Chiff Gathering November 6, 2004

Front row: (left to right) John, Justine/feadogin, Leslie, Leslie/ancatsidhe, Audrey/Redwolf, Jeff/BoneQuint
Back row:Lance/Weekender, Alden/Limuhead, Jack/MurphyStout, Peter, John, Ann, TonyHiggins, Steven/Norcal, Stephen/stiofan, Renee (Mrs. Norcal), Darvis/Blackhawk, KCJiang, Dana/DCrom, Amy, Francisco

A sunny day, too cool for the patio. Got a little loud, as you can imagine in the kitchen. More people showed up after the group photo. There were whistle collections, as expected, and harmonica and bones collections. Other instruments played besides whistle,harmonica, and bones were fiddle, banjo, bodhran, concertina, a guitar/banjo hybrid, Scottish small pipes, uilleann pipes, and flute (not all always at the same time). And some songs were sung. Limuhead brought along an assortment of weird instruments, including a Bulgarian wood whistle with a drone that changed tone randomly and sometimes sounded like three notes playing. Most people showed up by 2pm and we finally broke up at 1130pm. The table cloth stayed unstained until 1125pm when a whole bottle of Guiness was tragically wasted by an errant elbow. (Not my elbow. I won't say it wasn't Tim's.) I got lazy about recording tunes this time, so there aren't any posted. There sure were some good ones and some fine singing. People drove from as far away as Santa Cruz (Audrey), a bunch came up from Fremont, Norcal made it in again from Clear Lake. Lance walked up the street to get here. Jack didn't have to drive from Lake Tahoe this time, but he's being secretive about his current goings-on, so I won't say more. It's looking like the Fremont contingent (an hour's drive away) are talking rebellion and planning a get together down that way. I might have to make the drive this time. So anyway, here's a boatload of photos.


Justine, Jack


Leslie, Audrey, Francisco


K.C., Stephen, Alden


Steven, Peter


Peter, Tim


John, Justine, Tim, Leslie


Jeff, Alden


Francisco, K.C.


K.C., Francisco. We can appreciate the idea here.


Audrey, Francisco, K.C.


Wouldn't be a Chiff Gathering without Hula!
Alden and Kay (Mr and Mrs Limuhead)

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