I had nothing to do with this. The two of them built the thing over several weekends after rains had swollen the creek. Then the rain stopped for awhile, the creek subsided, and I hoped they'd forgotten their plan. Recently, we got a lot of rain. Saturday was sunny. I was upstairs and heard the doorbell. I wondered who locked themselves out this time. Paul and Shannon were standing there, soaking wet, laughing, and full of bloody scratches. Shannon said, "We sailed the raft down the creek, we hit a snag, flipped and I went under the raft. I had to grab thorns to climb out and Paul cut his arm on a log."

I said, "Do you know how dangerous that is? You're fools." More grins and laughing. When I see Peggy, I tell her what they did. She says, "I helped launch them and got some good pictures." I shudder. She says she saw them sail around the bend and she came back to the house. (The creek is down an embankment right behind us.)


Broom for a rudder. Rocket scientist for a pilot.