performance: (This is rock music, not Irish/Celtic/folk)
Two Favorite Things: Starts the movie, describes Buster Keaton's character's love for his train The General, and his girl, Annabel Lee. I play whistle & sing backup. Tango Dangereuse: Buster Keaton is hiding in an enemy camp, underneath a buffet table. I play flute.
Movin' On: One of the many sequences in which Buster is creating great comedy on a moving train, escaping with a train the enemy had stolen from him. I play flute. All clips were recorded live April 5th in a local theater in Kalamazoo, performed by Blue Dahlia blue-dahlia.com.

Here are a couple more tunes by Peter Winchell and myself (one take, live with it): Lark in the Morning (jig) (long clip) and Paddy Fahey's Jig.

4/27/03 The ever humble Jack Murphy writes, "New flute duet between Singapore and the US... I used a respirator! Here is The Banshee (reel) played by me on my Hamilton D and Eldarion on his "beloved" Murray D. It sounds pretty darn good. It's our best one yet. Anyways here it is and we're pretty proud of it. Comments are appreciated!" (saved in non-w)

Kevin Murray writes, "...This time,it's the old favourite 'Rolling in the Ryegrass', played on my Sindt 'D'...The arythmic banging noise is my foot, and NOT the neighbours telling me to shut up! As I said before,I am trying to concentrate on Reels, in an attempt to understand the form better." (saved in reels)

4/26/03 Aaron Walden, with a little arm twisting from Carol Skinner, sends his own composition, Chiff & Fipple Air. (saved in orig) Aaron accompanies himself on bouzouki.

Cara Lieurance ( "thurlowe") writes, "This clip, from a live performance in front of a crowd, takes a little explaining. The band I'm playing with is an extremely accomplished and eclectic rock band called Blue Dahlia. It's performing a modern-style soundtrack to accompany the silent film "The General" starring Buster Keaton, and I was honored to be a guest artist on flutes, whistles & vocals. This is the only traditional tune I brought to the soundtrack, "Jennie's Chickens." You'll hear me begin the tune on a Copeland nickel silver D about 38 seconds into the clip. Earlier there is a slide whistle sound effect, which sounds random in the clip but corresponds to action on the screen. The clip fades out as the band changes to a new scene & new tune." (saved in reels) Editor's note: Cautionary advisory to you 'pure drop' afficionados.

4/21/03 Jerry Freeman writes, "There's some discussion going on about the feasibility of tweaking Shaws, so this is an example of what they can sound like. Tune: Salt Air Written by: Carol Skinner Played... on Tweaked Shaw A." (saved in misc) Azalin writes, "Here's a classic set, played on O'Briain tweaked Feadog D. The tunes are Skylark and Roaring Mary." (reels)

4/20/03 Kevin Murray writes, " I just recorded this clip today. (The Limestone Rock). I associate this reel with the great Micho Russell (Oh to be as good,well we all need something to aim for!) I know that there's a couple of fluffs,but I was going for rhythm and sponteneity ("Aha- the 'old rhythm and sponteniety card' I hear you say...!) I know that I need to work on dance music-reels in particular, so It's about time that I invited critiques/hints/tips (apart from 'Shut up!")from anyone out there. Answers on a postcard,c/o the message board? Ken Ricketts writes, "The thread that kicked off Tobin's jig is throwing up requests for more illustrations of back stitching etc so here for Larry D (Lorenzo) is The Lark in the Morning - a real old chestnut but a nice tune. Also... is a hornpipe called The Humours of Castle Bernard. I've never heard this tune on record and it was transcribed in An Piobaire recently from Liam O'Flynn's playing."

4/19/03 A good friend of mine, Peter Winchell, and I are going to play at a wedding reception during the dinner. We've got until July to prepare. Today was our first day getting together and going through the tunes. We recorded ourselves for practice as we don't live close enough to get together too often. We recorded 11 tunes in one afternoon. Peter had never heard a lot of these tunes and he's trying out his new bouzouki. I played the melodies for him and he figured out chords, etc. Then we popped on the recorder. Most of these were done in 1 take. I edited out a couple of spectacular messups. Otherwise, it's raw. (We only got through about 1/4 of our planned set.) So...you'll hear some of my favorites, already posted a few times here already. (Sorry.) I can't wait until the wedding. Peter was experimenting with backup. When he has it nailed, oh man. Coombe...King of the Fairies...White Goat...Take My Hand...Dobbins (for want of a proper name)...Goose set...Golden Castle...Tullycrine/Porthole...Denis Murphy's Slide...Fig for a Kiss...Lisdoonvarna/O'Keefe's Slide. (I'll organize them on pages later. It's pretty late. The whistles are Copeland low D, Abell Bb, O'Riordan C, Burke narrow bore brass D.)

4/18/03 Michael Eskin sends a 2 jig set: Killavel Jig/Coolea Jig, and a reel, The Hunter's Purse. Jack Murphy plays a polka, called The Croppies March. (saved in misc)

4/17/03 Aaron Walden plays the song, This Train. He writes, "The whistle is an Adler wooden D, and the other instrumentation is bouzouki and a harmonica in C, all played by me." (saved in misc)

4/15/03 Ken Ricketts' Swallow's Tail Reel is here. (so you don't miss it). Details below in 4/13/03.

4/13/03 Later in day...Tony Higgins sends a slow reel, Dobbin's Flowery Vale, heard on Altan's Harvest Storm cd.

4/13/03 Kevin Murray writes, "I'm on a bit of a roll with slow airs at the moment-Here's a tune that I'm listening to a lot just now.'Paddy's Rambles through the Park' appears on Paul McGrattan's latest album 'Keelwest',on solo 'D' flute. I've also been listening to Ronan Browne play it on Uilleann Pipes,accompanied by Triona Ni Dhomhnaill on harmonium,on his 'The Wynd You Know' album. A beautiful tune,that I intend to work on further. Here's my 'thumbnail sketch' for now." (saved in slow airs) Ken Ricketts returns with another pipe tune and writes, "Attached are a couple more tunes on my Dave Williams flat set in B. Tobin's jig has been the subject of some discussion on the uilleann pipe list and the setting of The Swallow's tail was published recently in An Piobaire transcribed from Martin Rochford." (saved in u pipes)

4/12/03 Tony Higgins sends the tune to a song, An Gabhar Ban (The White Goat) from a '70's Clannad vinyl recording. (saved in misc)

4/11/03 Aaron Walden sends in a slow air, The Wayfaring Stranger.

4/7/03 Kevin Murray plays his Copeland low D he says he financed by selling a kidney (presumably his own). He plays My Lagan Love, a slow air. Kevin explains, " I learnt the tune from the 'Irish Heartbeat' album by The Chieftains and VAN MORRISON(which is probably why I think of it almost as a 'Northern Irish blues' song).The tune also features on Desi Wilkinson's very soulful 'Shady Woods' album(another great player from the Northern flute playing tradition)." Kevin wants to thank Carol Skinner for supplying the English lyrics for The Dark Slender Boy. (They're on the Clips & Snips message board.) Eldarion sends a reel on his flute, Lucky in Love. (non-w)

4/4/03 Never leaving well enough alone, I'm redoing Bobby Casey's and adding a slow reel, Porthole of the Kelp, which was composed by Bobby Casey. I thought they went well together. (Tony Higgins) saved in reels.

4/3/03 Brian Dobson sends the slow air, The Dark Slender Boy, which I believe is the English language title for the one Kevin played yesterday. Teri Kessler sends a "set dance, Hurry the Jug, learned from a recording by Bobby Casey. Time to stick a fork in me." (She must be done.) saved in misc.

4/2/03 Welcome to Larry Dickerson, who writes, "My user name is "Lorenzo" from C&F. I'm playing a jig named "Beann Coffin" on a 3/4 set of uilleann pipes in B (no makers name). The pipes are accompanied by a mandocello played by Jon St. Hilaire." (saved in uilleann pipes) Arto Vallivirta writes, "This jig (the Kilfenora jig) is played very much around here. It's usually in a set with Cliffs of Moher, but here it's played alone." Kevin Murray writes, "I tried recording this tune on several different whistles,in the process of learning it,and was surprised by the (sypathetic?) resonance I got on the low note on my Overton low 'F',which isn't apparent on the the other whistles. A case of 'serendipidy' I suppose!" He plays the slow air, An Buachaill Caol Dubh.

3/31/03 Welcome to Rick Slater (geek4music), who sends in a hammered dulcimer/autoharp composition called Icewind. He writes, "I came up with it while practicing arpeggios on my hammered dulcimer during a very cold icy day. Please note it is only the A part. I had not worked out the B part at the time I recorded it and now my sound card isn't working so it'll be a little while before I record the whole thing. It's played on a Songbird hammered dulcimer and Oscar Schmidt autoharp. In Em." (saved in orig) Steve Barnes is back with the reel, Rolling in the Ryegrass, and Let Me Fish off Cape St. Mary's, air, written by Otto Kelland. Teri Kessler sends the following cryptic message: "In response to the goading of someone, here's a couple jigs: Tatter Jack Walsh and The Legacy. Now whose turn is it?"

3/29/03 Jerry Freeman sends a composition by Carol Skinner called Salt Air. (saved in misc)

3/28/03 Mixed tunes are becoming the rage. Today, we have Arto Vallivirta, who writes, "This reel is a composition of mine. It's played on my new fancy Cillian Ó Briain low F. I call the tune "Breaking the Ice." (saved in orig) Josh Murray writes, "Two polkas on wooden flute, the first is from Kerry (don't know the name) and second is commonly grouped in the collective catch all polka naming convention "Ballydesmond". (non-w) Laura (Hillfolk22) does another (I'll let her explain): "It has been a real joy playing around with this cakewalk program. This tune (Off to California) is mixed with: Spoons, Guitar, Overton Low D, Burke high D, and mountain dulcimer." (saved in horpipes)

3/27/03 Welcome to new poster: Aldon Sanders (LimuHead), who sends a jazz number, Whistling Jazz, that includes whistle and Xaphoon. He writes, I'm playing the whistle parts, and the Xaphoon part. The other parts are by members of Ka Ehu Kai (Ray Bambao Sr. - piano, Ray Bambao Jr. - bass, Tennyson Lum - Roland drum pad). This piece is improvised. (saved in orig.) Kevin Murray sends the slow air, The Fair Maid of Wicklow, "on my NEW Copeland low 'D' which I'm still getting to grips with!" He also plays a two jig set, The Geese in the Bog/Na Ceannabhain Bana. He writes, "'The Geese' was one of the first tunes that I posted to 'Clips and Snips' as it was then-I don't know if I've improved much!(LOL)" Steve Barnes sends two reels, The Mason's Apron and Toss the Feathers, also, Memory Waltz, written by Dave Panting, and Mussels in the Corner, polka? (last 2 in misc)

3/23/03 Gary Humphrey plays 'The Limerick Rake,' which he speculates is a waltz. My guess would be a jig.?? I'll put it in jigs for now.

3/22/03 Eldarion sends two reels, Richard Dwyers/Golden Keyboard "...recorded when I was at my band gathering. ...my band bodhranai, Boon, is backing me up."

3/21/03 Brian Dobson sends the reel, Dunmore Lasses, on his new O'Riordan kingwood C. For the curious, yes, the recording is very representative of the sound of O'Riordans. Josh Murray sends in a reel on flute: Scotch Mary. (saved in non-w)
Azalin writes, "Well, I promised someone that I'd send up a set of reels. So now it's her turn! Here they are...The Bantry Lasses/Josie McDermott's."

3/15/03 Azalin sends two jigs in Eb: The High Part of the Road/Aaron's Key.

3/11/03 Andrea McCoy (Aderyn) and Teri Kessler collaborated long distance to put together Wild Mountain Thyme- vocal is Andrea, whistle and Kurtzweiller (harp setting) are Teri. Mixed on Cool-edit Pro. saved in misc.

3/10/03 Kevin Murray sends, "the 6/8 set dance 'St. Patrick's Day', played on my recently received Sindt Eb. A happy and (hopefully) peaceful St. Patrick's day to everyone." (saved in jigs- sounds like a jig to me...)

3/8/03 Welcome to Steve Barnes, who sends a handful of tunes: the reel, Julia Delaney, a slow air, The Fisher Who Died in His Bed, Morrison's Jig, and The Swallow's Tail, a reel. Sara Shaw (Soineanta) writes, "I wrote this on a very wet Saturday afternoon while I was bemoaning the fact I was stuck indoors." Dreary Afternoon (saved in orig) Dave Auty sends a couple of hornpipes: The Mountain Ranger/The Harp and Shamrock. He says, "I heard them on a CD called Fourmilehouse by Alan and John Kelly, piano accordeon and flute."

3/6/03 Azalin writes, "Here are two reels about women, to celebrate women's day, which is march 8th. What would us guys do with women? Limerick Lasses/London Lasses..."Ronaldo Reyburn sends Amazing Grace, played on low whistle w/ accompaniment; "Constance is playing keyboard and Ryk is playing guitar."(slow airs)

3/5/03 Here is a prime example of what happens when a whistle player decides to take up the fiddle: John Palmer plays Drowsy Maggie on his one year fiddle anniversary. (Let this be a lesson to everyone.) Then again, I might have to try this, myself.

3/2/03 Welcome to new poster, Damien Chow, who sends the slow air, Inisheer. Damien has been playing whistle for two weeks, but has played another unspecified instrument for 11yrs. (saved in slow airs)

2/27/03 Eldarion writes, "I've got two tunes ready today, the first is a slide called "Trip to the Jacks". Its a tune popularised by Jackie Daly and I play it on my beloved Murray keyless blackwood flute. The second tune is a hornpipe called "The Golden Eagle" and its played on my trusty ol' brass Generation D."

2/25/03 Welcome to new poster, Alan Burton, who writes, "Maids of Montcisco" ... Piping is played (by myself) on 3/4 set (uilleann pipes)... The Fiddle is played by Nancy Kerr, Bouzouki - by James Fagan and Bodhran by Steve Hunt). Saved in uilleann pipes.

2/24/03 John McHaffie writes, "Very short clip I made like almost a year ago or something! ...A mimic of a version I heard by the Boston Pops. A little rough in a couple places, but I couldn't resist! :) Irish Washerwoman (jig)

2/23/03 Mick Woodruff returns after a bit of a(n) hiatus with the reel, Kiss the Maid, which he learned from Michael Eskin's site.

2/21/03 Aaron Walden sends in a "tune" called Pisgah on whistle, accompanied by Appalachian dulcimer. Laura, you've started something. (saved in misc) I'm sending in an unaccompanied slow air, Scots Air (Tony Higgins).

2/19/03 Sit down and put your feet up. Bunch of tunes here. In case anyone has wondered, I post the tunes in the order they arrive, except I like to introduce new people first. So...first...welcome to Eric Ryan, who writes, "I've only recently become serious on the flute, so I consider myself a newbie...I've had the flute for only a week now, and I'm still adapting to it." (Who'd 'a guessed?) He plays Slane, a song. (saved in non-w) Two newbie posters in one night! Welcome also to Jerry Freeman, who sends the slow air, Derry Aire. Michael Eskin is back with another pipe tune: Róisín Dubh, a slow air. (saved in u.p.) John McHaffie is back with a slow version of Dunmore Lassies on his own low D. (reels) The near future has arrived for us: Laura has done her whistle dub into her ducimer tune, Tam Lin (w/whistle). I'll put it in non-w next to the no-whistle version. I hope I didn't overlook any posts due to my usual scatterbrainedness.

2/18/03 Aaron Walden sends "The Eighth of January, which is a traditional American fiddle tune." saved in misc.

2/17/03 Laura sends in her next dulcimer tune, Tam Lin. There's the possibility she'll add a whistle part to it in the near future. The current version has a chord accompaniment added. saved in non-w.

2/16/03 A little later...John McHaffie sends in a tune (sounds polka-ish) on his own whistle called Over the Waterfall. saved in misc. John says, "I heard it at a jam session that had multiple types of music."
2/16/03 Welcome to Laura (Hillfolk22), who sends in a dulcimer tune. She's wondering if anyone know the name. saved in non-w.

2/15/03 Welcome to new poster, Audrey Nickel (Redwolf), who sends in The Parting Glass,a song. (saved in slow airs) Gary Humphrey plays The Lakes of Ponchartrain, a song, on his own "Copperhead Eb/D model (non-prototype) on a brass Feadóg D shaft...I know The Lakes of Ponchartrain is really supposed to be played in the key of A, but it's much easier to play it in the key of G on a D whistle...This recording is completely unedited, so it should be a very accurate representation of the sound of a Copperhead..."saved in slow airs. Amar Dravid plays Mr. Andersons, "one of the first tunes I ever learnt on the lowD." (classif? saved in misc) Dave Parkhurst plays an Melvin's Fiddle, composed by Day Griffin on his own Parky Brass high G. (saved in high frequency misc.) The composer asks that we mention that it's normally played in the key of G on a D whistle. Aaron Walden sends an air, Captain Kidd, Lastly (at least for now), Dave Auty sends Farewell to the Bay, a composition by Aidan Crossey. (saved in misc) More info on Aidan's tunes can be found at paythereckoning.com.

2/13/03 Welcome to a new poster, Amar Dravid, from Switzerland. He sends in The Ass in the Graveyard (category: 1and 2 and 3 and...help me out, here, people.) saved in new players. Ron Rowe sends in Get Up Old Woman and Shake Yourself, a jig. Ron writes, "I picked this tune up from a session in South Carolina when I was visiting my brother. I had never heard anyone else play it and still haven't heard it locally anywhere, but I like it so here it is."

2/11/03 Xavier Tan writes, "This is the latest MurphyStout and Eldarion collaboration and we're playing the reel "Galway Rambler". He's on his Hamilton Blackwood keyless in D and I'm on my Murray Blackwood Keyless in D. Enjoy!" (We're talking music collaboration across date zones. Forget about time zones.) saved in non-whistle.

2/9/03 Welcome to new poster, Sara Shaw, who sends in her own (first) composition: a slow air called Yearning.(saved in orig) Max Becher plays the airs, O'Donnell Abu and Roddy McCorley (both are songs without the words, in other words). Ridseard returns with Londonderry Air, aka Danny Boy, and the reel, King of the Clans.

2/7/03 Welcome to a new poster, Max Becher, who sends The Minstrel Boy (the song melody). saved in slow airs.

2/4/03 Brett Pfingston(Bretton) writes, "Here are three tunes I recorded on button accordion for the non-whistle category. I'm just a beginner but thought people might like to hear them. They're played on a Schylling "toy" one-row button accordion which is tuned to the key of C. This is a cheap ($25) instrument but really isn't too bad for learning. On the third tune (Connachtman's Rambles) I put tape over one set of reeds in the accordion making it sound a little more concertina like (only one voice). This is a trick posted on the House of Musical Traditions Web site by none other than the "Tinwhistle Internet King, Dale Wisely". I thought that was an interesting bit of serendipity." The tunes are Mug of Brown Ale, Tobin's Favorite, and Connachtman's Rambles. (non-w)

2/3/03 Michael Dye(groovehead) returns with the slow air, Aisling an Óigfhir. This is a multi-track effort with guitars, whistles, bass.

2/2/03 Late Edition: Two whistle tunes just for balance...a polka, O The Britches Full of Stitches, and a slide, Dennis Murphy's. Tony Higgins (mine, all mine) Both saved in misc.

2/2/03 New page addition today: Uilleann Pipes. I procrastinated a fashionable amount, then put it up. I was surprised at how many tunes were already there to fill up the page. The first new entry would, of course, be Ole Buhl, who sends the jig, The Gold Ring. We're actually getting more pipe tunes lately than whistle ones. (That's because of Ole- which is a good thing.)

2/1/03 Who, but Ole? This jig, Geese in the Bog, is played on a different set of pipes, a Spillane chanter and "own drone design." Tune was recorded in 2000.

1/31/03 Ole Buhl plays The Virginia Reel on pipes. (saved in non-w) And, Jack Murphy(Stout) plays the reel, Drunken Landlady.

1/30/03 Xavier Tan writes, "This is my latest recording, "The Walls of Liscarroll"... (jig) Something happened after listening to my new Willie Clancy CD."

Michael Dye(groovehead) sends in an original composition, Innesfreedom, arranged on high and low whistles, guitar, and bass.

1/29/03 Ole Buhl is back with another pipe tune: a jig, I Buried My Wife and Danced on Her Grave. (that's one tune title, not two.)

1/28/03 Tuaz writes, "In celebration of the coming Chinese New Year (this Saturday), I've recorded "Xi Yang Yang", which loosely translates to "Beaming with Joy," a traditional Chinese tune often heard in shopping areas during this festive season. Unfortunately I can't remember its title, and I think there's another part to the tune which escapes me for the moment. Perhaps Eldarion (Xavier Tan) can help, if he's reading this. Incidentally, when the Chieftains visited Singapore last year, they actually played this piece on their instruments, including whistle, so my playing it on my Gen brass D is nothing new." (saved in misc)

1/27/03 Jim Edwards sends us the O'Carolan tune, Planxty Fanny Powers, accompanying himself on electric guitar and bass. (misc)

1/26/03 Boy, my email was flooded with tunes this morning (plus a couple of emails where the mp3's got fouled up, so there'll be more later). It's always best to let Kevin Murray speak for himself: "To celebrate the Chinese New Year,I've recorded a tune on the traditional Chinese bamboo flute-the Di-Tzi. As it is the year of the ram,I looked around for an appropriate tune,and found a polka 'An Gabhairin bui (The Yellow Goat)' on Michael Tubridy's 'The Eagle's Whistle' album. Any excuse to post a tune! :lol:" (non-w) Next up is Beth (Avanutria), who sends a link to a jig, The Rolling Wave. Azalin is another I won't venture to paraphrase: "I woke up this morning and just felt like playing aggressively and fast. I'm sure it happens to all of us. I decided to record one set of reels I've been waking my neighbors with. The first tune is called "The Connemara Stockings", sorry for any syntax mistake. I don't have the title for the second tune, but it's supposed to be very similar to "Dublin reel", in a different key and with an extra part. It's played on a Susato, I needed some evil whistle power ;-)" Lastly, (for now) I did some recording for self-critique leading up to a St Patrick's Day performance with some session buddies. Try to ignore the metronome on the reels, Jolly Tinker/Bucks of Oranmore. I always come back to my all-time favorite set-dance/polka/whatever, King of the Fairies. (misc) Always room for improvement and something new. (I've got at least six weeks to keep working on these.)

1/25/03 Richard McCaughan (MacEachain) sends in a slow air on flute, Róisín Dubh. (saved in new players) Teri Kessler plays the reel, Roaring Mary.

1/20/03 Welcome to Cara Lieurance (Thurlowe), who sends a flute tune and a song, sung unaccompanied. She plays the reel, Flowers of Edinburgh, and sings The Grey Funnel Line about a lonely sailor. (both saved in non-w)

Welcome, also, to Charles Tarrio (chas), who send several tunes: a jig, Banish Misfortune,

1/18/03 Ole Buhl returns with another pipe tune, the jig, Out on the Ocean. (saved in non-w) Jim Edwards (Brassblower) plays Skye Boat Song on multiple instruments: Peavey LP-1 acoustic guitar, Fender P-Bass, Oak D whistle, Dixon G whistle. (saved in slow airs)

1/16/03 Ron Row writes, "This is the first tune I have been brave enough to record on flute. I have been trying to play flute for about 2 months now and would appreciate any comments. The tune is Boolavogue, a slow air, on a Crystal D flute.

1/15/03 Justin Panovec sends two slow airs (one is a song without the words). Amhran Na Leabhar and Spancil Hill are played on Justin's homemade low whistles.

1/14/03 Jim Edwards (Brassblower) writes, "Here is my arrangement of the well-know tune "Star of the County Down", which I have titled "Spy of the County Down". In this version, James Bond takes the Brown Colleen on a date to a Ventures concert. Rhythm Guitar: Peavey Stratocaster copy, clean, neck pickup. Lead Guitar: Peavey Stratocaster copy, bridge pickup, clean on intro and outro, slapback delay and plate reverb on solo. Bass: Fender P-Bass, clean. Whistle: Oak D with auditorium reverb applied. Microphone: Radio Shack electret (whistle only). Software: Cool Edit 2000 with Studio plug-in." Now, there's a man who lives a life of danger...(saved in misc.)

1/13/03 Sweetone (Erik Mast) plays a jig, Wheels of the World on an Overton lowF.

1/12/03 Late Edition: Whaddya know. Another uilleann pipe tune (actually two). Ken Ricketts (Kenr) sends a jig, Six Penny Money, and a reel, The Old Bush. If this keeps up, I may have to do that uilleann pipe page. (But then, the flute players would demand equal space...) This is a flat set in B.

1/12/03 Welcome to a first time poster: Ole Buhl, whose email address suggests Denmark. He sends the slip jig, Kid on the Mountain, done on uilleann pipes. (Saved in non-w) Kevin Murray, never slacking, writes, "I've just had a crack at Sonny Murray's- well I had too, it's almost got my name on it! Found this hornpipe in Geraldine Cotter's tutor. Played on a virgin(i.e.totally untweaked) Generation chrome C. I don't think that this tune has any connection with the similarly named 'Free jazz' drummer- now that WOULD be different!" Kevin also wished me a belated Happy New Year. Thanks, Kevin. Happy New Year to you, too. (Chinese New Year comes on Feb 1, so, I'm sure he meant that one.)

1/10/03 Mid day. A new member of the Chiffboard, Groovehead, (no Christian name given; I'm guessing his name is Michael.) has been playing whistle for less than a week at this point (I hope that doesn't put you off listening to his composition.) It's called Me Little Aire. Saved in orig.

1/10/03 David de la Barre has sent in a well-received original composition in the past and sends another today. It's titled Ginger, in memory of his sister who recently passed away.

1/9/03 From Erik (sweetone), "It's a reel called "Rolling in the Ryegrass" played on an AlPro Burk high D. A very short but powerful dancetune I think."

1/8/03 Jack Murphy writes, "Me and Eldarion got the idea to do a couple of transpacific flute duets. Here's one of them, Barney Brallaghan's Slip Jig played by me on my Hamilton keyless blackwood in D, and Eldarion on his beloved Murray blackwood Keyless in D." (Jack is in Northern California, Xavier Tan (Eldarion) is in Singapore.) Saved in non-w.

1/5/03 Later that day...I recently got a new whistle: Reyburn high D w/ slightly flattened high a and b notes. The recording doesn't capture how much breathiness there is to the whistle. Here are 3 tunes on it. The slow air has sustained high notes in the "flattened" range. Otter's Holt, reel composed by Junior Crehan, (I hope I got the name right), O'Keefe's Slide (an old favorite) saved in misc, Slieve na gCua, a slow air from 110 Ireland's Best Slow Airs book.

1/5/03 Two tunes to post before I've even had my morning coffee...a good thing I'm a saint. Xavier Tan (Eldarion) write, "The Mountain Top (reel), learnt from the playing of one of my favourite players Catherine McEvoy, played on my beloved Murray blackwood Keyless in D." (saved in Non-w) Erik Mast (Sweetone) writes, "a new little recording of mine of a very happy sounding jig (The Flowers of Spring). It's played on an old black Sweetone high D. Very primitively recorded with a little microphone I got for free, hope you enjoy it though."

1/4/03 Brian Dobson writes, "wonderful news! One of my dear dear friends just announced her engagement on New Year's Eve! She is So awesome, and deserves this happy event in her life. I recorded "Haste to the Wedding" (jig) for her and sent it off in an email...by the way, if I sound a little hyper in the recording, it's because I WAS hyper! I was doing a happy little dance around my bedroom when I got the news! I know, I'm a silly sod, but hey! You gotta be happy for your friends when good things like this happen!"

1/3/03 Welcome to a new tune posting person, Rob Mitchell. He plays Lord Inchiquin. Is this one a waltz? Saved in misc. William MacMorran (theweirdscotsman) (isn't that redundant? just kidding) has 3 tunes on his website: Crock of Gold, Crosses of Annagh (reels), and The Kilmovee Jig. (use back-arrow to return here) Saved in non-whistle.

1/1/03 Firsts posts of the new year are Azalin's. He sends "two jigs I've learned from one of the teachers at Willie Week in Clare in 2002, they're named "Paddy Taylor's #1 and #2", not sure about the spelling. She said that she usually played these tunes on flute, altough she played it on whistle for us. The two reels are named "Boys of the Lough" and "The Dairy Maid.'"

12/31/02 Happy New Year (it happens later here in California). Justin Panovec doesn't know when to quit. He's back with a bass B flat whistle he built of aluminum. He wrote a tune and played it himself. He'd be good to have along if you're marooned on a desert island. The tune is a slow air called Anglassy. Saved in orig.

12/28/02 Ah, yes... Three tunes on an overcast windy day. I'm expecting rain any moment. Now that we've set the mood: Gary Humphrey returns with his home made Copperhead on a feadog tube, playing Inisheer. (slow airs) He tells me, "I think I'd better stop refining my design and get busy making a batch to sell... I've already got several people wanting one, and nobody has even seen one yet!" And Kevin Murray, unceasingly cheerful, writes, "Compliments of the season Tony! Well,these two are my final clips for 2002(Hurray!-who said that?) Two that I'm currently working on-'The Templehouse' (reel)...(I have a smashing recording of the 'McDonaghs of Ballinafad' playing this,A great album put out by CCE).I tried Chief O'Neill's Favorite (hornpipe) for the first time today."

12/27/02 Justin Panovec sends two tunes played on his New Home Made Tunable Aluminum Low D: Oh Danny Boy and Seekers Lament, "a Short little Hornpipe(ish) song I threw together to practice my tongueing, and roll techniques." (saved in orig)

12/15/02 Late edition: Ridseard returns with the jig, Donnybrook Fair.

12/15/02 Ridseard sends O Holy Night. What a coincidence... Christmas is coming :) Saved in slow airs. Xavier Tan (Eldarion) writes, "This is a recording of my current favourite reel for the flute "The Green Mountain", played on my beloved Murray blackwood D flute. Saved in non-whistle.

12/14/02 Yet later in the day...(I'll never get a chance to practice if this keeps up.) Kevin Murray writes, "It's a dark,damp,dismal day in 'Old Blighty', so I've spent my time recording two tunes.The first is 'Alexander's hornpipe' on an Oak D, the second is 'Sonny's mazurka' (saved in misc) on a brass Generation Eb.Both tunes appear in Walton's '110 tinwhistle tunes'" (It's not what you'd call dry here in California at the moment. The lights are flickering. Kevin's in England.)

12/14/02 Special Edition: When I received Gary Humphrey's tunes to post, I was immediately struck by the similarity in sound to the O'Riordans I own. I pulled them out to compare, and, in my opinion, there is a close resemblence to the sound of his prototype whistle head. I contacted Gary and pointed this out. He replied that he was trying for that sound. I've posted a couple of Foggy Dew Clips for comparison. The microphone, I think, makes a difference. Gary's recording sounds more like my live playing than a recording. Anyway, check it out: Gary's....O'Riordan wood tube....O'Riordan metal tube.... O'Riordan w/ feadog tube.

12/14/02 Gary Humphrey sends in an interesting development. Two tunes, The Foggy Dew (slow air) and Kesh Jig are played on his own "Copperhead prototype #2 on a brass Feadóg shaft... I'm very pleased with the sound and playability of this design. Neither tune has been enhanced except for a noise reduction filter and some amplification, because my microphone picks up room noise better than it picks up my whistles. ;-) As always, I welcome any comments."

Late edition: Welcome to new poster, Richard McCaughan, (MacEachain) who sends The Blackthorn Stick , a jig, on a Dixon pvc practice flute. Richard has been playing 5 months. Saved in New Players.

12/9/02 Welcome to first-time poster, David Migoya. He plays his own composition, a jig, called Paddy's Pipes. Saved in orig.

12/8/02 Dave Auty writes, "As it is Christmas, here are two tunes on an F whistle 'The First Noel' and 'We Three Kings of Orient Are' Saved in misc.

12/8/02 Aaron Waldon composed this air himself, Ye Old Ballad Tune. Saved in orig.

12/4/02 Lance Beeson (Weekender) writes, "Here is an xmas carol I put together ... Burke alpro high D, Angella classical guitar. I laid down guitar track and played along using Audacity. Its "Blessed Be the Maid Marie" from the William Ballet lute book (17th century). " Saved in misc.

12/01/02 Kevin Murray quickly returns for an encore and writes, I've been recording again-well i've got to do something,what with the 'Chiff and fipple' message board being down! This is well known slip jig, Hardiman the Fiddler, (very nice version on the latest Peter Loughlin/Ronan Browne album-highly recommended,if you haven't already got it,then treat yourself for Christmas!)."

11/30/02 Late Edition: Geoff Walker writes, "Three more tunes, all song tunes. Two from western Scotland, "The Mingulay Boat song" and "The Dark Isle", both played on the Mollenhauer Alto "dream flute" recorder, and one from England, the beautiful tune for the traditional song "Brigg Fair". The latter is played on a Moeck Tenor recorder. Tune links go to Geoff's web page.

11/30/02 Kevin Murray, after a month of slacking (his words), returns with The Liverpool Hornpipe on his new Goldie Overton low f.

11/29/02 Ridseard sends Galway Rambler, a reel, and Bruach Na Carraige Baine, a slow air. Brett Pfingston also sends the slow reel, Terry "Cuz" Tehan's and a faster reel, Jackie Coleman's. This is the first posting of a Grinter high D, just so you know.

11/28/02 Dave Auty writes, "Here is a tune, Paddy O'Brians Played on a Generation Bb. I would like to thank Tom (E=Fb)and others for giving me the info on tweaking it. Cheers, Dave." Saved in hornpipes.

11/27/02 Eldarion (Xavier Tan) writes, "This is my latest recording, a polka called "The Merry Girl". I played it on my new Sam Murray flute, which I'm currently trying to get the right embouchure for. Please inform the guys that I would like to invite critique and would welcome feedback on it." Saved in non-whistle.

11/22/02 We have tunes coming out of the woodwork this weekend. The first is from Ridseard, a jig, The Maid on the Green, and Over the Rainbow (as in Wizard of Oz) saved in New Players. Azalin writes, "The set of jigs, Out on the Ocean/Molloy's Favorite, are played on a tweaked Generation Eb given and tweaked for me by Stephen Jones. The set of reels, Lucy Campbell's/The Earl's Chair are played on my Copeland Low D. Thanks!"

11/19/02 Geoff Walker writes, "The Warriors Maid" is the air for a song I wrote (my one and only) and is played on a Yamaha plastic alto recorder, with an accompaniment which I created using a Yamaha MU15 Midi synethesiser.
"The Poachers" is a Scottish song - or it could be English, I have two virtually identical versions of the words, one has the Poachers of the title based in Glasgow, the other has them based in Nottingham. The tune again could be English or Scottish, as I am sure I have heard it used for an English Folk song but I can't remember which now. I have played it on a Mollenhauer alto dreamflute which is an alto recorder with a largish bore and larger than normal tone holes which gives it more power than a normal recorder. It also has a excellent sound which I think suits the song.
"Whittingham Green Lane" is an air from Northumberland and is normally played on the Northumbrian pipes. I have played it on the soprano version of the dreamflute."
(I wonder if there is any connection between The Poachers and The Star of the County Down?) The three tune links go to Geoff's page.

11/16/02 Justin Panovec returns with Scarborough Fair on his homemade low D. Saved in New Players.

11/10/02 Recent email: "My name is Justin Panovec, and I’m a very novice whistle player. I have never played any other low D whistle besides my home made ones so I’m hoping to get some feedback on the way Mine sounds. It’s made with Copper Type M tubing, and the mouth piece/ Fipple design is somewhat like an Alba Aero phonics Whistle. " Amazing Grace, saved in New Players.

11/5/02 Phil Armstrong writes, "This is Jerry O'Sullivan playing the version of Jig of Slurs from Gaughan's song Archive. Jerry agrees this is a tune written for the Highland pipes. He was nice enough to allow me to record it and agreed to allow me to post it on Clips and Snips. He is playing a litter slower than he would normally hoping for more clarity on this recording."

11/2/02 Welcome to a new poster, Karl Liberts, from Australia, who sends in a slow air, Gan Aim.

Tony Higgins sends a hornpipe, Golden Castle, composed by Junior Crehan. I learned it from Martin Hayes' first cd. Seeing as I don't know when I'll get another chance to record, I also did a slow reel, Cuz Tehan's.

10/30/02 I apologize to Ridseard for overlooking his submission sent while the site was in transition/hiatus. He had written, "I've been playing the whistle for about 4 months. The tune is Eanach Chúin, played on the Ó Briain Improved Eb." Erik Mast (Sweetone) sends in Dick Gossip's Reel and John Palmer sends Fisher's Hornpipe, recorded on a Tascam 4 track mixer. (Sounded like a whistle to me.)

10/27/02 Greh Mahan (Wandering Whistler) sends in a hornpipe he just learned, Off to California.

10/26/02 Kevin Murray writes, "Here's a jig played on my NEW Bernard Overton,recorded on the day i received it (don't know if you can detect my excitement in my playing!)." He plays Forgetting the Lesson. If I've overlooked any tunes you've sent me in the changeover, please email me right away.


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