Scottish Highland Games 2003

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Vic Entrikin, Tony Higgins, Peter Winchell
(Vic, I hope I spelled your name right.)


"Tim Hart & Friends"
Mike Mullen, Tim Hart, Tom Wagner


Tony, Peter
Note the blurring of the fingers!

Peter, Tony, Glen, who organized the music and took a chance on us.

On Sunday, I'll get Tinkers Damn up here. The photographer was shopping for earrings while they were playing.


OK, Sunday happened...Here's the rest of the story.

Session tent early Sunday


Later that day...


Tinker's Damn

Tim Hart, Joe Cadora, Tris King, Ann McChesney-Young, Tom Wagner


I told them I'd have them online. Then back to me! It's all about me!



Tim and I did a duet of Road to Lisdoonvarna/O'Keefe's Slide. I think Peter is saying something funny at this point.
Not to state the painfully obvious, but that's a sound file link right above.


Vic was in on the Lisdoonvarna/O'Keefe's ditty. I'm glad I didn't see Tim giving me that funny look while I was playing my heart out.




Vic, trying to make the bodhran louder.


"This'll learn 'em"



At Weekender's House a few months ago. Left to right: TonyHiggins, Blackhawk, Susnfx, MurphyStout, Weekender's SO, Weekender